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75 Nature-Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas

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26. Twig Tapestry

Brown Twig Decor
Image credits: Huỳnh Đạt(opens in a new tab or window) from Pexels via Canva

Use a rubber band to hold a group of twigs together for a paired back bouquet. Add some eucalyptus leaves for interest and red winter berries for color.

27. Reflecting On Nature

Christmas Candles
Image credits: Elena Photo via Canva

The main part of this decoration is using a mirrored tray to display your decorations on. Most of the ideas on this list can be amplified by displaying them on a mirrored tray for a different angle of the same view.

28. Red Layers

flower vase
Image credits: ozzuboy via Canva

Simple but very effective. Start with glass vases or cylinders with a few different heights. Attach some greenery and bright red flowers to a metal flower frog and place on the bottom of the cylinder. Fill the jar halfway with water and float some cranberries and candles on the surface.

29. Driftwood Experiments

Wooden decorative Chrismas tree with hand balls
Image credits: Adil Abdrakhmanov via Canva

The things you can do with driftwood are endless. Collect a bunch of smaller pieces and layer them on top of one another in a Christmas tree shape for a driftwood tree.

30. Table Fruit Runner

Christmas Orange Cake Decorated with Dried Oranges
Image credits: homydesign via Canva

Here’s a quick and practical way to add some punch to your table runner. Simply add fruit. Stick with red and green fruit to stick to a traditional palette, or add citrus and other seasonal fruit for a seasonal touch.

31. Hanging Log

Hanging Light Bulbs On A Wooden Trunk
Image credits: Vitalij Sova via Canva

This could be a driftwood log or a pruned branch from a winter evergreen. Either way, attach a piece of twine to each end for a simple hanging log decoration. Feel free to hang Christmas cards, photos, or Christmas ornaments for added interest.

32. A Herd Of Twig Reindeer

twig statue
Image credits: Gerakl via Canva

Did you know you can make reindeer out of twigs? Gather your family together and craft a whole herd of twig reindeers to display all over your home this season.

33. Felted Acorn Ornaments

Felt souvenir handmade acorns
Image credits: straannick via Canva

Can’t find real acorns? Never fear, just make felt acorns instead. They have the added bonus of being extra cute and fluffy and they could even look covered in snow if you use white felt for the nut.

34. Real Acorn Ornaments

Artificial Christmas tree branches with acorn Christmas ornament closeup
Image credits: Ninel Roshchina via Canva

Can you find real acorns? Great! Use them as decorations. You can string them together for an acorn garland, you could customize them with your mad crafting skills, or you could hang them on your tree as is.

35. Twig Tree Ornaments

Christmas Twig Star
Image credits: Leeser via Canva

All you need for this idea is some twigs, hot glue, and your imagination. You can make a huge range of ornaments from simple stars and snowflakes to something more elaborate like a herd of reindeer.

36. Evergreen Mini Wreath Garland

Spring mini wreath
Image credits: Hana-Photo via Canva

Wreaths are cool. Garlands are a classic Christmas decoration. What if we combined the two for a garland of mini wreaths? Use any offcut greenery from your other Christmas crafting projects and arrange them into little wreaths. String all these wreaths together for a combination of two traditional decorations.

37. “Stained Glass” Citrus

dried citrus slices on wooden brown surface
Image credits: LightFieldStudios via Canva

We all know that dried citrus is a classic Christmas decoration. While they’re usually reserved for garlands and hanging on the tree, why not do something a bit different? Stick these slices of dried citrus onto a sunny window for a stained glass effect inside your home this season.

38. Wooden “Snowman”

Hands Holding Wooden Snowman Decoration
Image credits: cavanimages via Canva

Unfortunately, a snowman indoors is not the best idea. You can, however, make a replica snowman out of wood instead! Gather some wood slices of varying thicknesses and diameters and stack them from big to small. Add twigs for arms and a mini hat for style and you have an indoor snowman.

39. Natural Window Dressing

Christmas decoration on the window
Image credits: smicfoto via Canva

A great place to display your natural decorations is hanging in your window. Try framing a large window with winter evergreens for a lovely lush feel, or hang your choice of natural decorations in the window. The combination of sun and natural elements results in charming displays.

40. Green Christmas Star

Christmas Wreath in the Shape of a Star
Image credits: tilialucida via Canva

You’ll inevitably end up with a pile of evergreen offcuts from other decorating projects around your house. Gather these offcuts together and attach them to a wire star for a green Christmas star.

41. Acorn Christmas Bauble

Image credits: Kristtaps via Canva

For this idea, we need only the bottom caps of acorns and some floral foam. Carve the foam into a round shape, or as close as you can get it to round. Use the stems to push the acorn caps into the foam for an interesting effect. Decorate and embellish as you see fit.

42. Mini Twig Christmas Tree

Burlap Present with Twig Christmas Tree
Image credits: Scukrov via Canva

How about adding some Christmas trees to your Christmas tree? Glue twigs to a strip of cardboard, starting with long twigs at the bottom that get shorter as you move up. Add a wire loop to the top so you can hang it wherever you want.

43. Cinnamon Candle Wrap

Handmade candle holder
Image credits: vanillla via Canva

Here’s an effective way to add some flair to your candles. Wrap the candle holder in cinnamon sticks. Use some natural twine to hold everything in place. The heat from the candle will warm the sticks up just enough to release some of that cinnamon scent into your home.

44. Candle Lit Log Center Piece

Wedding Table Decoration
Image credits: Olga Yastremska’s Images via Canva

Turn an interesting log into your table centerpiece. It’s best to go with a log with interesting bark or other characteristics, such as the white bark of a birch tree. Use a hole saw to cut tea-candle-sized holes in the top. And then display it in the center of your table. You could use one long log for the whole table or you could mix it up with various sized logs.

45. Nice Woodpile

Christmas tree
Image credits: helovi via Canva

Your woodpile can be more than just where you store your wood. Turn it into a Christmas feature inside your home by stacking the round logs in a simple triangle shape to mimic a Christmas tree. Add ornaments for a finishing touch. Make sure the ornaments are light and easy to move for easy access to the wood.

46. Fragrant Fruit

Orange decorated with cloves
Image credits: olvas via Canva

This super simple DIY decoration smells just as good as it looks. All you need to do is push some cloves into the rind of a citrus fruit. You can make any pattern you can think of, and even attach a bow or two for added flair. Display them where people can enjoy the sight and the smell.

47. Cinnamon Bundles

Cinnamon Sticks Tied
Image credits: 5PH via Canva

Cinnamon sticks can be used in a variety of ways to decorate your home this winter. Pair them with candles for the warmth of the flame to release some cinnamon scent. Tie a bunch of cinnamon sticks together with some natural twine for a simple decoration full of holiday fragrance.

48. Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine Wreath
Image credits: bzanchi via Canva

The typical base for a DIY wreath is evergreen branches filled with whatever else you choose. Put a spin on tradition by using grapevines (or any other type of vine, for that matter) as the base instead.

49. Wooden Bead Ornaments

wooden ornaments
Image credits: Valentina_Azhgirevich via Canva

Wooden beads can be a subtle nod to nature in your decorating. You could string a whole lot together for a natural wooden bead garland. Or stack 3 beads of different sizes on top of one another for a simple hanging ornament.

50. DIY Clay Ornaments

Colorful Christmas Ornaments Made from Polymer Clay
Image credits: mariashipakina via Canva

Did you know you can make your own natural ornaments out of clay? Air-dry clay is used specifically for home use and is simple as can be. Use different cookie molds to achieve your desired shape, allow to dry, and you’re done.