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14 Outdoor Furniture Storage Ideas

As the cooler weather sets in, many of us are taking the time to clean up and store our outdoor furniture and accessories for the winter months ahead. However, if you’ve recently moved to a new space or you’re working on upgrading your current home, you may be on the hunt for the perfect storage solution for all your furniture and accessories.

In this guide, we’re going to look at a wide variety of different outdoor furniture storage ideas, including solutions for smaller spaces, larger yards, and everything in between. Whether you find the perfect option for your outdoor space or simply find inspiration to create your own, we have included something for everyone!

Add a Small Garden Shed to Your Yard

a small white garden shed in a back yard
Image Credit: Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

It wouldn’t be right to discuss outdoor furniture storage without mentioning the convenience of a small garden shed. They’re often made from high-quality plastic, metal, or wood. You can buy it from specialty companies, garden retailers, or even your local big box store.

They offer a great place to stash your lawnmower and garden tools. However, during the off-season, they are also the perfect place to store your smaller outdoor furniture. While they often aren’t climate controlled, they will keep your furniture safe from the elements.

Create a Storage Area in Your Garage

storage area in a garage space
Image Credit: trekandshoot on Canva

Another option that may seem obvious is the use of your garage to create outdoor storage space. If you have a small garage that barely fits your vehicle, this may not work for you. However, many people have garages that are larger than they require. It provides space to store many items, including camping gear, home improvement supplies, and more.

It is a great place to stage your larger items, including your patio table, outdoor coffee table, or lounge chairs. You can also leave your solid wood furniture that won’t fold up to be tucked away in a smaller space. Consider adding shelving for smaller items, making the most of the vertical space available.

Use A Simple Commercial Storage Bag or Cover

patio furniture with a cover in the snow
Image Credit: vasare on Canva

If you have enough outdoor space to keep your patio furniture outside during the winter months, you may want to consider purchasing a commercial storage bag or cover. These products are designed to protect your furniture from the elements, keeping them dry and shielded.

However, some lower-cost options do not offer any level of protection from the wildlife that may be in your area. If your storage cover doesn’t seal around your furniture, be prepared to potentially discover that you have had visitors such as squirrels and mice during the winter months, taking advantage of the warmer, shielded space.

Choose Outdoor Furniture that can Also Be Used Indoors in the Off-Season

wicker chair indoors with black blanket
Image Credit: Katsia Jazwinska on Unsplash

Rather than storing your outdoor furniture away during the off-season, you may want to bring that furniture indoors. It is a great way to add extra seating to your living space, especially if you plan on entertaining your family and friends during the holidays. If you have invested in high-quality patio furniture such as wicker or wooden pieces, they will likely add to your décor beautifully. 

It is also a great opportunity to assess any work that may be required, giving you time to do repairs, add a fresh coat of paint, or replace parts as needed.

Use an Outdoor Pool Storage Box for Cushions

pool storage bin with pool floats inside
Image Credit: EyeMark on Canva

If you have a friend or family member with a backyard pool, you’ve likely seen the outdoor storage boxes that many pool owners use for easy storage and access to their pool storage. These large rectangular storage bins are used for different options, including beach towels, pool toys, and other outdoor supplies.

Designed to protect these items from the elements, you may not have considered that they could do double duty! Pool storage boxes are also a great choice for the storage of your patio furniture cushions.

Cover Furniture with a Tarp or Sheet of Plastic

items sitting outside covered with a tarp
Image Credit: Baloncici on Canva

Do you like the idea of the commercial storage covers, but they aren’t on the budget? A great low-cost solution for the storage of your outdoor items is to use a standard utility tarp. While they may not look as professional, this is a handy storage solution that will ensure that your patio furniture is protected from the elements without breaking the bank.

Make sure to tie the tarp down securely to keep it from flying off in the wind. If you’re concerned about rodents, you could also use a tarp underneath your furniture, securing it to the top tarp to seal off any potential entry points.

Create an In-Deck Storage Space

patio furniture on a wooden deck behind a brick house
Image Credit: irina88w on Canva

One of the most ingenious outdoor storage options I have ever seen was at a friend’s house. They installed a trap door panel on their deck that, when removed, revealed a storage space under their deck. When the door was closed, you would have no idea that it ever existed.

Hidden storage compartments do a great job of keeping your patio furniture and other outdoor supplies safe from the elements without taking up space that could be used for outdoor activities. After all, outdoor recreation doesn’t end with the arrival of winter!

Make Use of Otherwise Wasted Space

wheelbarrow and patio furniture under a deck
Image Credit: Michael Garner on Canva

When we build our fancy decks and patio spaces, there is often a nook or cranny somewhere that will go unused. This ‘dead space’ or otherwise wastes space is sacrificed to give us the aesthetic we desire. It includes raised or tiered decks, built-in benches, and barriers, or built-in planter space. Rather than writing this space off, why not use it for extra storage space?

Install a door or opening somewhere that will provide you with access, and you can store your outdoor furniture, grilling supplies, gardening supplies, pool accessories, and more. Not only will they be safely tucked away out of sight when not in use or during the off-season, but they are also easily accessible when you’re ready to pull them out and put them to use. It’s the perfect solution!

Store Smaller Parts in Plastic Storage Totes

man placing plastic bin on a shelf
Image Credit: DonNichols on Canva

This next solution won’t work for your larger patio furniture, but what about the smaller pieces that often are overlooked? From smaller cushions to attachments and accessories, there are different parts involved in setting up a perfect outdoor seating area. When it comes to storage time, these smaller parts need to be protected from the elements and kept somewhere safe where they won’t be lost or damaged.

The solution is easy and readily available in your local big-box store. Pick up a few plastic storage totes and a shelving unit for your garage, shed, or basement. If you are using this area to store other items such as holiday decorations, label your totes to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Purchase a Vertical Storage Unit for Your Deck

wooden storage cabinet on a deck in the snow
Image Credit: Jason Finn on Canva

Are you looking for a storage solution to store your outdoor furniture during the off-season and provide additional storage during the nicer weather? If so, you may be interested in installing a vertical storage unit on your deck.

These are narrow cabinet-style units that will work great for outdoor cushions or furniture that is designed to be folded up and stored away. When you’re not using it to store furniture, it’s a great solution for storing gardening tools, outdoor games, pool toys, and more. The best part is that it’s always conveniently accessible on your deck.

Hang Cushions in a Covered Patio or Gazebo Space

patio cushions hanging up in a store
Image Credit: Kameleon007 on Canva

Many home renovation and outdoor stores display their patio furniture cushions by hanging them to maximize space. Why not put this same concept to work in your own home? Simply use a ‘S hook’ to hang the cushion from its ties as shown in the picture or tie those same ties around a long dowel or metal rod.

If you are looking for a solution to create a hanging rod, consider adding a pressure rod similar to the type used for shower curtains in your shed, storage cabinet, or garage. It is a great way to maximize your storage space with the available vertical space, freeing up the floor for other items.

Create a Storage Bin with a Living Top

woman gardening in raised garden bed
Image Credit: Lunamarina on Canva

One of the biggest arguments that I have heard against using an outdoor storage unit or cabinet is that they take away from the décor. One of the more creative outdoor storage ideas that I have encountered was to create a shorter storage container, like a cabinet or bench, with a living top. It not only provides you with plenty of storage close at hand but also allows you to embrace your love for gardening by creating a fun container garden that you can show off to all your family and friends.

If you have a large entertaining set up with an outdoor kitchen, this is a great way to incorporate a working herb garden. Other options include growing smaller vegetables, strawberries, or a bold and beautiful flower garden to accent your outdoor seating area.

Opt for Nesting-Style Outdoor Furniture to Minimize Storage Space

outdoor patio table and benches
Image Credit: Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

Confession, this isn’t a storage solution in and of itself. However, this is a tip that can help you store your outdoor furniture using a commercial storage cover, tarp, or storage space easier. Rather than picking large, bulky furniture that is hard to store, opt for something with a nesting design. It means that your furniture, when tucked in together, can be stored in a limited space. Bench seating is often a great option for this purpose as it easily slides under a table.

Other options include side tables designed to nest together, chairs made to perfectly fit tucked into the table for storage, and more. It will help to limit the space required to store all your furniture, freeing up more space for outdoor cushions, gardening supplies, and other important outdoor gear.

Choose a Furniture Set with a Storage Bench

older wooden bench sitting outside
Image Credit: Fernando Cortes on Canva

Whether you’re looking for a storage solution for your patio cushions that will match the aesthetic of your outdoor seating area or searching for a creative storage option for your pool toys up on the pool deck, an outdoor storage bench is a great choice. Not only does this offer plenty of storage space for all your odds and ends, but it also serves as additional seating when you’re entertaining friends and family.

The larger the base of your storage bench, the more storage you will have available. Alternatively, you can choose a unit that adds extras storage in the back of the bench or even in the arms. Get creative because the options are endless!

Proper Furniture Storage Can Save You Money for Years to Come

It may be tempting to simply leave your outdoor furniture outside to face the elements, especially if you have a wooden or metal set. However, many of these items aren’t designed to withstand the snow and cold. At a minimum, outdoor furniture should be carefully covered with a tarp or plastic sheet to offer a much-needed layer of protection. However, investing in proper storage for your furniture can help to extend its life for years to come, saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

While we have listed several different storage solutions in this guide, don’t be afraid to use your imagination and trust your gut. There are many unique and effective ways to make the most of the space available to you, whatever that space may be. Put in a little work now, and you will be thankful when you unpack your well-kept outdoor furniture in the coming spring months.