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61 of the Most Unique Outdoor Christmas Tree Ideas

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Repurpose a Ladder for a Creative Tree

Christmas tree ladder
Image credits: Searsie via Canva

Some of the most entertaining Christmas tree ideas come from thinking outside the box, and this one is no exception. As I have mentioned multiple times on this list, a Christmas tree is often represented as a simple triangle which leads one to wonder, what other triangular objects can be used to decorate for the holidays? One item that almost everyone has stashed away in their garage or storage shed is a ladder. Just setting up the ladder obviously isn’t going to take center stage, but it can transform into a fun Christmas tree with a little effort.

Before you start decorating, you should decide where you are going to be displaying your ladder tree. If it is going to be somewhere in your yard where it may be subjected to heavy winds or snowstorms, you may want to take the time to stake it down. After the ladder is secure, decorate it in the same way that you would a traditional tree. This includes wrapping garland and strings of LED lights around it, hanging ornaments at different levels, and finishing it all off with a fun tree topper. If you have any decorative presents that can be left outdoors in the elements, place them around the bottom to complete the look.

Project a Fun Cartoon Tree

Christmas lights, fairy lights.
Image credits: mueduer via Canva

Technology has opened many doors in our world, and our holiday decorations are no exception. If you’re looking to bring your outdoor Christmas tree into the future, why settle for a physical tree at all? Instead, use a projector to showcase your tree on the exterior walls of your house. The best part about choosing a digital solution is that you can make anything happen, changing your tree from year to year or even week to week. Project a still image or add a little flair with a cartoon tree that talks and sings. Have fun with it!

Hunters: Build a Tree Out of Antlers

Antler christmas ornament
Image credits: dschnarrs via Canva

Hunters and outdoor lovers, are you often drawn to outdoorsy décor like natural woods and the creative use of antlers? If so, why not embrace this personal style when creating your Christmas tree this year? While everyone else is assembling trees and decorations with fresh greenery and holiday garland, I encourage you to try building a tree using antlers. This is going to take quite a few antlers, so it’s not something that most people would be prepared to tackle. However, if you have the supplies available, it will certainly make for a conversation piece! Carefully attach your antlers to a central post with the largest antlers at the bottom working up to the smallest at the top, to create a tree shape. Once your tree is assembled, you can decorate it with warm LED lights or a subtle glow. When the season is over, simply disassemble your tree and you have all your antlers back for their usual decorative purposes.

Wrap Net Lights around Evergreens

Blurred Christmas Lights Background
Image credits: dmitrynaumov via Canva

If you are searching for a quick solution to your Christmas decorating with minimal effort, here is one that you may find interesting. This is particularly helpful for those that are trying to place lights on multiple trees on their property as that effort can add up quickly! Measuring 4 feet x 6 feet, these lights are assembled in a net pattern with their wires, allowing you to cover a larger surface area with minimal effort. They come in a variety of different colors and styles, including both LED lights and traditional incandescent bulbs. If you’re covering a larger tree, simply connect multiple net lights together. Hook up your net lights with an automatic timer and you won’t even have to remember to turn the lights on and off. Instead, you can just enjoy your outdoor trees while you focus on everything else that comes with the holiday season.

Decorate Your Tree as an Oversized Santa Claus

Santa Costume Hanging on Wooden Wall Background
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

What iconic image screams Christmas more than Santa Claus himself? Rather than sticking with an abstract tree decoration this holiday, why not turn your outdoor Christmas tree into the jolly old man in the big red suit himself? The recognizable features that you will need for your tree include a Santa hat for the top of the tree, a beard of some form to place on the front, a black belt, and a red suit. You can create the ‘red suit’ but use red string lights throughout the tree, allowing it to have that festive red glow. For an easy beard, pick up a sheet of white felt and cut out a beard pattern. Using string, secure it to the tree a short distance below his hat. The same technique can be done with black and gold foam to create Santa’s belt and buckle. If you’re really looking for a challenge, why not try your hand at a Mrs. Claus tree to go with it?

Use Silk Flowers to Decorate a Beautiful Tree

Silk flowers
Image credits: Thinkstock Images via Canva

Stepping away from the fun and whimsical ideas, this next suggestion focuses instead on a more feminine approach. Winter weather doesn’t mean that you have the flowers are gone until spring rolls back around again. While planting an outdoor flower garden at this time of year wouldn’t pan out the way that you had hoped, why not embrace the beauty of silk flowers in your decorating.

To do this, you will need to pick up a variety of different silk flowers that fit with your decorating goals. These can be purchased at any craft store, many big box stores, or even from your local dollar store, making it an accessible decorating idea for any budget. You can go as big or as subtle as you want, adding a few sporadic blooms as a fun accent, or using the flowers to form a full garland wrapping around your tree.

Create a Hanging Christmas Tree Mobile

Open Paint Can with Stir Stick
Image credits: KatieDobies via Canva

This is a DIY option that can be customized easily depending on your style and the supplies that you have on hand. You will need some form of long and relatively thin pieces to create your tree, green paint in a variety of shades, some fishing line, and something to suspend your tree from. The easiest and most cost-effective solution for many people is to collect 100 paint stir sticks and suspend them from a grilling tray or steamer rack. When hanging them, mix up the various shades of green throughout the project. Start with hanging the sticks in the middle closest to the steamer rack and move further away as you move out to create a tree shape when the rack is hung up.

Here’s where you can bring some creativity to the project. In place of using paint sticks, consider what items may reflect you and your family. If you have a small business and are looking to decorate in a theme, this one can easily be tweaked to fit any space. Consider suspending green cutlery at a restaurant, an assortment of green collars at a pet store, or older wrenches and other hand tools painted green at a shop.

Add Lights to Hedges Instead of a Tree

Hedge Glow with lights
Image credits: BrendanHunter via Canva

Not every yard has a tree hanging out in the yard waiting to be decorated, but that shouldn’t stop you from embracing your seasonal cheer. If you are dealing with this challenge, there are a couple of different solutions that you could turn to. You could select any of the artificial or DIY tree options from this list to put a ‘tree’ in your yard as part of your outdoor décor. However, if you already have shrubs or bushes around the yard, you may have the answer right in front of you. Rather than wrapping your Christmas lights around a tree, why not embrace these slightly smaller options as a substitution. You can even take this a step further by adding ornaments, tree toppers, or other festive decorations to your hedges. Get creative with it!

Wrap Garland Around your Mailbox for a Fun and Functional Tree

Christmas Decorated Mailbox
Image credits: LindasPhotography via Canva

One of the fun parts of the holiday season is the festive mail that arrives day after day. Christmas cards and holiday packages never fail to bring a smile to my face. You can bring some holiday cheer to your mail carrier and the others in your neighborhood with this option. With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can turn your mailbox into a festive outdoor Christmas tree. There is no ‘right way’ to do this, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Consider using holiday garland to add some greenery, giving your mailbox a more tree-like appearance. Decorate with bright lights and colorful ornaments. Just make sure that you aren’t blocking the mailbox from opening and preventing your mail from being delivered!

Take Inspiration from Your Favorite Movie

Sleeping Newborn in Harry Potter Costume Inside Wicker Basket
Image credits: Big Pixel via Canva

We already looked at embracing your love of a specific sports team, but sports aren’t the only things that bring out the dedication and passion of a fan. In fact, there are many shows and movies that have been able to build large, loyal fandoms. Some popular examples that immediately come to mind include Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, and all things Disney. Look at your favorite movie or series for inspiration and decide how themed you want your tree to be. You could simply take the colors and run with them or go all out with ornaments and other decorations that depict the movie franchise. If you’re a really committed fan, this could be just part of a much bigger decorating scheme.

Decorative Metal Tree to Showcase Your Ornaments

Metal Christmas Tree
Image credits: Fernando Cortes via Canva

Do you have some amazing holiday ornaments that you can’t wait to show off? If so, you may be looking for a Christmas tree solution that is very simple, allowing those ornaments to really shine as the star of the show. One way that you could do this is to put up a very basic decorative metal tree. These trees are inspired by the wire or metal ornament stands that collectors use to display an ornament on a shelf. Your tree would need a central trunk with long tree branches. Off each branch, you can then add smaller branches that will hold your ornaments securely. Spray paint your tree, if needed, to reach your desired color. You can add lights, but a basic gold, silver, or black decorative tree can stand beautifully on its own with your favorite ornaments gracing its branches.

Add Some Magic with Twinkle or Color Changing Lights

LED running lights change color
Image credits: Thiradech via Canva

If you love the look of brightly colored Christmas lights, but you’re getting bored with your go-to lighting set up each year, why not introduce a little twist. Trade-in your standard Christmas lights this year for lights that twinkle or change color. There are many different options available on the market ranging from lower-cost lights that twinkle when a specific bulb is added to the string of lights all the way up to elaborate smart home solutions where you can plan out and schedule changing colors and blinking patterns from your phone. The best part about going with this option is that you can easily change your decorations by making a minor change to your settings, giving you a ‘fresh look’ mid-season if you feel inspired to.

Decorate a Topiary for an Apartment Patio Tree

Christmas tree topiary
Image credits: MMarieB via Canva

Topiaries (if you’re unfamiliar) are small bushes or hedges that can be clipped and pruned into a specific shape. This ranges from geometric shapes and designs to elaborate animal sculptures. If you live in a condo or apartment and are limited in terms of outdoor space, you may have chosen to incorporate a potted topiary on your balcony. You can easily transform your topiary into a festive outdoor Christmas tree by adding some decorations such as Christmas lights, garland, smaller ornaments, and a tree topper to complete the look. If you are setting this up as part of an amazing holiday entrance to greet your friends and family, you may want to go all-in on the Christmas tree theme by adding decorative presents around it.

Wrap Garland Around a Tomato Cage

Colorful tomato cage
Image credits: Kameleon007 via Canva

This next option is a fun one for anyone that enjoys crafting or tackling a fun DIY project. To create this Christmas tree, all you need is a cheap wire tomato cage like the ones that are sold at your local dollar store or garden center, some green holiday garland, a string of lights, and some festive ornaments. To begin, sit your tomato cage down upside down so that it has a round base and slowly tapers up in a cone shape. With your garland, start wrapping it around beginning at the very bottom. As you move up the tomato cage, you should continue to wrap the garland a little tighter to slowly pull the cage together ending in a point at the top. Go in next with your lights, wrapping them around the garland to add some shine. Finally, it’s time for the ornaments! Hang small tree ornaments up and down the sides of the tree as you see fit and don’t forget to top it off with your favorite tree topper.

Decorate with Oversized Christmas Ornaments

Big Christmas Ornaments
Image credits: steverts via Canva

Add a little drama to your holiday decorating plans by including oversized Christmas ornaments. These large decorations can be purchased in some big box stores or even made using large beach balls and other supplies. This is an option that is designed specifically for that large tree in your front yard, saving you from all the work required stringing lights around it, or placing smaller decorations. At its root, the point of using these giant ornaments is to create a final look that is a little ‘over the top’ so don’t be afraid to tap into your inner diva by adding glitter, glitz, and glam where appropriate. When your ornaments are all in place, a simple spotlight pointed at your tree will ensure that everyone in the neighborhood can appreciate your style.

Chicken Wire Christmas Trees

roll of chicken wire
Image credits: ands456 via Canva

Chicken wire has many uses around the home such as protecting our gardens from unwelcome visitors, but did you know that it can also be used to create a simple holiday porch display? All you need is strong chicken wire, spray paint and some small twinkle lights or battery-operated LED wire lights. Cut your wire into a wide triangle shape before rolling it up to create a cone. Secure the cone by taping together the ends or wrapping a piece of wire through to hold it together. Make sure that your tree can stand up on its own when assembled, which may require slightly bending some of the bottom pieces to create a flat surface. After your tree structure has been built, use spray paint to paint it in whatever color best matches your holiday display. Finally, string your lights through the holes of the tree until you’re happy with how it looks. Create multiple chicken wire Christmas trees in different sizes and colors to place together, creating a larger holiday display.

String Lights Creatively on the Wall

Christmas Lights on Wall with Bokeh
Image credits: sofyabolotinaphotos via Canva

Struggling to find a place to set up an outdoor tree this year? If you’re living in a smaller living space, you may not have the ability to decorate with many of the larger, more elaborate ideas that are included on this list. However, as promised, I am including options for every space and yours is no exception! When you are living with limited square footage, the secret to any decorating is to make the most of the space that you have available. This is especially true when it comes to the vertical space.

Taking a string of lights, attach it to your wall with a staple, small thumbtack, or nail (careful not to put these items through the wire itself). With the lights, extend the string out at a slight downward angle to one side before attaching it once again, creating the first branch of your tree. You can then bring the lights all the way past the starting point (which will be your center point) to create a branch on the other side. Continue this motion back and forth down the wall with each branch slightly longer than the one above it. You may need to combine multiple light strings for the whole project. When you’re finished, you’ll be left with a fun and festive Christmas tree flat against your wall.

Mount Ornaments on a Frame for a Whimsical Tree

Christmas Ornaments on White Background
Image credits: JAYMID via Canva

We have used DIY ‘tree frames’ multiple times already on this list, and we’re going to again. To start, you will need the wooden tripod tree frame, screening, or chicken wire to wrap around it and a large assortment of brightly colored holiday ornaments. Secure your screening to the frame well enough that it can support the weight of your ornaments without sagging or coming apart. You will then hang the ornaments directly from the screening, placing them close together and overlapping one another to cover the screening entirely. Do this over the entire surface of the tree and you will be left with a bold and whimsical Christmas tree that will draw compliments from every guest throughout the holiday season.

Large Inflatable Christmas Tree

Inflatable Christmas Display
Image credits: steverts via Canva

A popular style of outdoor holiday decorations, inflatables come with a higher price tag than most of the options on this list, but they are also an easy to use and reliable option year after year. Most inflatable decorations come with tethers or stakes that allow you to secure the base of the decoration to the ground to keep it from blowing away with the wind. Check your inflatable tree over to make sure that any vents or fasteners are closed and secured. Also, check the air intake for the built-in fan to make sure that it can pull in the air needed for your tree to stand tall. After all that has been done, simply plug your unit in and turn it on, revealing your Christmas tree.

Go Tropical with a Decorated Palm Tree

christmas background palm tree
Image credits: timonko via Canva

While most people associate the holiday season with cold and snow, this isn’t going to reflect reality in every corner of the world. In fact, many people in warmer climates will welcome this festive time without seeing a single snowflake fall from the sky. If you fall into this category, getting your home holiday-ready isn’t going to look quite the same. Don’t let the lack of snow rob you of your Christmas spirit!

To decorate your home, you need to make the most of the options that you have available. Do you have a large palm tree in your front yard? If so, what you actually have is a tropical Christmas tree just waiting to be decorated. Wrap your palm tree with brightly colored lights including around the trunk of the tree and its leaves. You can do this in a more traditional color theme of red, white, and green, or go all-in on the tropical vibes with some bright, bold colors.