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75 Nature-Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas

Nature is the original artist. So when you’re deciding on a theme for your Christmas decorations, you can be sure that a natural theme will have plenty of options with inspiration coming from everywhere in the natural world.

The problem is that there is so much to choose from. And so much inspiration coming from all angles that it might be difficult to choose what’s right for your theme. Don’t worry, Backyard Boss is here to lend a helping hand. To guide you in the right direction, we’ve come up with a list of 75 nature-inspired Christmas decor ideas.

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1. DIY Wreath With Fresh Greens

Christmas green wreath
Image credits: manyakotic via Canva

The first idea on our list is a standard Christmas classic. The base of most wreaths are evergreen sprigs and branches, but you can use whatever you have available. Fill the wreath with seasonal greenery and you have a traditional Christmas wreath.

2. Dried Citrus Garland

Orange Slice Garland
Image credits: Nastassia_Bas on Canva

Dried citrus has been a staple for homemade Christmas decorations for decades. They look good and they make your house smell great. String them together with some natural twine for a beautifully fragrant dried citrus garland.

3. DIY Wooden Stick Star

Wooden Blank Frame and a Wooden Star Made of Sticks
Image credits: 51countriesandcounting via Canva

It doesn’t get simpler than this. Gather some straight-ish sticks of the same length. Lash the ends together into a star shape using natural twine, and hang wherever you see fit.

4. Eucalyptus Garland

Eucalyptus Wreath on White Background
Image credits: yummypic via Canva

Eucalyptus is another one of those classic Christmas plants. The silver-green foliage makes excellent garlands. Find some longer branches and fuller leaves and string them together with whatever other decorations you want to add.

5. Pine Cone Garland

Pinecones with gold glitter hanging above berry and leaf garland
Image credits: CatLane via Canva

Pine cones get their time in the spotlight when winter decorating comes around. String some together with some natural twine for a pine cone garland. You can then dress them up or leave them simple, the choice is yours.

6. Glass Orbs With Greenery

Hidden Orb
Image credits: Paige Torre via Canva

Glass orbs are available at most stores around this time of year. Fill them with small pieces of your favorite greenery for some nature-inspired glass orb decor.

7. Eucalyptus Advent Calendar

Blank Paper with Eucalyptus Leaves
Image credits: rorygezfresh via Canva

An advent calendar is a countdown calendar to Christmas. Each day you open a little card or gift as the days to Christmas get closer. You could use a eucalyptus branch to make your own nature-inspired advent calendar. Use decorative twine or ribbons to hang little cards or gifts from a long eucalyptus branch above. Accent the decoration with more eucalyptus leaves for extra foliage.

8. Vase Centerpiece

flowers and berries in a vase
Image credits: Yulia Petrova via Canva

Making a beautiful centerpiece out of your favorite vase couldn’t be easier. To make it fit into the Christmas theme, add seasonal greenery and red winter berries and display them on the dinner table.

9. Potted Pines

Potted Norfolk pine trees
Image credits: wbritten via Canva

If you’re a real Christmas tree family, this one’s for you. You could either use branches you trim off your main tree or you could buy an imperfect tree to cut up. Display these branches as standalone Christmas trees on your porch or entryway. Decorate as you would a Christmas tree.

10. Christmas Flowers

Red poinsettia, amaryllis and white orchid
Image credits: AWelshLad via Canva

Traditional Christmas flowers include poinsettia and amaryllis flowers. Seasonal greenery of different shades and textures provides an interesting backdrop for any arrangement including the bright reds and whites of the flowers.

11. Winter Fish Bowl

Florarium of Succulents, Sand and Stone with Light Garland
Image credits: olgamalininaphotos via Canva

Create a natural winter scene right there on your table in a fishbowl. Find an appropriately sized fish bowl and fill the bottom with any white powder to represent snow. Add toy trees and mini animals to the scene for a winter wonderland on your dinner table.

12. Wood Slice Wreath

Wood Wreath on Barn Wood
Image credits: studioimagen via Canva

You can make a wreath out of pretty much anything. If you’ve done any tree pruning recently, slice a bunch of thin wooden rounds off a thicker branch. Overlap these wood slices slightly as you attach them all together in a wreath formation.

13. Table Forest

small tree on the table
Image credits: nedomacki via Canva

How about a Christmas-inspired forest scene on your table? Smaller branches from cedars, pines, and other evergreens can act as mini trees. Add any miniature forest creatures you may have, and don’t forget Santa’s little helpers and a dusting of ‘snow’.

14. Nature Bowl

Mettalic bowl with flowers, acorn and pine cones.
Image credits: hanbr via Canva

Grab that empty fish bowl again for a bowl full of nature. This time we’re filling it with any natural elements that remind us of the holidays. Think pinecones, rosehips, and tried pomegranates all on a bed of moss.

15. Branch Out

Fir Tree Branches with Decor against Textured Wall
Image credits: rorygezfresh via Canva

Have an empty wall and an evergreen branch? Tack the branch to the wall and hang some mini baubles, Christmas cards, and other decorations for a quick and easy gap filler.

16. Red Berry Box

Artificial Berries, in Wicker Vase
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Any box will do. Wrap with wrapping paper, preferably green. Then fill the box with all manner of red berries, red dried fruit, and red flowers. If you can do so safely, a few tea candles will give the whole arrangement a soft glow.

17. Cardinal Perch

Christmas Cardinals
Image credits: LittleCityLifestylePhotography via Canva

Cardinals are a favorite symbol of the Christmas season. Put some on display this year with this easy decoration. Find yourself a good-looking branch. You could spray paint it white or leave it natural. Perch some faux cardinals on the branch for a simple decoration that has a big impact.

18. Bare Branch

Branch in vase for decoration in home
Image credits: sucharn via Canva

A bare branch can make quite a statement. Spray paint the branch white or silver to highlight the shape and form of the branch. Feel free to decorate, but make sure to keep it minimal to not overpower the simple branch.

19. Jazz Up The Fruit Bowl

Apple Bowl
Image credits: Danny Smythe via Canva

No need to get rid of the fruit bowl when you’re decorating your home. Instead, add a few shiny baubles and a flower or two. You could even decorate the fruit itself by pushing cloves into the skin of the fruit in various patterns.

20. Fragrant Bouquets

Fragrant bouquet of baby's breath
Image credits: cmirnovru via Canva

Make some fragrant bouquets for your guests to enjoy. Tie fragrant herbs in bundles together and adorn with a red and white ribbon or two. You can hang these bundles all over the house. On the backs of chairs, in doorways, or in the bathroom. When they’re no longer looking their best, hang them from the showerhead for a bit of pampering.

21. Floating Flowers

Floating flower
Image credits: mocca1412 via Canva

Grab a wide, low-brimmed glass bowl and fill it with water. Then add a selection of flowers, roses are always a good choice, on floating tea candle holders for an interesting centerpiece.

22. Ice Ice Baby

Ice cubes with berries on black
Image credits: cassinga via Canva

This one’s for that ice bucket keeping your bubbly cold. Freeze a bunch of bright red cranberries into ice cubes using your ice tray. This will give your ice bucket a lovely pop of color. Besides, cranberries and bubbly go very well together.

23. Apple Jar

Green Apples in Glass Vase
Image credits: Devin Wood via Canva

Green apples are the perfect hue for a red and green Christmas palette. And who doesn’t love edible decorations? This idea couldn’t be simpler. Get a large glass display jar and fill it with green apples.

24. Cranberries And Candles

Candle in Cranberries
Image credits: anyka via Canva

For another fruity idea that will go well with the idea above, turn to cranberries and tea candles. Fill a glass cylinder almost to the top with cranberries. Top with a red tea candle and display next to your glass jar of green apples.

25. Bare Branch Gallery

Photo frame and spruce branches
Image credits: daffodilred via Canva

Those bare branches are the perfect place to display family photos. Find a particularly good-looking branch and display inside your home as a photo gallery. Extra points if you have a polaroid camera at the base of your branch gallery to add instant selfies to the mix.