13 Mailbox Landscaping Ideas
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13 Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

It’s that season when we’re all thinking about outdoor spaces, flowers, landscaping projects, and the beautification of the yard. But one area that so often we overlook is the space right around the mailbox. No need – at least, not with these gorgeous mailbox landscaping ideas.

With flowering plants, colorful leaves, unique mailboxes, stands, and edging designs, you can create a simple or elaborate setting for your mailbox without a lot of hassle. Consider these stunning designs below and see which might be the right pick for your space.

Reclaimed Brick and Mulch Scape

For a nice upcycling project you can make with your own supplies or from reclaimed bricks from Freecycle, consider this simple landscaping design for your mailbox. Edge the scaping with the reclaimed bricks, fill in with mulch, and plant selected plants that add pops of color. You can even add some solar lights to add some nighttime vibrance to the setting.

Mailbox Trellis Plot

For those who love climbing flowers and colorful vines, letting your mailbox do some of the work is a great idea. This framed trellis mailbox stand is the perfect way to add seasonal color and leafy glory to your front landscaping.

Simple Raised Flowerbed

Grab some pavers, bricks, or concrete blocks for this design and form a circular, raised flowerbed around your mailbox. Choose small, colorful blooms like these for a bright splash of color, mulch it in, water, and enjoy!

Cornered Plot

If your mailbox is on the corner of the driveway or somewhere similar, you can create this gorgeous, simple flower and greenery bed right beside it. Edge it with bricks or stones and fill it in with mulch and flowers for a bright, colorful spot at the edge of the lawn.

DIY and Let the Mailbox Do the Work

This fun idea looks like a simple concrete block mailbox stands DIY project. Add house numbers to the stand, fill in the bottom of the blocks with soil, and plant some pretty flowers. It’s an all-in-one deal for a colorful pop of beauty by the mailbox.

Upcycled Bottles and Gravel

For a fun, colorful statement by your mailbox, save up some old wine bottles and create this entrenched edging out of them. Then, fill the edging with gravel, pebbles, seashells, or other materials for a clean-looking, attractive mailbox space.

Give Your Mailbox a Makeover

If you want your mailbox to pop but don’t necessarily want to give up ground, you can give your mailbox stand a makeover. Find some old logs to create this sort of nautical theme with some outdoor statuary, or find unique artifacts you can attach the mailbox to for other themes. Think old wooden wagon wheels, for example. It’s a great way to show off some personality without spending a fortune on a custom mailbox.

Let it Grow!

Find some colorful, floral bushes and plant them near the mailbox as you see here in this shot. Be sure to keep the plants trimmed so the mail carrier can still deliver the mail – but it’s a simple, fun, beautiful fix for this landscaping need.

Go for Caladiums

Caladiums are colorful, leafy plants that grow quickly, add a lot of colors, and don’t require a lot of work. Consider edging a small plot around the mailbox, then filling the plot with caladium. It won’t take long for them to fill up the space and give you a colorful look for your mailbox landscaping.

Use an Old Barrel

If you like rustic chic, consider finding an old barrel like this one and planting your mailbox? Fill the barrel with plants that do well in container gardens – and watch them thrive as the seasons pass. We recommend picking annuals for easy switching out of plants in the new season.

Think Miniature Cottage Container Garden

Here’s an eclectic, colorful way to decorate that mailbox. Edge with some river rocks – as large or small a space as you like – then fill with gravel or mulch, and place small container plants into your tiny container garden. Switch out the plants as the seasons change for extra oomph year-round.

Wild and Colorful Vines

If you’re up for a little plant staking, consider this wild, colorful floral vine look. The layout is pretty simple – a mailbox surrounded by vine flowers. Add stakes as the vines grow, supporting the flowers and letting them climb. It’s a wild, gorgeous look!

Make a Dual-Purpose Mailbox

There’s nothing that says your mailbox can only be a mailbox. Consider crafting a dual-purpose mailbox with flower boxes on the sides. Plant small flowers and let them add some color to your landscaping without taking up any extra room in the yard.

Adding That Colorful Charm

As you plot out the space around the mailbox, just remember that you need to keep the mailbox secure and accessible and any numbers visible. You might want to add a stake with house numbers if you’re planning on tall plants coming up around your mailbox, or you may want to consider lining your tiny garden plot to help make the spot easier to tend.