50 Moss Wall Ideas You'll Love In Your Home
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52 Moss Wall Ideas You’ll Love In Your Home

In the realms of interior design and artful prowess, moss walls are a phenomenal way to bring nature and creativity into your home. From living moss, preserved moss, or a hybrid of both, having so many options to choose from can be a very taxing experience. However, when you do find the perfect moss wall for your home or office space, the immaculate benefits you receive will definitely outweigh any tough decisions.

Just like most plants, bringing moss into your home adds a subtle but effective level of stress relief to your humble abode, and can turn your living space into an oasis of natural positivity. So if you are looking for an easy way to elevate your mental well-being and connect with Mother Earth, incorporating a moss wall into your daily experience may just be the thing for you! Here are 52 different moss wall ideas that can help you in your journey towards organic satisfaction.

52 Moss Wall Ideas You’ll Love In Your Home

1. Preserved Moss Wall

Reindeer moss wall, green wall decoration
Image credits: fotosr via Canva

Keeping plants alive can be tough work for the average person in this modern age. However, there is definitely a moss wall option for everyone! Thanks to natural glycerin and organic dyes, you will be the only one to know that your moss wall isn’t alive, and still be the talk of the party. Preserved Moss Walls are a great way to bring some vibrancy into your home, as well as a unique piece of natural artistry.

2. Living Moss Wall

Reindeer moss wall, green wall decoration
Image credits: fotosr via Canva

However, the quintessential moss wall for your home is and forever will be the living moss wall. Typically, moss walls do not need much more loving than your average plant, but depending on how large of a wall you are looking to have, will increase the upkeep needed. So for all of our tried-and-true lovers of living plants, this one’s for you.

3. Steamy Bathroom Moss Wall

Luxury bathroom with innovative green moss wall
Image credits: tulcarion via Canva

Moss walls are great for collecting water and steam within their environments, which makes them an ideal candidate for your bathroom. It is a rare occasion for people to have such vibrant greenery in the bathroom, but if you are looking to add a bit of novelty to your everyday routine, a moss wall is definitely the way to go.

4. Moss Walls as Windows

Dark green moss wall
Image credits: Ruslan Olinchuk via Canva

Moss walls as windows are typically made for those who live in urban areas, i.e. an apartment building or condo. The reason for this is that a “moss window” can change the aesthetic of a poor window view and reestablish the focal point to something more natural and fun. There are a number of moss walls that do not require light or water to survive and won’t attract any critters from the outside either.

5. Long Moss Wall

Moss Wall
Image credits: BrendanHunter via Canva

One of the greatest things about moss walls is their inherent effect on our sensory experiences. Moss walls that have elongated proportions are an excellent way to add another sensory response to go along with the visual aspects of the wall itself. Unlike classic forms of wall art, moss walls are ok to touch, and with long moss walls, the texture can be very soothing in addition to its energetic properties.

6. Short Moss Wall

wall of natural moss
Image credits: Erika Parfenova via Canva

Unlike long moss walls, short moss walls are typically better suited to anyone looking for a low-maintenance alternative. While moss walls, in general, are pretty low maintenance depending on the species you decide on. But there are definitely different levels outside of moss length that will decide the tediousness of upkeep. Short moss can be extravagant and beautiful without hanging off of its display, and will always give off a clean and fair feeling to any room in your house.

7. Dramatic Moss Wall

Moss Covered Wall
Image credits: alanfin via Canva

The concept of a dramatic moss wall stems from a heavy layering of different types of mosses. With the right lighting and color profiles, you can create an amazing display in your dining room or living room that adds a very theatrical feel to the inner workings of your home. A dramatic moss wall should include heavy amounts of dark greens and shadowy colors (like black and sienna), that give off a mysterious vibe to the entire display. This is definitely one of the more artistic options to choose from but is worth every second it takes to pull it off.

8. Artful Moss Wall

Wooden Frame With Green Moss
Image credits: Bozena_Fulawka via Canva

The blessings of art revolve around the mind of the creator. While a preserved piece of botanical art is sufficient enough to draw attention, it also livens up any area you decide to hang it in. We suggest using a preserved moss option simply because it mimics actual canvas art by not needing any sort of upkeep or maintenance. However, if taking care of your moss wall is a part of your overall necessity, then any type of moss will do, just as long as it fits the fancy of your inner desires.

9. Stunning Vertical Garden

Vertical garden
Image credits: pichaitun via Canva

Having the ability to create an amazing viewpoint outside of your home is the epitome of luxury. By adding a few different types of roughage to your moss wall, you can create a beautiful ensemble of leafy green goodness. If you live in an apartment or house that technically doesn’t have much intriguing scenery around it, a vertical DIY moss wall is a superb way to add character to a formerly bland or unkempt area.

10. Moss Wall paired with Stacked Stone Veneer

Stone veneer
Image credits: kryzanek via Canva

While a few ferns and ornamental plants add phenomenal visual interest to your moss wall, you get a few extra brownie points for pairing your moss wall with a stone-stacked veneer wall. The balance between the softness of the moss and the rough ruggedness of the stone wall plays well off of one another. The only difficult part is presented when color matching the moss to your wall, so if you find yourself not feeling comfortable with color coordination, it’s never a bad thing to get a second opinion (preferably from a professional).

11. Neutral Bedroom Moss Wall

Table and plants in bedroom
Image credits: KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Canva

Another great way to spice up the walls in your bedroom is to incorporate a clean and neutral look into your walls. While there are a variety of blues and reds that accentuate your home with vibrance, there is also intrinsic value in keeping it simple and sophisticated. If you’re not into the flamboyant hot pinks and turquoises, we suggest looking into the neutral and soft colors pertaining to your mossy dream bedroom.

12. Shelves and Storage Moss Wall

Blue wall shelves
Image credits: Sumetho via Canva

Another great way to add a moss wall to your home isn’t actually a wall, per se. By simply buying the right size panel, you can add square pieces of moss to your bookshelves and storage spaces. Typically, we look past the potential of sprucing up the functional fixtures in our home, but once you realize it’s possible to have a “living” TV stand or boudoir, you’ll understand the possibilities with moss are endless!

13. Entryway with Moss Wall Art

Ecology art. Colorful moss on picture on wall
Image credits: Prostock-Studio via Canva

This option is more relevant to multi-family property owners, but can very well be started by almost anyone. Bringing life to your foyer will allow yourself and others to be awed by nature the second they enter. The point of any moss wall is to surround yourself with the perpetual love of nature. If you can kick-start the feeling of calm and serenity the moment you get home, we honestly don’t know why this is a more common responsibility for anyone with bare walls in the hallways.

14. Moss Wall Room Divider for Bathrooms or Studios

Luxury bathroom with innovative green moss wall and a skylight
Image credits: tulcarion via Canva

If you live in a studio or share a bathroom with others, this is quite possibly the most genius idea for your “throne room”. Instead of curtains that blow away or glass that doesn’t offer complete privacy, installing a mossy wall divider in your bathroom may be just the thing you need to enhance your bath times, as well as lessen your worry of privacy. While it’s not ideal for every situation, it definitely set a solid boundary to where the lavatory ends and the shower begins.

15. Moss Wall In Black Living Room

Black and yellow room
Image credits: archideaphoto via Canva

The art of juxtaposing is just as cool as adhering to strict matching techniques. Adding a moss wall to the black furniture and walls of a room can add an extraordinary element to your deep-space living concept. Especially if you add a few lights that shine directly onto the moss wall, you’ll be creating a timeless aesthetic that interior designers have implemented in their work for decades.

16. Custom Made Moss Wall Signage

White wooden word love
Image credits: GavranBoris via Canva

Looking to gift someone a moss gift? Maybe tell someone “I love you” in a special way? What better way to send a message than with a custom moss wall signage piece! Of course, we have seen the boring matte versions of metallic renditions of signage, but when was the last time you experienced your name in plant form? Don’t worry, we’ll wait…

17. Moss Wall Panel with Hot Pink Accents

Phlox subulata moss pink flower bed
Image credits: NikShargin via Canva

As we have stated, moss can be dyed in a range of different shades and hues. Especially when matched with a green and pink textile, the finalized product will display an immense amount of artful luxury to your home. The best part about connecting green moss with pink moss is that the two colors independently bring about positive energies of renewal, but collectively, they strengthen the overarching concepts of strength and sanctity both colors are affiliated with.

18. Faux Living Wall

Woman Holding a Picture of Moss Indoors
Image credits: olgamalininaphotos via Canva

Different from preserved moss, faux moss isn’t moss at all (as the name suggests). The purpose of having faux moss is that it still invokes the emotions of real moss, but is strictly for cosmetic purposes rather than creating a symbiotic environment. While living moss is the highest level of moss ownership, faux moss is great for anyone looking for a more cost-effective way to bring a natural design element into the home. You can find faux moss at most arts and crafts stores!

19. Moss Wall Maps

map on wall
Image credits: avlntn via Canva

Another great and unique way to bring moss into your home is to invest in a moss wall map. While they are pretty tough to find specific ones that reflect a specific hometown or geographic location, it’s a bit easier to find ones for generic resemblances like world maps and state maps. While it might be fun to get a moss map that is more specific to your life, it may actually cost a pretty penny to get one constructed.

20. Moss Picture Frames

Living Wreath Picture Frames
Image credits: Redtyphoon72 via Canva

Perfect for group family photos and collegiate degrees, moss wall picture frames are the BEST way to catch someone’s attention. The entire concept of moss-related fixtures is the surprise aspect these furry creatures embody. It’s one thing to hang up square pieces of moss on your walls and windows, but for something like a moss picture frame hanging from your wall is something the average person just is NOT ready for. Even so, it is still a unique and refreshing way to bring moss into your home.

21. Colorful Living Moss Walls

Different colors of moss rose flowers
Image credits: VladimirFLoyd via Canva

Throughout this list, we have covered a number of monochromatic options for moss walls. However, some of the most elegant moss displays come from multicolored designs. Whether it is strategically placed in patches of different colors or simply a gradient-style moss wall, bringing a color-coordinated piece into your living room may be just the touch you need to complete your decor.

22. Assorted Moss Walls

ancient wall covered with moss. texture
Image credits: INchendiovia Canva

Reindeer moss is generally the type of moss people use to create these wonderful displays. Similar to the colorful moss wall, assorted moss walls bring a variety of textures into your living space, while capturing the multitude of moss essences in one swoop. From Sphagnum Moss to Spanish moss, assorted moss walls may be the beginning of an electrifying combination of styles and forms.

23. Moss Wall Islands

Moss Island
Image credits: ownza via Canva

Instead of investing in one solid piece of square moss, it is now possible to buy a number of different shaped mosses in order to create a cohesive atmosphere from one room to the next. While hanging moss on the wall is the ultimate goal, it might be nice to experiment with different shapes around the home. Feel free to throw some on an end table or kitchen counter, and never be afraid to try something new.

24. Moss Wall Animals

Stone sculpture in the dog shape with moss
Image credits: hajdukstanko via Canva

While having moss-shaped letters and figures are cute, there is a way to take that cuteness a step further. Moss in the shape of animals is the perfect way to combine two of the most adorable creatures to ever exist. While nothing compared to caring for actual animals, we all love a good representation of our furry friends, even when they are made from plants.

25. Bohemian Moon Sign Moss Wall

Full moon on moss covered branches
Image credits: Brian Enright via Canva

Using a circular wooden board to construct a moon design will give you a shrubby-style depiction of our lunar neighbor. The best type of moss for this design comes from the preserved moss world, typically because you don’t want to constantly be touching a piece that is meant to be more artistic than practical. While it’s nice to have living moss in your home, sometimes the appeal for creative concepts is just too good to pass up.

26. Preserved Terrarium Moss Wall Decor

Moss Terrarium
Image credits: Angelafoto via Canva

A garden inside of your home is a dream for every plant lover. While most people do not have the space or liberty to house a full-blown garden, a preserved terrarium moss wall is about as close as you can get! These types of moss walls are created in the name of pure art and can be unconcerned with being a living aspect of your home. If you have the opportunity to find a preserved terrarium moss wall that fits with your current home aesthetic, go for it! They are awesome for setting the mood for when guests visit and are quite the conversation starter if you familiarize yourself with some simple knowledge about the piece.

27. Colorful Dried Moss

Natural Color Moss
Image credits: bong hyunjung via Canva

Against a simple wall and in a room with no frills, colorful dried moss is the key to brightening up your atmosphere. Dried moss does not require any sunlight or water, so this is definitely a low-maintenance and cost-effective option for your home. It may take a little customization in order to complement other moods in your home. But the power of colorful dried moss is strong enough to compete with actual canvas pieces and vivid photography art.