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Leaftek Review [2021]: Pros, Cons, Pricing & Installation

Looking for the best gutter guards to invest in this year? Well, it must be a small world, because so are we. In this article, we go over the Leaftek gutter guard system, including pros, cons, pricing, installation, and more. Wanna figure out if Leafteak is the right product for your gutters? If so, read on!

Leaftek Review: Pros & Cons

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Leaftek gutter guards are more popular than ever with homeowners looking to protect their gutters from an overload of leaves and debris. That is why we decided to take a closer look at the highly recommended gutter guards.

We have listed a few of the most significant pros and cons that we discovered about Leaftek below.

The Pros of Leaftek

Here are some of the main benefits of Leaftek gutter guards that people love.

Quick Installation

The Leaftek gutter guard system is quick and easy to install. We cover installation procedures in a later section of this article. In addition, zip hinges, which may make the job even easier for you are also available from Leafteak.

High Quality Materials

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Leaftek gutter guards consist of heavy-duty .019 stainless steel. That means that they last longer than other gutter guards. It also means that they are rust-resistant and stronger than other gutter guards as well.

5 or 6 Inch Width

When you purchase Leaftek gutter guards, you have the convenient choice of 5in or 6in width. Why does that matter? Because not all gutters are the same size. So, with 5in and 6in widths available, Leaftek is sure to have the right size guards for your gutters.

Available in White and Black

There are many comparable gutter guards on the market. But, most of them come in one-size fits all (which doesn’t actually always fit) and one color. Leaftek gutter guards, on the other hand, are available in white and black color-schemes.

100-Percent Made in America

The world market has been changed forever by the recent COVDI 19 pandemic. This has led to a shift in importance of buying products made locally. That said, Leaftek products are manufactured 100-percent in the United States.

35-Year Warranty

If none of the above-listed pros impressed you, maybe this one will. Leafteak gutter guards come with a 35-year warranty. We think this warranty speaks for itself (who backs a product for 35-years if they don’t believe in it?), the makers of Leaftek are obviously fully confident that their product will work for you.

Leaftek Cons

A few of the drawbacks of Leaftek are:

Must Use a Ladder for Installation

man on ladder to roofThe first, and biggest con, of Leaftek, is the fact that you need to use a ladder to install the gutter guard system. That said, installation is quick, and rather painless. But, it does require setting up a ladder and safely climbing it.

May Require Professional Installation

If you do not think that you have the skills required to use a ladder and basic hand tools, you may require a professional tradesman to install the Leaftek gutter guard system. The good thing about this con is that gutter guard installation is not a very costly job.

Does Not Prevent All Debris

Despite the great job that most home-owners seem to that the Leaftek is capable of, it is an undeniable con that the system does not block 100-percent of leafs, twigs, and other small debris particles. These particles end up getting washed through into the gutters and may turn to mud. Even if mud doesnt occur, blocking of downspouts more than likely will without maintaining the gutters properly even with the guards installed.

Leaftek Review: Features

Now that we have dicuss the main pros and cons of Leaftek, let’s have a look at some of the most significant features of the gutter guard system below.

Raised Vent Ridge Design

How_LeafTek_Works-Ver1_1000x-2_600xThe Leaftek gutter guard system features a unique raised vent ridge design that protects the interior of the gutters as well as directing air downward. The feature is significant because it helps keep gutters as dry as possible. Why does that matter so much? Dry gutters prevent pests and insects, like mosquitos, from breeding. Raised vent ridges also help to shield the gutters from leaves and debris blowing around in the air.

Low Profile

Leaftek also features an extremely low profile design in general. You can barely spot the gutter guard system from the ground level. In fact, depending how high your gutters are from the ground, you may not be able to see them at all. If you don’t like the way gutter guards look on your gutters, Leaftek are one of the best choices to invest in.

Ice-Melting Paint

The Leaftek gutter guards are available in white and black color-schemes. The black paint job actually draws energy from the sun, melts the snow and prevents the ice from building up. So, if you live somewhere that receives a good deal of ice and snow each winter, the black Leaftek gutter guard system may be one for you to consider.

Non-Rusting Materials

Made with 0.19 heavy-duty stainless steel, the Leaftek gutter guards are non-rusting. Not only will they not rust, but they will outlast many inferior gutter guard systems made with less durable materials. If you are looking for the right gutter guard system, that will last for decades, Leaftek is a better choice than most.

Leaftek Review: Efficiency

leaftek keeps everything out, pine needles, bird nests, seed pods, leaves

Leaftek gutter guard systems are, according to many home-owners with Leaftek gutter guards installed on their gutters, highly efficient in comparison to other types of gutter guards.

Gutter guard systems with series of large holes and small holes let more debris through and into your gutters than Leaftek, thanks to its raised vent ridges and low profile design.

Likewise, thanks to the intuitive design of the Leaftek gutter guard system, airflow is forced downward. That means any debris and water that makes it into your gutters will be pushed down and out of the system.

leaftek keep everything out, roof sediment, root and twigs, furry friends, bees and insects

In addition, the black version of Leaftek gutter guards is extra efficient during the winter time and in regions with more snowfall than others. The black Leaftek guards protect your gutters not only from debris and leaves but from snow and ice and slush as well.

Complaints by home-owners with Leaftek are that it does not screen out all of the debris and leaves that land on it. Further, it doesn’t prevent mud from building up in the gutters despite that good job that it does in general.

One last thing worth noting is that Leaftek gutter guards are much more sturdy than other systems. They screw on to your home, rather than snapping on, and they stay put during even the highest wind (unlike gutter guards that are made of plastics and snap into place).

How to Order Leaftek

Leaftek gutter guard systems are available to order online. Before placing your order for Leaftek gutter guards, head over to their website and download these instructions for measuring your gutters. You will need these precise numbers if you want to order gutter guards that fit.

how to measure for leaftek gutters

Leaftek gutter guards are available in various lengths (32ft, 100ft, and 200ft) as well as two widths (5in and 6in wide). Before ordering, make sure to follow the measuring instructions linked to above. The last thing you want to do is to order too little or too much gutter guard for your home.

Leaftek Installation & Warranty

Installing Leaftek gutter guards is fairly straightforward. It is not rocket science, but it does require a bit of skill with a ladder and basic hand tools like a tape measure.

Here a few quick and easy instructions to follow for installing Leaftek to your gutters:

  1. Set up a ladder and climb carefully to the level of your gutters. Lay the Leaftek guards flat on top of the gutters. Line up the front end of the guard with the top front edge of your gutters, lay the other end of the guard over the opposite end.
  2. Next, using zip screws, screw the front and back edges of the Leaftek guard to the front lip of the gutter.
  3. For inside corners, create a 45-degree cut in the guard where the front edge runs into the inside corner. Be sure to leave enough room to add another zip screw.
  4. For outside corners, make a 45-degree cut in the guard where the front edge runs into the outside corner. Make sure there is enough room to tack it in place with a zip screw.

Man on ladder installing new gutters on home, ladder, outdoor, home improvement, installation,Downloadable installation instructions from the manufacturer are also available, as are downloadable instructions for measuring your gutters.

Alternatively, if for some reason you have issues, or questions, about installation or warranty options for Leaftek gutter guards, you can contact the manufacturer on their website via a contact form. You can also call Leafteak with installation and warranty questions @ 309-693-1234.

Likewise, you can register your 35-year warranty on the Leaftek website. This warranty speaks for itself. Dont skip this step, because you never know what might happen. That said, Leaftek is super easy to contact about issues with their product.

That said, what sort of manufacturer backs a product for almost 4 decades per purchase? Offering a 35-year warranty is having full-faith in your product, and we believe it is a fairly obvious statement about the product’s more than high quality.

How Leaftek Compares to Other Systems

In comparison to other gutter guard systems popular with home-owners, Leaftek stacks up pretty well, generally speaking. That said, we did not install Leaftek on our gutters, we are going on public opinion and manufacturer descriptions dug up during our research.

Many manufacturers cut corners by creating products with less high quality materials. Leaftek consists of heavy-duty steel, whereas other gutter guards are made of plastics and mesh-like materials.

These guards can hold more weight and are much harder to damage than other systems for protecting gutters. In addition, the gutter guards from Leaftek do not insert/install underneath roof shingles. Many gutter guard systems do just that, instal under the edge or lip of shingles, and, in those cases, the gutter guard installation voids your roofs warranty.

Another area that Leaftek out performs many comparable gutter guards systems for homes is in its ability to shield your gutters from more debris, twigs, and leaves, than most other brands. This is in part due to its low profile and vented raised ridge design with slots rather than series of holes.

Last but not least, the Leaftek gutter guards are made in the USA. All materials and fabrications are made/done by the small family-run company. The Leaftek customer service also has a higher customer rating than other gutter guard brands.

Leaftek Customer Opinions

No major purchase for your home should happen without proper research. Today, that includes reading up on what customer experiences have to say about the product you are considering to buy. Which is exactly what we did with Leaftek gutter guards.

Home-owners who installed Leaftek gutter guard systems on their homes claimed that the installation was quick, easy, and no real bother. In addition, customers appreciate the fact that Leaftek installation is done with screws, not by sliding under shingles. That means that it doesn’t void your warranty.

Most home-owners with Leaftek on their gutters also claimed that the gutter guards made a significant difference in the amount of leaf-cleaning they had to perform on their gutters. They also claimed superior water-flow during heavy downpours.

Another popular opinion about Leaftek is that the heavy-duty steel materials seem to make a difference and will hopefully outlast other gutter guards. The slots also help to prevent mud and clogs, according to many customer reviews.

On the flip side, several customers claimed that their gutter were just as filled with leaves as before they had installed the gutters – that the guards made absolutely no difference.

Last but not least, customers love the 35-year warranty that comes with Leaftek. They also enjoy that the company is family-run and based in the USA, and has great customer service and troubleshooting available at no extra cost.

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Is Leaftek Right for Your Home?

Whether or not Leaftek gutter guards are the best choice for protecting your home’s gutter system or not, only you can decide. For most homes, we do prefer LeafFilter gutter guards. That said, we hope that our article helps make the decision a bit more well-informed.

Or, if you know about some other brand of gutter guards that you swear by, and would like to recommend to our readers, feel free to share! Not impressed by Leaftek gutter guards?