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Outdoor Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Everyone wants a home they can be proud of, and a part of that is making sure your outdoor spaces are fit for entertaining guests and afternoon lounging. Although it doesn’t sound like too much to ask for, the most popular and exciting yard decorations always come at an unfortunate cost.

Many are prepared to spend more, but what if we told you that you could have your dream backyard without going out of budget? Here are some outdoor decorating ideas on a budget that you should give a shot!

1. Hanging Greenery

plants hanging
Image Credit: Angèle Kamp via Unsplash

No place to put your potted plants? Hang them! You can DIY your hanging planter for a chic and minimalist style. Not only does this look clean and professional, but it’s also easy to make and keeps your best plants on display. This beginner-friendly project can be customized to your taste with different combinations of pot colors, yarn, and frames!

2. Mosaic Table

mosaic table for outdoor
Image Credit: PunkToad via Creative Commons

If you have an old patio table lying around, you can vamp it up with a mosaic tile design! It’s simple to do and very inexpensive too. The most you’ll invest in is some hard work and unique tiles. To do this, all you’ll need are some mosaic tiling supplies that can be easily found in your craft or hardware store. It also gives you complete freedom over the finished product and design!

3. Repurposed Planter

flowers on a cart
Image Credit: Danielle Hoang via Unsplash

If you have an old lawn cart, a wagon, watering can, or any old-fashioned container that you’ve outgrown, you can give it new life by repurposing it into a planter! Doing this helps you save up on cash and is a fantastic way of reducing your waste while still adding a unique design element to your outdoor space.

4. Zen Wind Chimes

cottage windchimes
Image Credit: Wallboat via Creative Commons

Wind chimes are making a comeback, and they look better than ever! Adding wind chimes to your yard gives the area a serene and peaceful ambiance, especially if you’ve been able to create wind chimes based on your preferred style and sound. Not only does it give your home an element of zen, but it also adds tons of life to space. Why not learn to make your wind chimes?!

5. Cement Pots

large concrete pot with flowers
Image Credit: Ales Krivec via Unsplash

Many newly built and recently renovated homes likely have some cement lying around. Instead of letting it go to waste, you can use it to create your cement planters! It will give you several new robust planters personally designed by you and your family. Not only will it give more room for greenery in your home, but it’ll also make for a great conversation piece when guests come around.

6. Charming Birdhouse

blue birdhouse in the garden
Image Credit: Roger Victorino via Unsplash

Brighten up your backyard and keep it lively by installing a charming birdhouse. It will invite birds to stay with you and give you a front-row seat to sweet bird songs and fun flock dynamics. It’s also easy to turn anything into a birdhouse, meaning you won’t have to spend much to make one from what you already have if you can’t find the appropriate wood pieces.

7. Seasonal Plant Stands

outdoor pumpkin plant stand
Image Credit: emily @ go haus go via Creative Commons

While homes that have been outfitted for the season are always fun to see, decorating can be a hassle. One easy way to update your home without having to spend much time or money redecorating is by creating DIY plant stands for your favorite planters. This DIY pumpkin plant stand cleverly hid its stand with little pumpkins enclosed in a wire net. Simple but very striking!

8. Birdbath

outdoor birdbath
Image Credit: Dan Loran via Unsplash

If you want to see all kinds of bird traffic in your outdoor spaces, a birdbath is a tried and tested method to achieve this. Contrary to popular belief, birdbaths are easy to make so long as you put in the time and effort to do it properly. Luckily, they can be made with all kinds of materials and basins, giving you free rein over your birdbath design as you work on your landscaping ideas!

9. Boho Hammock

hammock for outdoor relaxing
Image Credit: Dayvison de Oliveira Silva via Pexels

There’s nothing quite like a lazy summer nap on a comfy hammock in your yard. However, homeowners often forgot about installing a chic hammock in the yard, even though it’s a great addition. While hammocks come in all kinds of designs and price points, boho rope hammocks always add a casual touch to a design and don’t break the budget.

10. Firefly Bulbs

fairy light lantern for outdoor decor
Image Credit: Marcelo Matarazzo via Unsplash

These outdoor lights give a magical twist to the ordinary lightbulb. Although it’s shaped like a normal bulb, nighttime will give it the illusion of having trapped dozens of fireflies within. Since it’s powered by fairy lights, it makes a distinct impression that can also be replicated with mason jars and vintage-style lanterns! Here’s how to make your fairy light lantern!

11. Backyard Cot

outdoor resting area under tree
Image Credit: Charly Pn via Unsplash

If you’re not one to rough it out while camping but love sleeping under the stars, a backyard cot is what you need! Any outdoor platform that can be emptied will be perfect for a simple, comfy bed setup during intimate dinners and evening parties. If you’re willing, you can even make it a permanent backyard feature by using a dual-purpose garden bench and bed using an old crib!

12. Creative Crates

furniture made from wooden crates
Image Credit: Lasse Møller via Unsplash

Have any wood crates or pallets on hand that you don’t have any use for? Instead of taking up space in storage, you can transform them into outdoor furniture! Simple benches and rustic tables are incredibly easy to make as long as you have enough crates, paint, and creativity to put them together. Crates or pallets are also easy to find and sturdier than you think, making them a great option for outdoor wood furniture pieces.

13. Curtain Walls

white curtains acting like walls outdoor
Image Credit: Luis VIllafranca via Unsplash

While outdoor curtains are a less popular backyard feature, they make an unforgettable look and come with great benefits. With a simple curtain hung around your yard, you’re able to provide more sunshades, create better privacy, and divide the area into separate spaces to entertain multiple groups of people simultaneously. Who knew curtains made such a difference?

14. Cushioned And Chic

outdoor cushions seating area
Image Credit: Kayra Sercan via Unsplash

Perhaps one of the simplest and most budget-friendly outdoor design tips is to use cushion covers for both function and form. The right pillows can add so much comfort to a patio lounge. Different fabrics, colors, and textures will add great dimension to the area. Additionally, depending on your pillow size and placement, these can even serve as bonus seating for kids and the young at heart!

15. Classic String Lights

outdoor string lights
Image Credit: Shaun Montero via Unsplash

A classic outdoor lighting setup has homeowners draping bright string lights across their yard. It creates a pseudo-ceiling for the yard and helps set the mood for spending the night outside with good friends. Depending on where and how you drape it, you could even create your starry night sky with the best solar string lights!

16. Rustic Accents

rustic furniture outdoors
Image Credit: Christopher Jolly via Unsplash

Rustic chic is a hot term in-home design thanks to its countless applications and timeless look. With some careful flea market finds or by digging through your storage, it’s to find a classic piece that you can artfully rough up to become a beautiful rustic yard design accent.

17. Cozy Firepit

burning wood on firepit
Image Credit: Jon Tyson via Unsplash

It’s safe to say that most people consider backyard fire pits a luxury for being pricey, from the initial investment, installation, and professional maintenance. While many ready-made fire pit options take a huge chunk out of the budget, there are also amazing alternatives that give the same cozy fire without emptying your wallet!

18. Quirky Vertical Garden

vertical garden outdoors
Image Credit: Cherry Laithang via Unsplash

No matter your budget or the size of your outdoor space, everyone can have a garden now! It’s because of vertical gardens that have plants set up vertically along a wall, saving precious space and doubling as a great design feature. One easy and striking vertical garden design is to use colorful tin cans as planters and have them float on the wall through hidden nail placements.

19. Thrifted Furniture

thrift furniture
Image Credit: LA khai-way via Unsplash

A current design trend that’s predicted to stay in style for a while is to mix and match unique chairs and sofas in a seating area. You can do this by thrifting good quality chairs and, tie it all in together, simply paint it according to your color palette. You could also choose furniture made from similar materials or those that came from the same design era.

20. Fairy Forest

string lights on crotons
Image Credit: roger4336 via Creative Commons

Some gardens have huge trees as centerpieces. While they look lovely in the sunlight, they’re a little hard to appreciate at night. To highlight their beauty in the evenings, a simple yet stunning installment would be to wrap fairy lights around the trees. Not only does this make your garden features more memorable in the dark, but it also functions as an additional light source! It works best for people who like to celebrate Christmas with their family and friends outdoors! If that’s you, here are some epic outdoor Christmas decor ideas to blow minds.

In Summary

Those were 20 outdoor decorating ideas for people on a budget! All of these ideas are reimagined classic outdoor pieces that make a lasting impression without hurting your wallet. We encourage you to be creative with these and add a flair of personality to each item you touch.

Even if some ideas seem intimidating (like that stunning birdbath!), these can all be easily done with some creativity and elbow grease. If it catches your eye, it’s sure to impress others as well and is definitely worth giving a try!