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14 Charming Metal Fence Ideas

One of the most popular decorative fencing options is metal fences. Scrolling curves and delicate vining effects occasionally twine amongst this tried and true material that will last a lifetime and then some.

Used more for property boundaries and garden hedging, modern takes make iron a trendy and elegant choice. While it won’t provide much privacy, the sophistication and durability of metal fencing are ideal.

In this article, we want to share with you some of the finest metal fence ideas so you can find some inspiration for yourself. Also, make sure to learn more about types of fencing, and discover other great fence design ideas.

Intricate Details

decorative wrought iron fence
Image Credit: robenmarie on MorgueFile

Repetitive scrolls and inhibiting fencing tops are what I think of when someone mentions wrought iron. Somehow it always conjures up the image of old victorian manors with untold secrets hidden beyond their fences.

Gleaming Gold

wrought iron fence with gold decorative elements
Image Credit: PIRO4D on Pixabay

Wrought iron takes paint well, as seen in this beautiful scrolling design that contrasts gold orbs and a black supportive frame.

Iron can take on the shape of almost anything you desire but don’t ignore more traditional designs that you can easily bring up-to-date with colorful new ideas.

Twisted Poles

wrought iron fence with twisted element
Image Credit: stevepb on Pixabay

Simple, eclectic fencing gets a “twist” with well-placed curves to create a gorgeous, detailed fencing design. This “spin” on traditional fence designs proves that fences can simultaneously be functional and decorative.

Beautiful Designs

decorative wrought iron fence with intricate designs
Image Credit: FuzzyDunlop on Pixabay

The careful curves and designs of this fence mimic the vegetation found behind it and also provide a degree of privacy through their many different faces.

If you are in love with intricate metal fence designs but need more privacy, consider highly decorated pieces such as this one.

Color Your Fence

blue-painted wrought iron fence
Image Credit: Kapa65 on Pixabay

Not only does metal take on any shape, but it can also take on any color. Metal takes on the color well with the correct paint, as seen in this brightly-hued gate.

Heavy iron designs complete this piece, which, when painted bright colors like blue or red, draws the attention of passersby, who can’t help but wonder what mysterious manor lays beyond.

Renew and Recolor

iron fence painted teal with gold accents
Image Credit: webandi on Pixabay

Give existing fences a rustic upgrade with bursts of color that compliment your home. The teal accent doors and yellow siding are brought to attention with this simple, artistic flair.

Columns And Metal

fence with concrete base, brick pillars and wrought iron panels
Image Credit: Olga1205 on Pixabay

Mixing mediums always results in unique, detailed designs! This rule proves to be true in the wonderful fence example above.

The plainness of the concrete and structure of the brick pillars juxtaposed with the gleaming iron gate makes its black color and intricate design stand out. Pair them with bright green grass behind them, and you have a visual masterpiece for anyone who passes your home to behold.

Highly Detailed Fence

wrought iron fence with vine and flower details
Image Credit: Photos.com on Picspree

This stunning gate has a complex design that stands out. It’s not only a functional barrier, but it’s also a work of art with all the elaborate imagery built into the fence itself. All of these details work together to elevate this gate from pretty to beautiful.

Cold Steel

metal fence with metal mesh panels painted green on the side of a bridge
Image Credit: Arcaion on Pixabay

Steel fencing can be used to provide a clean, modern look while providing a reliable barrier. It is why it’s often seen in use at parks, on bridges, and in other public spaces.

By combining the cold steel frame with a more delicate panel, as seen in this example, you soften the appearance of the fence, allowing it to easily fit into any location or style.

Proper Pairing

short brick fence with wrought iron on top
Image Credit: Christine Sandu on Unsplash

In this classic design, iron tops a brick and mortar base for both height and style. The contrasting colors of the metal, brick, and green landscaping behind them work well together.

Consider tall plantings with your metalwork for both decors and to enhance the privacy your gate provides.

Simple Metal Fence

Villa with fence and garage
Image credits: in4mal via Canva

If you don’t like sophisticated shapes and want to keep things simple, this idea is a perfect solution. It will make your property look charming, but it will not be very conspicuous.

It is a great addition to modern-looking houses. We recommend painting it grey, but whatever matches the style of your home will also do.

Add A Golden Star

metal fence
Image credits: josiephos via Canva

There are many ways to make your fence stand out. However, by adding a golden star on each pole, you will be sure everyone will admire your fence.

The golden star will match basically any other color of the fencing. We are also confident that all of your neighbors will envy you with this original idea.

Spiky Poles

Metal Fence
Image credits: stevebphotography via Canva

This idea is ideal for anyone who wants to have extra protection. When you have tall and spiky poles, you decrease the chances that someone will break into your property.

Despite being protective, this fence also looks nice, and depending on its colors it can be a cute addition.

Rustic Appeal

Metal fence
Image credits: Leo Malsam via Canva

To make your property look more mysterious, you don’t necessarily want to get rid of the rust from your fence or paint it. This option is especially suitable when you live in a rural area.

Having an old-looking fence can create a unique atmosphere around your house. Sometimes to be creative you don’t really have to do much, and this idea is a perfect example.


A metal fence will not only give you privacy but will also add an extra charm to your property. It can also increase the curb appeal of your home, which is extremely important when you decide to sell it. We made sure to include various ideas so anyone can find something for themselves.

Let us know which fence idea you like the most, and as always, please share!


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