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Our Napoleon Travel Q Review

There’s not much better than firing up the grill and searing some meat in the great outdoors. The Napoleon Travel Q is today’s review subject. We’ll be talking about what’s good about it, what doesn’t quite work, and the overall rating of the Napoleon Travel Q to help you choose the perfect grill for camping, hanging out with friends, or just making dinner for the family!

About the Napoleon Travel Q

    Napoleon TravelQ TQ2225PO Portable Gas Grill

Napoleon TravelQ TQ2225PO Portable Gas Grill
    Portable gas grill with a 225 square inch stainless steel circular tube burner that produces 10,500 BTU.

The Napoleon Travel Q is one of the most portable grills on the market. It’s so compact it can be easily carried in one hand. With a sleek, aerodynamic shape reminiscent of a flying saucer and a bright orange enameled lid, the Napoleon has a distinctive look and exceptional portability.

It can be assembled from its travel profile to ready to cook in under ten seconds, and is designed to be compatible with standard or larger propane tanks with the addition of a hose adapter. The large 225-square-inch cooking surface develops up to 10,500 BTU, making even the thickest steaks no challenge for the Napoleon.

The Napoleon is designed to fit into small spaces such as boats, RVs, and condos without difficulty while delivering powerful cooking capability. Its sturdy cast-iron construction lets it withstand heat and denting without breaking stride, and the legs provide for a stable cooking surface just about anywhere, on any kind of stand, table, or terrain. These features make the Napoleon an excellent overall choice for the hard-core outdoorsman or the condominium barbecuer.

The Good Part

The cooking area is 19.29 inches wide and 14.7 inches deep, letting you pack more food onto the Napoleon than many comparably-sized grills. The PIEZO push-button ignition makes firing up the grill quick and simple. The porcelain coating on the cooking grid and the removable grease tray offer easy cleanup and help prevent flareups during the cooking process.

The Napoleon folds down to 24 x 24 x 8 inches, or about the size of an average briefcase, and is light enough a child can manage it. Between its compact size and large cooking surface, this grill is good to go just about anywhere. Its durable construction ensures it will keep working year after year.

Portability and reliability: 5.0

The Bad Part

The Napoleon does suffer from a couple of design problems that hold it back from being an ideal choice. First is the lack of a lip around the cooking surface, which allows foods such as hot dogs to slide off if the operator isn’t careful. Your pets may like this, but it can be irritating, especially if you’re cooking kebabs or something similar.

The next problem is the fact that the Napoleon has a single-burner design, causing hot and cool spots which may interfere with even cooking of your meat.

The shallow cooking area and the fact that the lid only allows for about eight inches of cooking ceiling can be problematic as well. The grease trap must be emptied before closing the grill to prevent flare-ups and should be checked periodically during the cooking process.

Another drawback is that the grill itself is pretty basic and reasonably inexpensive, but if you need utensils, the stand, the hose adapter for the propane, or a carrying bag, these are all extra. For the serious griller, this may not be a problem, but it could be an issue for the budget-conscious.

Design and Ease of Use: 3.4

Overall Thoughts

Although the Napoleon Travel Q has some design flaws, most of these can be overcome by a diligent and watchful cook. For its size, the Napoleon is one of the most powerful grills on the market.

The part grillers may have difficulty overcoming is the Napoleon’s tendency to flash fires if the grease trap is not emptied regularly when the lid is closed.

However, for the veteran grillmaster, this will not pose any serious bar. Overall, we rate the Napoleon a 4.2 for your outdoor adventure!