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75 Nature-Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas

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51. Salt Dough Ornaments

hand painted Christmas salt dough ornaments
Image credits: Lynne Mitchell via Canva

While we’re on the topic of DIY, why not make your very own DIY salt dough ornaments? They smell amazing and can be customized with any botanicals or trinkets you desire.

52. Cranberry And Pinecone Garland

Christmas fir with pinecone and garland
Image credits: Yasonya via Canva

Use the contrast of red cranberries and the rustic texture of pine cones for a truly natural garland this year. Attach the above to jute twine to really drive home the natural theme for this garland.

53. Bark Ornaments

Eco natural handmade wooden tree bark
Image credits: Taja Planinc via Canva

Here’s one the kids will love; homemade bark ornaments. All you need for this is a bunch of sturdy bark, the thicker the better. Decorate your piece of bark however you see fit, add a hole to hang, and you have your own handmade natural decoration.

54. Dressed Up Pine Cones

pine cone reindeer
Image credits: GillTeeShots via Canva

Pine cones are great stand-alone Christmas decorations, but why not decorate them even further for some dressed-up pine cones? The sky’s the limit here, and you can use whatever supplies you have in your crafting box for a fully customized ornament.

55. Hoop Feather Ornaments

Christmas tree ornament on tree
Image credits: Jon Berndt Photography via Canva

This idea is perfect for those who have any fowl in the backyard. Although anybody can get involved if you happen to have a bunch of feathers lying around. Grab a few embroidery hoops of different sizes, attach the feathers so they’re positioned in the middle of the hoop, and enjoy your feathery decorations.

56. Starburst Wreath

Wreath of twigs and berries
Image credits: Ryan McVay via Canva

For an unusual wreath that will be sure to turn heads, gather up a bunch of twigs of different lengths. They should be as thick as a finger and relatively straight. Arrange them in a circle shape with different length sticks next to each other. The result is an interesting starburst-shaped wreath.

57. Natural Scene Table Setting

Pine branch and cone
Image credits: naruedom via Canva

How about a nature-inspired centerpiece for your dining room table? Start off with some evergreen branches and foliage in mini vases for that lush feel. Then add any natural elements you can forage. Wildflowers, acorns, pinecones, interesting branches, whatever catches your eye. Use brown napkins and rattan placemats to add to the natural feel. Finish it off with a dusting of fake snow for a truly wintery tablescape.

58. Tobacco Basket

autumn wreath and basket
Image credits: allamanda69 via Canva

A vintage tobacco basket paired with fresh greenery and red berries gives a solid nod to tradition. Dress it up further with bows and baubles and display it either as a wreath or a table decoration.

59. Nature’s Chandelier

A Chandelier Decorated with Flowers
Image credits: Gillian Harrison(opens in a new tab or window) from Pexels via Canva

Do you have a chandelier in your home you can dress up? Give it a natural element with evergreen branches and foliage hanging from the lighting. Add some mistletoe for a touch of tradition or some Spanish Moss for some Southern charm.

60. Acorn Tree

cristmas tree alternatively
Image credits: Yevhenii Khil via Canva

This neutral-toned decoration will fit into most Christmas themes. To make, first collect some acorns, paint the nuts white with craft paint and leave the caps natural. Hot glue the acorns onto a nice branch that’s been spray painted white. Pop this arrangement into a vase or vessel of your choosing and you have a paired back tree for your table.

61. Christmas Shakers

Salt Shaker
Image credits: gojak via Canva

Even your salt and pepper shakers can get into the Christmas theme. Grab some clear shakers and fill one-third full of salt. Nest various toy evergreens and miniature reindeer onto the “snow”.

62. Pine Branch Decor

Branch with pine cones
Image credits: Valdas Jarutis via Canva

Pine cones work well as stand-alone decorations, so how about bringing the whole branch inside? You can simply hang it from a doorknob for a simple natural touch, or you could dress it up as an elaborate mini Christmas tree.

63. DIY Cardboard Honeycomb Wreath

Image credits: rick734’s Images via Canva

Inspired by our great pollinator friends the honey bee, this DIY wreath uses the cardboard inner tubes of old toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Use a craft knife to slice the tubes into 2-inch thick pieces. Set aside a plate on the table and use that as a frame to begin your honeycomb wreath. You could make it as big as you like and the hollow tubes provide a good place to display ornaments.

64. Wooden Candle Holders

Wooden Candle Holder
Image credits: ozgurkeser via Canva

Next time you’re pruning your trees, keep a few of the straightest branches. Make sure the branches are at least double the width of a tea candle. Cut the branches into sections a few inches long. Use a hole saw one size bigger than a tea candle to create a crater in the top of the piece of wood. Add a tea candle to the crater and you have a wooden candle holder.

65. Pinecone Owls

Vintage glass baubles and pine cones
Image credits: lena_volo via Canva

Pinecones are a versatile bunch, aren’t they? For this idea, turn a pinecone into a Christmas owl! Add some googly eyes for a bit of humor. If you can find any, some fall leaves make great wings and pieces of paper make great beaks and feet. Easy, customizable, and cute.

66. Natural Angel

Christmas ornaments, Angel
Image credits: MirekKijewski via Canva

You can always mix traditional Christmas decorations with natural elements. Take a mixture of leaves and branches to form the base of the angel. You could then use wooden beads and found feathers to add some details to this homemade angel.

67. Pretty Pistachio

Image credits: matka_Wariatka via Canva

Anyone else spend the holidays munching on pistachios? If this is you, don’t throw away the shells. Use them to make your own Christmas ornaments. You could hot glue them to a tennis ball for a bauble with a difference.

68. Pinecone Ball

Pinecone christmas ball
Image credits: CalypsoArt via Canva

The pinecone action keeps coming with this pinecone ball. Attach a bunch of pinecones to a styrofoam ball for an interesting natural decoration. Use frosted pinecones for a wintery feel.

69. Wreath Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers
Image credits: pengyou91 via Canva

Looking for a twist on the original Christmas wreath? Instead of displaying your natural greenery Christmas wreath vertically, flip it on its axis and hang it horizontally from the ceiling. Dangle pine cones and tinsel from the wreath to complete the chandelier effect.

70. Mossy Foundation

green moss decoration on the table
Image credits: jonnysek via Canva

To add a soft, natural element to any Christmas display, add a bed of moss as the base to your decorations. Moss is easy to grow indoors because it doesn’t require much water or sunlight to survive. Keep it in a well-lit area and mist a couple of times a week for long-living natural decor.

71. Seashells

Christmas tree, garlands light and seashells
Image credits: Taras Lazur via Canva

Do you have a penchant for seashells? If you’re celebrating Christmas by the beach this year, go for a walk to collect some beach shells. Hang them from your tree or add to the table setting for an easy natural decoration.

72. Driftwood sailboat

Christmas driftwood decoration.
Image credits: kulbabka via Canva

While you’re combing the beach for the best seashells, keep an eye out for good-looking pieces of driftwood too. A simple sail can be made out of a triangular piece of fabric, like a napkin, and you can use it the most as an attachment point for hanging your driftwood sailboat on your tree.

73. Alternative Dried Citrus

Dried citrus Christmas decorations
Image credits: Alphotographic via Canva

While dried citrus slices are all the rage, go an alternative route by leaving your citrus whole this year. Use a peeler or a sharp knife to carve some designs into the rind or adorn with cloves for a fragrant pattern. Display on your mantel or wherever you need a bit of color and interest.

74. DIY Snowflake Ornaments

Wooden snowflake
Image credits: Karisssa via Canva

Do you have a soldering iron and some blank wood slices? Burn snowflake patterns into the face of the wood slice with the soldering iron for some personalized hanging ornaments. Don’t limit yourself to snowflake patterns though. Let your imagination run wild! Not recommended for children.

75. Christmas Tree

Green Christmas Tree
Image credits: Nelosa via Canva

How could we (almost) forget the humble Christmas tree; the original decoration inspired by nature. Personally, I have a love for real trees. In fact, I have a large potted tree on my patio that I bring inside and decorate around Christmas time. That’s not quite the traditional way of doing things, but that’s the great thing about Christmas trees, you make the rules.

Go Natural

With all of the ideas above, you’ll be sure to find something that fits in with your nature-inspired theme this year. The great thing about a natural theme is that you can go outside and forage a few fresh decorations at the last minute. You can pick some fresh flowers and foliage to liven up any display on the special day. What’s more, natural-themed everything is on-trend at the moment, so you’ll have trendy Christmas decor if you choose a natural theme this year.