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Log Splitter Plans: Homemade DIY Options

If you cut firewood by hand then you already know how much effort and time goes into getting a good stack of wood ready for burning or sale. Log splitters of all types make the job much easier but can get a bit costly depending on what you are looking for. If you have the skill (or know somebody who does) making your own powerful splitter is definitely something worth considering.

Splitters are a fairly simple design overall, and the following log splitter plans explain and show how you can customize and create your very own version to fit the job you need one for. Everything from powerful gas operated tutorials so simple manual options are shown below.

Labeled Diagrams

Log Splitter Plans DIY Firewood Wood Cutter
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Many splitters are similar in nature to provide the force needed to split logs of wood into 2 or 4 pieces in just one thrust. These diagrams provide you the basic labeled needs to understand the placement of the parts and approximate measurements for a horizontal style splitter. These can be incorporated into gas powered log splitter plans, or even electric powered log splitter plans – the choice is yours.

Reclaimed Splitter

This video highlights what you can do with leftover scrap metal from other various projects. Not much is needed to form your own splitter frame, and with the addition of a hydraulic heavy-duty bottle jack, you have your very own DIY way to split wood. Watch how this tool can take shape in your garage with some simple planning.

Heavy Duty Hydraulics

Take a closer look at what is possible when you have your own vision to build a splitter using a 13 HP engine, 3000 psi pump, and 5” cylinder to create not only a 4-way splitter but hydraulic lift table as well. This makes the entire cutting process so much simpler and helps save you on manual labor.

Foot Operated Manual Splitter Plans

a home made DIY log splitter operated by foot
Diagram Found On: www.instructables.com

Looking for a powerful, vertical splitter that you can make on your own? These simple plans explain exactly how to do so in order to create a powerful driving force that only requires your own leg power to prime. If swinging an axe sounds tiring, this is definitely an option worth considering.

Create Kinetic Energy

Looking for a way to cut wood without having to pressurize anything? This kinetic flywheel design is simple and effective, and only takes what you might already have lying around your garage and a few parts that are easy to find at a local hardware store (such as a rack and pinion). Take a close look at this creation to see how it works and how you can build a flywheel of your own.

Take it Easy and Spare Your Back

homemade log splitter loading arm in the backyard
Diagram Found On: www.grit.com

These plans came to fruition in order to help ease the amount of stress using a splitter created on the maker’s back. Many splitters require a lot of bending and lifting, but this ingenious idea combines all the heavy work AND the splitting into one machine. You could easily incorporate several types of cutting ideas to this size of machine for even more customization.

Quick and Easy 4 Way Manual Splitter

This tutorial shows you how you can make a quick and easy 4-way manual splitter to use for splitting and kindling. This takes the time and effort out of handling an axe and makes each swing much more efficient.

Portable Hydraulic Power

A spring-loaded arm closes the valve, forcing the ram back up - portable hydraulic power plan diagram
Diagram Found On: www.motherearthnews.com

Make your very own powerhouse hydraulic splitter using these plans that incorporate easy, vertical splitting using only your foot to control. This leaves both hands free for setting and moving the split logs. It also is easy to tow and is designed for quick, portable power.

Take Advantage of Your Skid Steer

hydraulic ram and sliding plate log splitter
Diagram Found On: www.ringolake.com

If you have the hydraulics of a skid steer (or other machinery, like a tractor) to take advantage of, then these are the plans for you. These plans create a seriously high powered horizontal log cutter that is easy to tow and take with you anywhere you need cutting power.

Don’t Let Worn Out Machines Go To Waste

a custom small log splitter with cut logs around it on the backyard
Diagram Found On: beckmannag.com

If you have an old worn out splitter, or parts to one, then these plans are what you need to piece together and modify what might be considered trash to some people. This is the closest you might get to how to build a log splitter for free if you have the parts and tools at hand to remake one. Create a bigger and better mechanical horizontal/vertical splitter with the ideas presented in this step by step tutorial explaining what is being used, replaced, and why.

Screw Splitter Plans and Tutorial

a man cutting a log using screw log splitter machine
Diagram Found On: www.instructables.com

This screw splitter incorporates some pretty ingenious thinking to create an electric-powered tool that helps split your wood in a safe, controlled manner. This design allows you to literally screw a point through the sides of your log to split them into usable sizes.

Crazy Simple Unicorn Log Splitter Plans

Unicorn Log Splitter Plan Diagram
Diagram Found On: www.instructables.com

The unicorn splitter is simply a simplified screw splitter that requires an engine and some other very basic materials to create a driving force to split wood through the log. Made to set stable on a flat surface, it could easily be mounted with a little more ingenuity for portable power.

Powerful, Customized Tow Behind Splitter

Hydraulic tank log splitter in yellow and green color combination
Plans Found On: www.hearth.com

One of the perks of building your own splitter is that you can fully customize it. This design was made for easy town behind capability and powerful hydraulic cutting power. This guide provides how to make your own and also provides ideas for an upgrade if you are so inclined.

Here are several types of log splitters that you to choose from.


When you have the means to create, and the need to split logs, the above plans highlight the many ideas you can incorporate into a log splitting machine. Located online for an easy download, these step by step directions and photographs provide the ideas you need to make exactly what you want in a log splitter. The creation of any of these machines will save you time and money and is a great tool to have handy for getting the wood put up in a timely manner.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about these plans below, as well as see anything you may have created as well. And, as always, please share!

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