Miracle Grow AeroGarden Ultra LED Review

Miracle Grow AeroGarden Ultra LED

AeroGarden Ultra (LED) with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod

If you are anything like me, then you know that as your nights get longer and your temps get cooler, you’re going to start to lose your fresh garden produce. Although some vegetables are easy to store through the winter season, your tender leafy greens and herbs just don’t make it as well. This is especially frustrating when you are craving a taste of summer sun in the dead of winter. But now you can have fresh salads, veggies, herbs, and even flowers at any time of year when you use an Aerogarden Ultra LED grow system. This is an electronic, hydroponic countertop garden which allows you to plant up to 7 plants at one time to help you eat healthy all year round.

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What is a Miracle Grow Aerogarden Ultra LED Grow System?

Miracle Grow AeroGarden Ultra LED

Scott’s Miracle Grow began as a quality seed provider for the agricultural industry in 1868, and through the years has grown to be one of the largest, innovative lawn and garden care leaders in the world. Their constantly evolving approach to their products uses the best technological advancements of the time, and they strive to make the care and maintenance of your yard and garden simple and efficient.

The Aerogarden Ultra LED system is an electronic hydroponic and grow light setup that fits nicely upon your countertop to provide you with fresh produce and flowers at any time of year. This is a soilless system for easy, mess free planting, harvesting, and reseeding. Plus, it has an interactive LCD screen for helpful hints and care reminders.

And this system really is for experienced, and non-experienced gardeners alike due to how easy the maintenance and care of the setup is. The lighting is specific to a spectrum that supports rapid, healthy growth so you can be eating fresh in as little as 4 weeks. The kit also comes with a set of seed pods to begin your indoor gardening journey, with a variety of other seed kits and care products to choose from to make this project a success- no matter how black your thumb is.


  • Fresh produce year round
  • Fits on your countertop
  • Easy to use and care for
  • Easy care instructions and interactive LCD


  • Customer Service may be difficult to reach
  • Certain plants may grow too large to fit 7 plants
  • Plug to LED lights may not sit well
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Advanced Hydroponics

Advanced Hydroponics

Hydroponics has been a method to grow vegetation for over 4000 years. Essentially it is a method of growing plants without the use of soil, and only the use of water, nutrients, and occasionally a substrate- such as pebbles. This system integrates hydroponics in the product design to allow you a hassle free, dirt free countertop garden that only requires minimal attention and care.

All you have to do is simply add water and the included nutrient mix to the reservoir that provides the proper balance of water, oxygen, and food directly to the plant roots. Hydroponic systems supports plant growth up to 5 times faster than if they were in soils due to the direct root to nutrient contact. In soils roots are only able to uptake food if it comes in contact with them, but a hydroponic system places it right where it is needed.

Size and Space

Size and Space

The entire unit only measures in at 17.25″ W x 11.25″ D x 15″-34″ H, making it an ideal size for your counter or table top. And since it creates its own light, you don’t have to worry about placing it near a sunny window!

There are seven spaces for plants to grow in as well as a fully adjustable arm lamp that grows with the height of your plants. This helps save space when not in use, as well as providing proper spacing between the plant and the light to optimize its benefits at all stages of growth.

Full Spectrum, 30-Watt LED Lighting

Full Spectrum, 30-Watt LED Lighting

Plants also need light to grow through the chemical process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make their own food. During this process the light is utilized by the plant to split the water molecules into oxygen, which is released into the atmosphere, and hydrogen which helps create food for the plant.

The type of light being utilized by the plant is also influential to how well this process works. The 30 Watt LED (Light Emitting Diode) system uses a specific light spectrum to maximize this process and help speed up growth. The white, blue, and red lights are specific to differing types of plant support as fast growth, larger yields, and optimal fruit and flowering respectively.
lights are also known for their efficiency, and cost just pennies a day to run as they pull much less electricity than other types of grow bulbs. Although you can allow your plants to have a period of darkness overnight, saving you even more, they will grow faster with an all day grow light use.

Oxygen Release

Since the process of photosynthesis releases oxygen into the air, this also makes the use of the Aerogarden a healthy choice to have in your house as it can help beat depression, lighten up your mood through the winter, and provide a fresher atmosphere.

Plants also help filter the air you have in your household as they actually use carbon dioxide as part of the photosynthesis process. Many products in your house are emitting various levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), that can make your air feel stale and stuffy, especially during the winter months when your house is all closed up. Living, producing plants can help filter these compounds as well for a healthier indoor space.

Interactive LCD Screen

Interactive LCD Screen

The interactive LCD (liquid crystal display) does more than just monitor your water, it also keeps track of your grow schedule, and keeps you informed of when both water and nutrients need to be added- as well as turning on and off lights automatically. This is extremely helpful to people who are unfamiliar with gardening in general, hydroponics, or are simply busy and could use the extra reminders.

It also allows you to customize how it is used, so if you are a green thumb expert, or are well versed in how to use the product, you can control how much- or little- you interact with it. You can also set up your alerts depending on what personalization you want to extend to your growing experience. This type of control makes it an awesome choice for science experiments as well.

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Simple Seed Pod Planting

Simple Seed Pod Planting

As mentioned, hydroponic systems are soilless, which helps keep your countertops clean, and your maintenance mess free. This is achieved through the custom seed pod planters that come ready to use within the product. All you have to do is pop the pod into one of seven grow spots and let them germinate and start to grow.

There are ways to set up and create your own mix and match plant choice without buying the pod kits, although the product does come with a gourmet herb starter kit to get you off on the right foot. You should take into consideration that some plants will grow larger than others, and even though you should prune and care for your plant to work in the space provided, depending on your variety, you may want to spread plants out.

Additional All in One Seed Pod Kits & Accessories

Additional All in One Seed Pod Kits & Accessories

]Even though the company makes it easy enough for you to customize and plant your own homemade pod-like seed drops with their ready to go sponges, they also provide seed pod kits that come not only with everything you need to just drop and go, but also all the plant nutrients you need for feedings. Each kit comes with a full season’s worth of product, and you can mix and match the various kits to grow exactly what you want and need. But if you do create your own pods, the nutrients are also readily available for purchase.

And if you’ve been wondering about those plants that require pollination for production, no worries as the company has you covered in that aspect as well. The Be the Bee Pollinator helps distribute pollen evenly, and can increase your yield up to 300%.


1 year Warranty 320

The product also comes with a full 1 year warranty that protects against manufacturer defects and faulty parts. Registration is required by the company upon purchase and is good for one year from the purchase date.

Customer Reviews

Costumers-Review 320

Customers are overall very happy with the use of their Aerogarden Ultra LED, and comment on how easy it is to get started with and use. The display is also a helpful reminder and tip provider for those unfamiliar with this type of gardening. Customers who have used hydroponic systems before state it works as it should and is a great way to get started with indoor gardening.


If you have been craving some fresh green, and I don’t mean those from the market, then growing your own is well within reach. With the purchase of a Miracle Grow Aerogarden Ultra LED Indoor Grow System you could have them in as little as one month, with regular harvests thereafter due to the quick growth of hydroponic technology. This handy system is all you need to grow your own fresh fruits and flowers all year long.

If you are curious to know more about this product, or have had an experience with one we’d love to hear about it below! And, as always, please share!

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