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LeafGuard Review

Cleaning out your roof gutters is part of home maintenance to ensure you don’t have any problems with water overflow or even ice dams as winter approaches. Rain gutters work to direct water away from the pitch of your roof, but they do much more than collect water and can back up and even overflow if leaves and other debris are not regularly cleaned out of them.

LeafGuard is one seamless gutter protection system for keeping your gutters cleared, and their unique one-piece gutter cover design saves you the hassle of the regular gutter cleanout. This LeafGuard review provides an overview of the product, user testimonials, and reasons why it will help maintain a clog-free gutter–especially if you live in an area of high leaf and needle blow off.

In the end, while LeafGuard is a quality product, we prefer the LeafFilter brand gutter guard because of its superior warranty and effectiveness.

    LeafFilter Gutter Guard

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    We recommend LeafFilter as the best gutter guard because it keeps out the most debris and uses the highest quality materials.

The LeafGuard Company

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A subsidiary of Englert, Inc, LeafGuard created a one-piece leaf and debris shedding gutter system in 1993. They are made for residential and light commercial buildings and are sold through authorized dealers. Since Englert, Inc has been popular since 1966 for their on-site custom fit gutters, you know you are getting a brand that has been tried and true.

LeafGuard Gutter System Overview

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The Englert LeafGuard brand system is a one-piece gutter and gutter guard combination that installs without seams to provide you the best protection against leaf and debris. The design is customized to your home on site and is specialized in shape to ensure that it will never clog. It can handle up to 32 inches of rain an hour, which is well over an area’s average rainfall- and protects against any sort of dust or debris that may make its way into the gutter by simply washing it away.


  • Long lasting and durable
  • Customized and professionally installed for a perfect fit
  • Protects against all weather and allows for excellent water movement


  • Heavy rainfalls may wash over the edge
  • Cannot be installed by the homeowner

LeafGuard frequently touts its Good Housekeeping seal, and generally the the company has satisfied customers. That said, we believe the warranty is less complete than on other competing systems. LeafGuard comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects the paint finish, but otherwise just a clog-free “guarantee.”

On the other hand, LeafFilter has a much strong lifetime transferable warranty to product against interior water damage from clogging, even if you don’t do regular gutter cleaning.

The Importance of a Clean Gutter

Gutters collect rainwater, but also anything else that happens to be on your roof. Leaves, pine needles, twigs, dirt, and even asphalt shingle wash off can all accumulate in your gutter- creating blockages that back up water, puts unnecessary strain on the gutter, and can even allow for seeds to sprout. If water is unable to flow, it can freeze come winter and back up under your roofing materials, creating ice dams which can damage your roof and cause leaks.

Because of this, a good annual cleanout (usually after autumnal leaves fall and before winter sets in) is required. Also, after heavy storms, gutters should be checked for any debris accumulation. A LeafGuard can help keep debris from collecting in your gutter, and also limit how often you need to check.

How LeafGuard Stops Clogs

Unlike similar designs that use a separate guard over your existing gutter, LeafGuard is a one-piece gutter and guard combination system that uses the scientific principle of liquid adhesion to allow rainwater to travel down and around the curved hood to drop into the gutter. Leaves, twigs, and any other debris of substance wash of the curved edge rather than into the gutter.

These are shaped from a single sheet of metal to avoid any openings, and the extra wide gutter bottom and downspouts are designed to handle up to three times the amount of rain ever recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau. This larger size also washes clear any fine debris particles that may blow in or have washed in with the water.

LeafGuard Material

LeafGuard Material

The metal used by the company is a thick aluminum that measures in as 20% thicker than most aluminum used for gutter- making it durable and long lasting. It is shaped on site for a customized fit and is covered with a patented ScratchGuard paint finish that is guaranteed not to chip, crack, or peel.

Non-corrosive hangers are used to install the system with screws, not nails (which can pull away), onto your fascia board to keep from damaging your roofing materials. These are placed every 2 feet, or twice as much as the industry standard for the gutter to provide further security.

How Much Does LeafGuard Cost?

House roofing uses a LeafGuard system.

The attention to detail, customization, and professional installation makes this a more expensive option compared to other systems. To get a price you need to contact the company for a free estimate, but they do break down consideration of costs to allow for perspective.

What a regular gutter often costs a homeowner over time includes leaks between seams, foundational damage to homes, landscaping damage, pest infestation, ladder hazards for cleanout, damage to the roof from certain types of add-on gutter guards, and replacement of gutter guards that only last a few seasons all add up.

A LeafGuard system takes into account the roof size and pitch, number of sloped surfaces, dormers, number of miters and downspouts needed, as well as installation time and labor.

Check The Price

How it Compares to Other Systems

This is a single piece system rather than an addition to your gutters like so many others, keeping any leaks or gaps from occurring. Similar designs require their adherence to your roof using nails or screws, which in some cases may void roof warranty. Many guards are also bulky and do not match your existing gutters, nor are they designed to last a lifetime, and require replacement after so many years.

Screen guards are fairly effective overall but require constant maintenance and cleanup, plus the mesh is not designed to last – requiring you to take up the screws for replacement every so many year- which can damage your roof.

The paint on these systems is also warranted, as are any debris buildup that could occur. If on the rare chance, debris makes its way into your gutters, your installation contractor will clean it for free.

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Your gutters are not only guaranteed to stay clean but if they don’t you will have free cleaning and adjustment to keep debris from accumulating. They also come with a limited lifetime paint warranty and also is available for transfer from one homeowner to the next (transfer good for 50 years prorated warranty). Your gutter will either be repainted, repaired, or replaced depending on the issue.

What People are Saying

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If all this has you wondering if these systems are worth the money, check out what homeowners have to say about their durability and use. These are a popular choice for repeat customers who have used them for a decade or more, with many having them installed on new homes after a move.

How well they look and hold up against the elements are a huge selling point, as is their effectiveness which keeps you from having to climb up on the roof for maintenance. Workmanship and professionalism by installers are also mentioned numerous times, noting how often they took the time to answer questions and provide information on the installation process.


If you are tired of gutter maintenance or are concerned about the longevity and use of your gutter systems, this is definitely a company worth checking out. Although they offer a product that is considered a more expensive option, the removal of almost all gutter maintenance and the peace of mind you get from having such a durable, long lasting product is well worth the investment.

Long lasting, warrantied materials, professional installation, free estimates, and customized fitting are all perks to look over in detail when looking for a gutter guard system. These one-piece designs are less intrusive to your roof line as well and attach easily without damaging roofing materials. If this sounds like everything you have been looking for, try it out. If you want our favorite gutter protection product, check out LeafFilter.

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