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7 Tips To Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

Deck the halls and trim the tree! Keep your Christmas decorations merry and bright this season. One of the biggest excitement for the Christmas season is decorating the Christmas tree and basking in its glory for the next few weeks. After all, there are few sights more joyful than the adorned tree.

However, if you want your tree to last a while and maintain its lush green branches, you must take some measures. Here are a few tips to make your Christmas tree last longer.

1. Buy Local

Dusky woman in respirator checking fir in tree market
Image credits: Uriel Mont via Pexels

The first step is looking for a tree sourced locally instead of buying one imported from another state.

If your tree is not from your region and has undergone transportation to reach you, it will have difficulty absorbing water and staying fresher for longer. When being transported trees should be delivered in a van or refrigerated truck, but that can’t always be the case.

Moreover, look for a tree with flexible, soft, deep green branches. If the tree has dry, brittle twigs and loses its green needles with vigorous shaking, it will not last very long as it’s already drying out.  

2. Give Your Tree a Fresh Start

 Black family carrying Christmas tree sawn on farm with spruces
Image credits: Any Lane via Pexels

If you have no other option but to buy a tree that has traveled long miles, give it a fresh cut once you bring it home. Trees start producing sap (resin) that seals over the bark soon after they are cut, hindering their ability to draw water. 

Thus, make a straight, flat cut about half to one inch above the tree’s base and place it in its water-filled stand immediately. If you do not plan to display the tree right away, put it in a bucket filled with water and store it in a cool, shaded location. 

Cutting the tree trunk allows it to drink in the water and stay hydrated for a long while.

3. Provide Ample Water 

real Christmas tree care
Image credits: TANAGRITYEvia Shutterstock

Watering your Christmas tree consistently and carefully is the most crucial step in ensuring the liveliness of your tree. A freshly-cut tree can drink almost a gallon of water within the first 24 hours.

According to the general rule of thumb, you should provide one quart of water per inch of its trunk diameter daily. The average tree, about six to seven foot tall, has a three inches thick stem, requiring three quarts of water daily. 

However, keep an eye on the water level in the stand. Check it twice a day in the first week, as the tree needs more water in the beginning, and then check daily. Whenever you feel the water level is low, top it up.

Ensure that the end of the tree is submerged in water at all times. Otherwise, the dried sap can seal over the stump again, and you may not be able to cut the clogged bark once the tree is decorated.

Moreover, a lack of water can make the needles dry and the branches droop, destroying the glory of your decked-up tree. 

Tip: You can also look for a device or a unique stand that helps maintain the water level!

4. Buy the Correct Stand

Gloved hands using a saw to cut branches at the bottom of the Christmas tree for installation in a plastic stand. Preparing for the New Year. Close-up.
Image credits: Koldunov Alexey via Shutterstock

Buying the correct stand for your tree is essential for several reasons. 

Firstly, if your stand is not large enough, it will not have sufficient water capacity to irrigate your tree. You may have to check the water levels routinely or risk drying out the tree. 

Hence, the recommended capacity is at least one gallon. Even if you have a small tree, It is better to overwater than underwater. 

Secondly, you may be inclined to cut the outside bark of the tree to fit in a smaller stand, which is not acceptable. The outer layers are most efficient in drawing water, and trimming them can hinder the tree’s ability to take up water, causing it to dry out faster. 

5. Keep it Away From Heat

Firewood Burning In Fireplace
Image credits: Craig Adderley via Pexels

If possible, avoid placing the tree in front of a heating source. This includes a fireplace, heater, heat vent, or near a sunlight-receiving window. The direct heat can speed up the drying-out process and make your tree look sadder.

Trees last longer in lower temperatures, so you can also reduce the heating in the room whenever the room is empty.

6. Use Suitable Lights

Shallow Photography of Christmas Decor
Image credits: Jean Balzan via Pexels

When decorating your tree, use appropriate Christmas lights to prevent drying out your tree faster. Opt for lights that emit less heat, such as miniatures or LED lights, so your tree is not constantly exposed to high heat levels.

Moreover, once you have hung the lights and revel in your glorious tree, turn off the lights for the night. When you’re not at home also turn the lights off to protect the needles from unnecessary heat exposure. 

Switching off the lights and using bulbs that emit less heat also keep your home safe from a possible fire hazard, protect you and your family, and conserve energy.

7. Acclimate The Tree

Photo of Christmas Tree During Night
Image credits: NastyaSensei via Pexels

Before bringing the tree directly into a heated room from cold weather, keep it in an unheated covered area such as a garage or a shed, for a few days.

The sudden temperature change can make your tree dry out faster, so allow it to adjust to the changing temperatures before it gets stressed. Remember to keep the tree in a bucket of water during the transitional period!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Meticulous upkeep of your Christmas tree allows you to enjoy all your décor efforts for a long time. It keeps the festive vibe going and keeps your spirits up well into the new year! Simply watering the tree on time and keeping it away from heat sources can make a remarkable difference in its lifespan.

How do you manage to keep your tree alive for longer? Share below!