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61 of the Most Unique Outdoor Christmas Tree Ideas

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Gather Pinecones for a Cute DIY Tree

Tree of pinecones wth shadows
Image credits: Kikovic via Canva

This is a cute idea for crafters, especially those that are able to collect a wealth of pinecones in their yard. To start, you need to sort your pinecones out based on size. This is important as you will be working from largest to smallest as you build your pinecone tree. Create a circle with your largest pinecones, laying them side by side with the base of the pinecone pointing inwards. With a hot glue gun, attach each pinecone to the one beside it to create a strong foundation for your tree. The size of this circle will determine the size of the tree when completed.

Working one row at a time, slowly add more pinecones and secure them with the hot glue gun. As you move up the tree, your pinecones will get smaller in size. Each row should be slightly shorter than the row before either due to the size of the pinecones themselves or by positioning the pinecones back slightly. This is how you create the cone structure that will eventually take shape as a tree. When you have worked all the way up to the top of the cone, finish it off with a string of lights and a tree topper.

Use White Lights and Accessories to Build a Snowman

Snowman with Christmas lights
Image credits: nikolay100 via Canva

We already looked at how to turn a tree into a giant Santa Claus, but what if Frosty is more your style? It’s easier than you think! Start by wrapping your tree in bright white lights. To transform your tree from just a tree covered in white lights into a snowman, you will need to add some accessories. Wrap a large red scarf around your tree and add facial features like black coal eyes and a carrot nose by cutting them out of corrugated plastic sheets. If your tree is small enough to make it feasible, top it off with a black top hat. Even if you don’t typically see snow where you live, you can ring in the holiday with a festive snowman.

Construct Backlit Christmas Trees

Shadow Of Christmas tree on brick background with snow
Image credits: dem10 via Canva

Lights are a common feature when decorating for the holiday season, but they don’t always have to be used in the same way. Rather than focusing on lighting up your outdoor Christmas trees by wrapping lights around them, making them glow, why not play with the use of shadows to decorate your yard? To start, build a large wooden Christmas tree cut out. Paint the front of the tree however you desire to match your decorations during daylight. The real magic, however, happens after the sun goes down. Place a large spotlight behind the tree, pointing directly at your cut-out. Your tree will block the light, creating a bold tree shadow both in the center of the light itself as well as along the ground.

Add Some Spice with Animation

Christmas decorative light
Image credits: Wenbin via Canva

Tech lovers, why not use your love of computers to create a holiday display that will bring the whole neighborhood together. There is one house here in our area that takes the time every year to put together a full animated display, collecting money for charity. This includes timed lights that flash and change color, animated cartoon characters, and music that plays both outside the home for those that are walking through the area as well as on an FM station for anyone enjoying the show from the warmth of their vehicle. If this is the kind of project that you enjoy, it’s a great way to ring in the holiday season while also making a difference by collecting for a local food bank or charitable organization.

Light Windows Green to Create a Tree

Glowing green Christmas lights
Image credits: orionware via Canva

Bigger isn’t always better, nor is it always attainable. If you have a multi-story home with several windows, why not turn your windows into a large Christmas tree for everyone to see? This is a great option for those that are working in a large office building and looking for a decorating idea to bring everyone together. Standing back and looking at your building, you want to map out which windows would be needed to create the shape of a tree. Once you have identified which windows to include, cover each of the windows with a thin layer of green tissue paper from the inside of the windows. Now, when you turn on the lights in each room, they will grow green creating the image of a Christmas tree across the side of the building.

Create A Classy Tree with Silver and Gold

Ribbon and Gold and Silver Christmas Ornaments on Tree
Image credits: Enio DePaz via Canva

“Silver and gold, Silver and gold… Mean so much more when I see silver and gold decorations on ev’ry Christmas tree.” The popular song lyrics from Burl Ives paint a picture of a beautiful, traditional holiday with decorations that would impress all who see them. If this classic carol is one that holds a special place in your heart, why not bring it to life in your own outdoor space. From gold and silver garland to decorative metallic ornaments, you can put together a beautiful, classic, traditional-looking tree. If you really want to run with the theme, why not make silver and gold the central colors for all of your decorating both inside and out, tying everything together.

PVC Tube Tree

PVC Pipes for Drinking Water
Image credits: akaratwimages via Canva

Another fun DIY project, all you need to bring this one to life is several lengths of PVC tubing, a tool to cut your PVC (unless it is all pre-cut in the pieces that you need), a hot glue gun, and a selection of small Christmas ornaments. You should choose ornaments that are small enough that they would be able to hang inside the PVC tubes freely.

To begin, cut your PVC tubing into short uniform pieces. The number of tubes that you need will depend on the size that you are hoping to achieve with your finished tree. Lay your PVC tubing on its side, building up a pyramid while holding it in place using the hot glue gun. You want it to stack up in a way that you can see right through the tree from front to back. Determine which side it the cleaner looking of the two open sides – this will be the front of your tree. Take your glue gun and hang an ornament inside each of the tubes so that it hangs right in the middle, adding a fun pop of color.

Stack Firewood and Add Decorations

Dry Chopped Firewood Logs
Image credits: fesusrobertphotos via Canva

If you’re working on getting holiday-ready, you may be searching for a way to spruce up the different items already sitting around your yard. For those with a wood stove or a fire pit in the backyard that is frequently in use, one such area of consideration may be your stack of firewood. While you could decorate the firewood pile by just stringing lights or garland across it as is, this may be an opportunity to build a fun outdoor Christmas tree for free using just the items you already have on hand.

Taking your firewood, stack it in a pyramid formation to make your tree. You want your pile to be stacked so that the face of the pile is pointed in the direction that you want it to be visible from such as a walkway or driveway. Once the pile has been stacked large enough that you are happy with the size of your Christmas tree, it’s time to decorate. String garland or lights along the surface of the pile, zig-zagging your way from top to bottom to help create the festive feeling. You can top your tree with a star or another type of tree topper and even place decorative presents around the bottom to pull it all together.

Tie in Your Hobbies

Toy dog with christmas ornaments
Image credits: samotrebizan via Canva

While some people are overly passionate about a sports team or a specific movie fandom, those aren’t the only themes that you can use to decorate your outdoor tree this year. If there is a specific hobby or interest that means a lot to you and your family, you can use this as the basis for your holiday decorating. Here in our home, our pets are a huge part of our lives. This has inspired us in the past to create a pet-themed holiday tree with ornaments inspired by dogs and cats. This includes ornaments shaped like bones, pawprints, and balls of yarn. Some other hobbies or interests that could be translated into a decorating theme include computers, gaming, music, or camping.

Create A Tree with a Single Pole and Strings of Lights

flagpole in field
Image credits: MELODY_M via Canva

If you find yourself decorating and in need of a Christmas tree without any trees to be found, here is a fun way that you can create your own. If you have a large pole in your yard like a flagpole, it can be used for center support. If not, you will need to create one. This can be done by anchoring a pole in the ground or cementing a pole into a large barrel or flowerpot. Attach several strings of Christmas lights to the top of the pole. The more lights that you attach, the fuller your Christmas tree will be when it is finished.

Place your tree in the middle of a large open space of your yard. One at a time, take a string of lights and extend it out away from the center until it is at approximately a 45-degree angle from the center. When you’re happy with the location, stake it to the ground. Repeat this with the rest of the lights, evenly spacing them out. It may not look like too much in the daylight, but just wait until it lights up at night!

Gather Sticks to Assemble a Wooden Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made from sticks and twigs.
Image credits: Savusia Konstantin via Canva

Do you live on the edge of a forest or wooded area? If so, you likely have more than enough sticks and branches lying around at any given time. What you may not realize is that if you collect enough of these sticks, you can make a sharp-looking Christmas tree for your yard or front porch. All you need is a large pile of sticks of all sizes, and something to secure them with like wire or twine.

Sort your sticks into approximately 3-5 piles based on size. Starting with the largest sticks, stand them up in a teepee. Using the wire or twine, tie off or secure the top so that it will stand independently. Taking the next pile, you want to create a second teepee, however, this time it will be on top of the base structure that you just created. This second level will sit just high enough that the sticks will reach approximately 2/3 of the way down the first level. Repeat this again with the remaining piles. After your tree has been assembled, decorate it with garland, lights, and a tree topper. This is a great option for anyone looking for a more country or rustic aesthetic.

Stack Terra Cotta Pots to Build a Christmas Tree

Terra Cotta Flower Pots
Image credits: KenWiedemann via Canva

For this DIY Christmas tree, you will need three large terra cotta pots, two squares of wood or foam to use as spacers, a hot glue gun, green spray paint, a string of Christmas lights, and a tree topper. Start by spray painting your pots green. You can do them all in a single shade of green or change it up with a few variations. After they have had a chance to dry, it’s time to assemble your tree.

Turn the first pot upside down and using the glue gun, attach the spacer block on top of it. Place your second pot on top of the first, also upside down. It will rest on the spacer block, stopping it from fully sinking down onto the first. Glue the second spacer block on this second pot before adding the third pot to finish it off. Wrap your lights around your new terra cotta tree and top it off with a tree topper. If you have any ornaments that you would like to add, you can glue them to the sides.

Cascading Tree with Hanging Lights

Icicles and Lights
Image credits: SeashoreDesign via Canva

There are many different types of Christmas lights on the market, each with its own unique styles and appearances. Icicle lights are several long strands of lights that hang down from the main cord. They are often used by hanging them along the edge of the roof creating the illusion of brightly colored icicles hanging down, which is the source of their name. However, you can also use these unique lights to create a colorful lit Christmas tree with a twist. String the lights through your tree as you would standard Christmas lights, allowing the hanging ‘icicles’ to hang down from the branches.

Transform a Light Post into a Christmas Tree

Light post
Image credits: Jupiterimages via Canva

Do you have a large light post in the front of your yard? We often view obstacles like this as something that we must work around, getting in the way of our decorating plans. Rather than fighting your light post, why not embrace it and turn it into an outdoor Christmas tree? We’ve already talked about creating a tree using strings of lights, extending from a pole, an option that would work with your light pole. However, that’s not the only option.

Another fun and easy way to transform your light post into a tree would be to create a large tree cut out for each side of the post out of plastic sheeting. Connect the sheeting together, securing it to the post to prevent it from blowing away. You can then decorate your new ‘tree’ with garland, lights, and ornaments.

Carve an Ice Christmas Tree for your Next Holiday Party

Ice Sculpture Carving
Image credits: ponsulak via Canva

Many larger holiday festivals and parties feature elaborate ice sculptures, a way of decorating that only works during the colder winter months. While most party planners pay professional artists, creating your own ice sculpture could be a fun way to embrace the season and tap into your creative side. If it’s your first time sculpting with ice, start small. For smaller projects or detailed spots on larger pieces, you can use a chisel to chip away at the ice. When you eventually move on to creating something larger, a chainsaw will allow you to remove big pieces of ice with minimal effort.

Feed the Birds with Popcorn Strings and Edible Ornaments

Handmade Popcorn Garland on Indoor Christmas Tree
Image credits: debbiehelbing via Canva

Are you on the search for an environmentally friendly way to decorate your property for the holidays this year? Rather than spending your money on large, elaborate holiday displays made from plastic and wire, this year you can assemble a festive tree that will also help to feed the local wildlife. To start, make a string of popcorn and cranberries to use in place of traditional garland. Make sure that you are using yarn, string, or thicker upholstery thread so that the thread will be visible when the treats have been removed from the string. This will help to prevent unnecessary injuries from wildlife getting tangled. Finally, add tree decorations made from natural elements and other snacks including hanging dried fruit on a loop of string, or creating birdseed ornaments. Not only will this display add some festive cheer to your neighborhood, but the local wildlife will appreciate the food at a time when food is often hard to come by.

Spiral Rope Light Christmas Tree

ornament LED Christmas Lights
Image credits: Engin Ozber via Canva

Rope lighting is a long tube containing a string of LED bulbs evenly spaced throughout the full length. While they aren’t as flashy as many of the basic lighting strings that you see on display during the holiday season, rope lights are popular because they offer more structure. All you need to build your own rope light tree is a thick wire, strong enough to hold up on its own, rope lights, and a glue gun.

Take your wire and roll it up very loosely on the ground in a spiral pattern. Lifting from the middle of the spiral, pull the spiral up to create a 3D spiral to create a cone shape. Using your hot glue gun, attach the rope light along the outside of the wire with the cord for power at the bottom of your tree. It may not look that fancy during daylight, but just wait until you plug it in at night!

Get Creative with a Plastic Cup tree

Christmas tree arrangment with plastic cups
Image credits: TARIK KIZILKAYA via Canva

Do you have a pile of cheap plastic disposable cups leftover from the last party that you hosted? If so, this is a fun way to put those cups to use! The specific cups that you need for this project are the thing white cups, nothing with color. In addition to the cups, you are going to need some form of tree frame like a tomato cage or wooden tripod, a stapler, and a string of Christmas lights.

Start by stringing your lights around your tree frame, spreading them out evenly from top to bottom. Use a single strand for a slight colorful glow or add additional lights to create a tree that really stands out. To add your plastic cups, start by creating a layer of cups all around the base of the frame, stapling them together with the opening of the cup facing out. Build onto this circle of cups by adding more one layer at a time. As you move up the tree, the frame will get smaller and smaller. Accommodate this by slowly cutting back on the number of cups in each row. When the whole frame is covered, plug it in and watch it glow!

Build a Tree with Used Skis or Snowshoes

Colorful Used Skis
Image credits: Martin Bergsma via Canva

It’s not uncommon for outdoor adventure lovers to have older, worn-out gear hanging around in the garage or the basement. These are items that you haven’t used (or can’t use), putting them aside to deal with at a later time. Great news, that time is now! Take your skis and/or snowshoes and set them up in a teepee style pattern. This will be the basis of your adventure-themed Christmas tree. Use twine or electrical tape to attach the items to one another and don’t forget to find a way to weigh them down or stake them to the ground.

Once the structure itself has been formed, it’s time to add the decorative elements. Drape your new Christmas tree with garland and lights to give it more of a ‘tree’ appearance. You can also hang tree decorations from it strategically. If you really want to stick with your theme, stick to all-natural DIY ornaments, rustic-themed ornaments, or those that are centered around outdoor activities like winter camping, skiing, and skating.

Create a Wall Tree with Garland

Christmas tree garland on the wall
Image credits: fundamental rights via Canva

Similar to creating a wall tree using Christmas lights, you can put together a fun and festive tree by stringing up your favorite garland. There are many different styles of garland on the market, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Choose a garland with traditional greenery and your wall tree will resemble the real thing (or as close as you can get with it being flat). On the other hand, there are many variations that you can choose from to add a little personality to your display including bright colors, built-in lighting, or glittery accents.

Celebrate the Holidays with A Festive Outdoor Christmas Tree

Whether you are dreaming of a winter wonderland with white twinkling lights and silver ornaments, or a fun and whimsical Christmas surrounded by bright colors and cartoon characters, there are Christmas tree options for every style.

Do you have a plan for your outdoor Christmas tree this season? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments!