75 Outdoor Christmas Wreath Ideas
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75 Outdoor Christmas Wreath Ideas

Christmas is one of the prettiest holidays of the year, with all the bright colors, shimmering tinsel, blinking lights, and cinnamon-spiced everything. It’s easy to see how these festivities can lift everyone’s mood no matter how cold the winter gets!

As holiday decor goes, Christmas wreaths are a versatile must-have fit for every home. They’re the perfect canvas to show off your personality and can be made of anything you want for your design.

To kickstart your imagination and creativity, here are some Christmas wreath ideas for your outdoor Christmas wreath!

1. All About Pinecones

All About Pinecones
Image credits: TechnoChic via Instructables.com

While it’s not uncommon to see pinecones in Christmas garlands, it’s rare to see a wreath made only with it. This style is a fresh take on wreath-making that you can conveniently make yourself! Customize these to your home by spray painting your preferred cone colors before gluing them together.

2. Golden Acorns

Golden Acorns
Image credits: Angelina Jollivet on Unsplash

If you want to stay true to the traditional evergreen wreath, you can still make it unique with some gold acorn accents! Scattering miniature gold acorns around it gently can add a sophisticated pop of color to your garland. It’s subtle but leaves a big impact on all your guests!

3. Christmas Roses

Christmas Roses
Image credits: Kerem Yucel via FreeImages.com

Red roses are usually reserved for Valentine’s Day and romantic occasions but what about for the Yule season? This flower symbolizes love, matches Christmas time values, and looks gorgeous nestled in your holiday wreath— what more can you want! To keep them lovely throughout the season, you can use plastic roses instead and wrap a floral wire around them.

4. Red and Brown Palette

Red and Brown Palette
Image credits: Luna Lovegood from Pexels

The greater parts of a Christmas wreath are usually colored green with pops of red around it. Deviate from the norm with a red and brown color palette! This palette keeps your wreath looking more eye-catching for the holidays since the bright red tones easily jump out against brown shades.

5. Holiday Cut-Outs

Holiday Cut-Outs
Image credits: Luna Lovegood from Pexels

This wreath might be decorated very simply but can still stand out and look more interesting with Christmas-themed cut-outs against a deep-toned ring of greens! It’s a charming design feature that can easily be seen from a distance. This is wonderful for adding character to more muted Yuletide color palettes.

6. Dried Oranges

Dried Oranges
Image credits: Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

This wreath comes in a warm color scheme due to its striking use of dried oranges. These dried oranges are bright and vibrant, perfectly showing up against snowy landscapes. They’re also great if you want to hang them outside early during the cold season and leave a lovely citrus scent.

7. Bottlecap Details

Bottlecap Details
Image credits: nan palmero via Creativecommons

Are you a beer drinker? If so, you might love this wreath design! It has a simple circular evergreen base that’s cleverly dressed up with some old beer bottle caps. Using different caps from various beers means that, not only will you look quirky, but you’d also be lessening your waste.

8. Red Berry Wreath

Red Berry Wreath
Image credits: heatheronhertravels via CreativeCommons

Christmas is all about love and the color red is the perfect way to represent it. This chic wreath is made with only red berries and is visible from far away. It’s stunning and can make your entrance look much more expensive than what you’ll actually spend to make it.

9. Permanent Frost

Permanent Frost
Image credits: heatheronhertravels via Creativecommons

Winter brings snow and nothing screams Christmas more than snowy holiday decor! With some careful crafting, you can elevate the most basic wreaths by leaving a permanent layer of frost on its leaves. With some easily-made fake snow, you could also tie it in together with your other Christmas garlands.

10. Ruffled Cloth

Ruffled Cloth
Image credits: Elin B via Creativecommons

If you’ve had a bunch of fabric projects in the past year, you probably have leftover cloth, hot glue gun, and styrofoam balls laying around. Check your textile pile and see which colors and patterns you want for your Christmas wreath. With the help of wire, your home will look fabulous during the holidays with this ruffled wreath!

11. Ocean Wreath

Ocean Wreath
Image credits: Kathy McGraw via Creativecommons

Anyone who loves the beach will love any reminder of being in the water. This is an ocean-themed wreath and uses a combination of shells and starfish on a bed of what’s supposed to look like dried corals. It’s a clever way to show your interests while keeping up with the Yuletide spirit! To add a touch of creativity, wrap battery-operated lights around it!

12. Minimalist Wood Swatches

Minimalist Wood Swatches
Image credits: TheGrantAlexander via Instructables

If you use a lot of wood, this might interest you! This wreath only uses wood swatches and scraps, assembled neatly in a circle and decorated with a big bow. This is a trouble-free way of ensuring you use your excess wood scraps while cleverly staying unique for the holidays.

13. Rustic Bushy Wreath

Rustic Bushy Wreath
Image credits: Sara Cottle via Unsplash

Everyone loves the look of a rustic home and, in the context of outdoor Christmas decor, this could translate to hanging a bushy rustic wreath on your doorway! It’s a large statement piece made of a mish-mash of various vines, tree branches, and leaves from your garden or around your neighborhood park.

14. Holly Holidays

Holly Holidays
Image credits: uwantjacqui from Pixabay

Holly is probably one of the most popular Christmas plants around! If you love how it looks, why not make a wreath out of it? These red berries grow with distinct leaves that help you stay near the traditional route while still offering something new to see in your wreath.

15. Merry Love-Mas

Heart Shaped Holiday Wreath
Image credits: Nicole De Khors from Burst

The circular shape of a Christmas wreath represents eternity. However, as long as your wreath stays continuous and connected, the meaning still applies. Knowing that, wouldn’t a heart-shaped wreath look gorgeous on your front door? Regardless of how it’s decorated, the heart shape is unique enough to capture anyone’s notice.

16. Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man
Image credits: Photodisc via Picspree

As an adorable accent, this wreath is home to some cheerful gingerbread people! These are made from paper and, with the right waterproofing, you’re free to make gingerbread men as you please! For a more personal touch, encourage your family to make their own gingerbread people for this year’s wreath.

17. Country Chic

yellow raw wheat wreath
Image credits: miriam-doerr via Canva

If you’re looking for something that goes with chic farmhouse-style homes, this is a gorgeous option. It’s made of rye ear stalks and jazzed up with cotton, dried oranges, and star anise. Not many people would do this for their Christmas wreath — which helps you stay unique and stand out.

18. Snowy Flowers

Snowy Flowers
Image credits: e2grafikwerkstatt from Pixabay

While Christmas is usually decked out in fun colors and cheerful designs, some people prefer a more mysterious direction. This Christmas wreath is remarkably usually alluring due to the thick circlet made of dried twigs and decorated with snow-white flowers. It’s an unusual wreath design that’s terrific for artsy homes.

19. Beaded Wreath

Beaded Wreath
Image credits: *Sally M* via Creativecommons

This Christmas wreath looks bold and vibrant while made out of different holiday-colored beaded bracelets. It’s a great way to stay playful and show your personality in your holiday design. This is particularly wonderful if you have a bunch of beads in your home from broken bracelets or even an outgrown beading hobby.

20. Brass Rings and Bells

Brass Rings and Bells
Image credits: Elizabethinmn via Instructables

This is a delicate minimalist wreath that’s with a brass ring, some leaves, pinecones, ribbons, and bells. It instantly captures attention and finds the happy medium between staying faithful to Christmas staples while using contemporary styles. It may be scarcely designed but it’s sure to leave a big impression on your guests!

21. Fluffy Ribbons

Fluffy Ribbons
Image credits: Joe Shlabotnik via Creativecommons

If you’re wondering why this wreath is full of volume and silky textures, it’s because it’s made with Christmas-themed ribbons! It looks ordinary at first glance but looks extremely fluffy up close. This helps use up leftover ribbons from past Christmases and you can even try gathering your neighbors’ and friends’ old ribbons. To make this, you can use striped ribbon, velvet ribbon, wide ribbon, or wired ribbon to transform a simple wreath into a stunning jaw-dropper.

22. Looping Vines

Looping Vines
Image credits: photophnatic via Creativecommons

This special wreath is made from a thick circular loop of dried grapevines and is adorned with alder flowers, holly, and some ribbon. This is an enchanting feature that’s very convenient if you grew some climbing plants during spring and are currently cleaning up the old vines in your garden! You could even add a branch or two of your favorite plant or some eucalyptus sprigs to give it a more special touch!

23. K’NEX Wreath

K’NEX Wreath
Image credits: Shadowman39 via Instructables

If you love K’NEX, you might love this wreath! It’s made entirely of K’NEX parts, with a body of green connectors and decorated with white rods, red head caps, and lights. It’s a wonderfully interesting way to show off this hobby and it can be left outdoors without any worries.

24. Crochet Details

Crochet Details
Image credits: Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

The knitting and crocheting community has recently seen a huge boost in interest. If you’re into this addictive hobby, show it off with your Christmas wreath! Use your yarn and needles to whip up the ornaments you want to be attached to your wreath. This makes your wreath incredibly personal and looks amazing up close.

25. Poinsettia Decadence

Poinsettia Decadence
Image credits: Maria Herrera via Picspree

When Christmas comes in, the poinsettias tag along! Poinsettias are gorgeous red flowers that are everywhere during this holiday. If you want this in your holiday decor, use its petals for your wreath! This will give your wreath tons of dimension and is an imaginative spin on the Christmas flower.