10 Pics of the Oldest Bonsai Tree
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Top 10 Pics of the Oldest Living Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees have been coveted through history as a symbol of care and dedication. Technically, any tree within a pot can be considered a bonsai, but there are a few bonsai trees that have stood the test of time. These trees are considered wise due to their advanced years, and truthfully, they are just impressive to behold.

We have compiled ten pictures of some of the oldest bonsai trees found throughout the world. Some of these trees look rather sage-like, while others look relatively normal. See for yourself as you scroll through these images of these impressive trees.

Oldest in Europe

Two stone human stone sculpture with Bonsai Tree in the background center planted on a red large spherical vase inside the house

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This massive tree is the oldest bonsai tree in Europe. The very pot in which it is housed is impressive in that it is just as massive as this tree is. It would have to be to successfully contain the growing and spreading roots of this wise, old tree.

1,000-Year-Old Tree

Juniper Bonsai tree in a elevated garden surrounded with several other bonsai trees

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This tree is 1,000 years old. Really. It has had 1,000 birthdays and has stood the test of time at 1,000 years on this planet. This is an old Juniper tree housed in Japan that has truly seen a few things in its many, many years of life.

800-Year-Old Tree

Bonsai tree situated in a plastic rectangular large container near the wall with foreign language hanging on its side

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This 800-year-old tree is relatively simple in its enclosure and presentation. Although this looks like a relatively standard bonsai, you would find in a garden center, this tree is respected as one of the oldest trees on the planet that is housed in Shunkaen.

Old and Expensive

Bonsai Tree on a rectangular gray pot placed on a log of wood as its base with several other bonsai trees on the background and an elegant vintage house

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One of the world’s most renowned bonsai artist, master Kobayashi, keeps this very old tree, also housed in Shunkaen. This tree is also very, very expensive with a high price tag, mostly due to the tree’s age but also the fact that Kobayashi, an award-winning artist, owns it.

Japanese White Pine

Japanese White Pine planted in a rectangular clay pot placed in the backyard near the wooden fence

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This Japanese white pine tree is highly valued because it survived the bombing of Hiroshima. It is over 400 years old and has been kept by four generations of the same family, the Yamani family. The tree was later donated to the Washington Museum where it stands today.

Sandai Shogun no Matsu

Sandai Shogun no Matsu Bonsai tree situated in a rectangular clay pot with a grayish background wall

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The Sandai Shogun no Matsu bonsai tree is 500 years old and housed in Tokyo, Japan. A five-needle pine has become a national treasure in Japan. It has been passed down from emperor to emperor, each ensuring the heartiness and livelihood of the tree.

Famous Cypress

Chabo-hiba’Hinoki cypress tree planted in a round and large pot situated in an area with a messed up dark blue and white as background

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This famous old ‘Chabo-hiba’Hinoki cypress tree is dated back to 1787 and it’s said to be contained within the same pot. This little, but incredibly old, the tree is housed in Boston in the Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum. These trees need to be carefully cared for and pruned.

Cypress in Modern Pot

Chabo-hiba’Hinoki cypress tree planted in a modern rectangular pot

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This is another old ‘Chabo-hiba’Hinoki cypress tree that has stood the test of time. This cypress is in a more modern pot since many of these trees had to be moved or transported due to freezing, which is not something most bonsai trees can withstand.

Slanting Hinoki Cypress

Slanting Hinoki Cypress planted in a small rectangular pot with a messed up blue and white mixture of color as background

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This slanting Hanoiki cypress is a truly gorgeous tree that is hundreds of years old. The slant of this tree is a bit peculiar because the standard types of these trees commonly tend to sway from side to side, meaning the trunks hardly ever grow straight, but this one seems as if it was straining to get a glimpse of sun.

Akao Herb Rose Garden

Large area planted with several bonsai trees in a spacious fenced area

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These trees are kept within the Akao Herb Rose Garden. Having multiple trees like this housed within the same place and area is not uncommon. It is, however, a bit more difficult to care for so many trees, so plenty of bonsai experts are needed to ensure the long lives of the trees.


As you can see, there are so many incredible and old trees throughout the world. No matter the size, the bonsai can be kept for hundreds of years, and actually remain a smaller size if kept in a smaller pot. If the tree is kept in the earth, rather than a pot, the tree will typically grow taller and wider. But caring for them is not for gardening beginners.

It is no mystery why these trees are so mystifying and spectacular. They are some of the oldest in the world and remain a very popular hobby and gift. Do you have any experience keeping or caring for bonsais? We would love to hear from you! Give us some insight into these spectacular trees in the comments.