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Our Maximus Camera Floodlight Review

Maximus Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, White

Maximus Floodlight Camera

The Maximus Camera Floodlight is just what you need if you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your home with motion sensor lighting and video monitoring.

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Having your yard illuminated at night is a great thing to have. Having a security camera that will help you monitor the surroundings and the house wherever you are away from home is an even better thing to have. But what if you could own a product that actually does both? Thanks to how much technology has evolved, you can actually get these two benefits and plenty of others with a floodlight camera such as the one made by Maximus.

A Closer Look at the Maximum Camera Floodlight

The Maximus Camera Floodlight is basically a home security product that brings together the benefits of around the clock home monitoring with the possibility to light up the outdoor surrounding of your home in a single item that embeds technology to bring multiple other benefits to homeowners.

In the following article, we are going to examine the most important features and specifications of this product, putting a little bit of emphasis on what you can expect from the installation process, how easy the app is to work with, how the initial setup has to go, as well as examine the quality of the video and audio.

Maximus Floodlight Camera in white background


  •   Great video quality.
  •   Great audio quality.
  •   Wide lights angle.
  •   Good motion sensor.
  •   Compatible with Alexa.
  •   Bright lights.
  •   Easy to install.


  •   Requires subscription to access some features.
  •   Complaints about tech support.


Maximus Floodlight Camera on the wall

The design of the product may seem minimalistic at first, compared to other floodlights, because it’s basically a plain white unit, but it’s elegant enough as not to get in the way of your home’s exterior in a way that makes you think it just doesn’t match anything and stands out in a bad way.

The camera is basically made from two LED floodlight panels (both of which are flat), a motion sensor that sticks out at the bottom, plus an eyeball-shaped camera enclosure. With its rather futuristic look, we’d say that the Maximus is a pretty decent-looking product. You can opt between two different colors: black or white.

As far as dimensions are concerned, the entire unit measures around 10.7 x 8 inches and has a total weight of around six pounds. There is a round base that has everything attached to it. You will have to hardwire and screw this base into an electrical box. There is also a mechanism that helps lock the fixture in place.

Features & Benefits

There are plenty of features that make the Maximum a very versatile product. The floodlights on this fixture are dimmable and they can render an output of 2,400 lumens that have a 5,000K color temperature. Due to the fact that you adjust the position of the lights, you can also get optimal coverage because of that.

Maximus Floodlight Camera hanged on the wall outside

The integrated camera on this unit can capture videos at a 1,080p quality, which is pretty much decent when you consider that there are still cheaper units out there with a very bad video quality. With 155 degrees of view, the camera is capable of capturing video 10 seconds prior to the trigger of the motion sensor. You can also tilt the camera up and down or left and right with about 40 degrees in order to give you the best viewing angle.

If you look underneath the camera, you can spot the passive infrared motion sensor that has a length coverage of up to 70 feet and which can be adjusted. The unit also equips a microphone and a speaker in order to record audio or playback a pre-recorded message for people who approach your doorstep.

Other features of interest include a 100 dB siren to alert of intruders approaching, a dual-band wi-fi radio, plus a 14-day trial of Maximum’s Peace of Mind plan.

Plans & Subscriptions

For a fee of $4.99 per month (which you have to activate for each Maximus camera you own), you can subscribe to the Essential Security plan. This plan included a week of recorded videos, an unlimited number of downloads, limited theft protection, plus a five percent discount on future purchases. It will also grant you access to the Kuna AI, which comes with several other benefits such as smart detection.

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The upgraded plan is called Peace of Mind and it costs $9.99 per month. This offers you 14 days of video recordings and a generous 10 percent discount on future purchases.

The most expensive and complete plan that you can opt for is called Absolute. This provides coverage for eight different devices, plus a 15 percent future purchase discount and 30 days of video recordings, all for the price of $19.99.

Users who subscribe to a Premium plan can enjoy something called AI Smart Detection. This literally detects people and vehicles and has the technology to help differentiate between the two. Another feature that’s part of the Premium plan is the Areas of Interest, which basically allows you to customize zones of interest for which a motion alert can be triggered in case movement is detected.

Mobile Access

There is a well-designed mobile app that grants you control over your Maximum Floodlight Camera. It’s available for both Android and iOS users and it is powered by Kuna. That means that whenever you open the app, you will get a list of all Kuna and Maximum devices in a single place.

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Each of these devices has a light bulb button that will operate the lights by turning them on and off, and you can press the gear button in order to pop-up the settings. Here, you can adjust the time and location information, as well as grant other people access to your Maximus Floodlight Camera. You can configure other light settings, adjust the volume of your speaker, or enable motion alerts.

The Light Settings screen will allow you to set up a schedule for your lights, or even have them powered on in the evening and turned off during the day. You can also set them to only turn on when motion is detected. Here is where you can also adjust the motion sensitivity or the power time for the lights after motion has been detected.

Below the screen with all the devices, you have three buttons. One of them is called “Events” and it takes you to another screen where you can see thumbnails of the videos your camera has recorded. Another one enables the “Account” screen, which grants you control over the notifications and even allows you to snooze them. Here is where you can also change your password and email address.

Playing a video from the “Events” screen will also give you the option to download it, delete it, or view a still image from that specific clip. From the “Devices” screen, you can also launch a live stream and you have the possibility to initiate a two-way talk, turn on the lights on/off your fixture, start a manual recording, play the siren, call the emergency services, or play a recorded message.


Maximus Floodlight Camera on the ceiling

The installation process for the Maximus Camera Floodlight isn’t all that complicated, especially if you know your way around wires. Even if you don’t, the provided instructions should be clear enough for you to see the process through without major complications. Remember that there is always the option to hire a professional to install the camera and the lights for you.

We do believe that the instructions provided are just about enough to make sure everyone can install the fixture by themselves. Inside the package, you will also find all the hardware needed for installation, like the mounting bracket and screws, the wire nuts, and the detachable back plate.

Step 1

As a general rule, what you’ll have to do is to connect the two wires that come out of your electrical box to the two that are found on the base plate with the wire nuts. The base plate is then secured to the mounting bracket. Attach the fixture onto the base plate using twisting movements. Make sure that you slide the locking level to secure it in place. Needless to say, you need to have the electricity cut off while you perform this operation. When you’re done, turn the power back on and the fixture should now be supplied with electricity.

Step 2

The next step after the fixture is in place is to download the app and create an account. You will discover a plus button in the right corner, which basically allows you to add the fixture to your list of devices by selecting Camera Floodlight.

Step 3

Bluetooth connection

You will need a Bluetooth connection so that your phone can identify the fixture, which means that you’ll most likely have to be in its proximity. When the fixture appears in your list, you can name it, and then allow it to connect to your wireless home network. You will be asked if you want to perform some initial settings, but you can skip them for the time being and customize the lights and the camera later on. You might have to give your Maximum Floodlight Camera a few minutes to update its firmware, but it should be functional after that.


As tests have shown, the Maximus cam does quite a good job in delivering quality 1,080p videos during the day and the night. There is very little barrel distortion and the motion sensor is quite efficient even in the default setting. However, increasing the sensitivity might result in unwanted sensor triggers and false alerts.

The floodlights will also do a good job in providing you with the yard coverage that you need, but without being too bright as to blind passing by cars on the street. The two-way audio is another impressive feature, as the sound is quite clear and loud. The siren has a decent volume level as well, pretty much enough to scare off intruders and make sure that your neighbors can hear what’s going on as well.

Customer Reviews

While not every aspect of the Maximum floodlight camera has received praise from the community of buyers, there are certain features that make this product stand out from the competition. One of the very first things that you’ll notice by browsing previous customer experience is that the quality of the videos is really satisfying. Even more, the quality of the video is backed up by excellent audio quality, which basically makes this product an excellent choice for people who are interested in quality results.

Colorful speech bubbles with a hand pointing to one of it in blurry background of people discussing

Another important aspect that people love about this product is the ease of installation. There are customers with no electricity-related experience or knowledge that have managed to mount their fixtures in a matter of minutes, while the app does a really good job in connecting the camera to the wireless network quite fast.

As far as the downsides are concerned, what people mostly complain about is the company itself. Some customers were not happy with the customer service and claimed that they would have liked to receive faster tech support when needed.


The Maximum Floodlight Camera offers a great combo between quality audio and video capturing and a set of lights that are bright enough to cover a wide area. There are plenty of features that are simply that good about this product, such as the clarity and volume of the alert siren or the mobile app that makes it super easy to navigate and adjust the settings for the camera.

Considering the price, this is probably one of the best camera and security lights combo that money can buy, and even if you do have to know a little of wiring, the installation process is still very simple if you are patient enough to follow the given instructions every step of the way.