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22 Amazing Outdoor Lighting Ideas

What’s better than spending your day in a beautiful home? The answer is staying in one that’s even more gorgeous at night!

Sadly, many lack the lighting needed to do their homes justice in the evenings. It not only robs your house of the chance to be admired at night, but it could also affect the safety of your yard since people won’t have a clear view of where they’re walking.

Luckily, this is an easy fix with the help of these amazing outdoor lighting ideas that you should try!

1. Shadow Box Light

Image Credit: YellowstoneNPS via Creative Commons

Is your patio a bit dim? Try using a shadow box type of light fixture! These use solid figures with semi-transparent backgrounds, helping them tell a story or show fascinating pictures when lit. These lights significantly illuminate an area and serve as a unique and interesting design element that can wonderfully complement natural outdoor landscapes.

2. Chic Boho Pendant Light

Image Credit: Xingye Zhu via Unsplash

If you have tall and spacious outdoor areas that need filling, try using large boho-style pendant light fixtures. These lights use natural materials and neutral earth tones to make a simple yet striking picture. Pendant lights in this sleek design effortlessly enhance arched hallways and chic outdoor areas. That said, it’s best to avoid installing these statement lights in places with busy styling.

3. Shimmering Porch

Image Credit: Randy Fath via Unsplash

Outdoor living areas are some of the best places to unwind and relax with good friends and close family. Brightening it up with classic string lights adds charm to the space and creates a relaxing ambiance that’s perfect for casual evenings. Light up some candles on a table and have a plant or two around to amplify the glow and warm light. Even if the string lights you choose aren’t powerful enough to be your main light source, having them strung around is guaranteed to add some magic to the night! You can even find string solar lights to light up on their own when the sunsets.

4. Ornamental Lantern Chain

4.Ornamental Lantern Chain
Image Credit: Rod Long via Unsplash

One of the best outdoor lighting ideas is using colors to paint a story. For a more creative direction, you can decorate your outdoor space with an array of colorful ornamental glass lanterns. These lanterns will look like large jewels and gems, bringing tons of dimension and color to the area. Depending on the lanterns you choose, you’re in for a stunning outdoor feature that looks simultaneously elegant and funky.

5. Light The Way Home

Light The Way Home lights
Image Credit: nan palmero via Creative Commons

Strategic exterior lighting is a must for every home. If you have features that you want to highlight at night, simply shine a light on them. Ground-mounted warm or white lights are best for path lighting to make them safer in the dark – like security lighting. You can even use them around garden beds as an architectural feature that’ll be hard to miss. You could also give your house number spotlights to help evening guests find your home quicker. You could also save up on some electricity bills by investing in solar lights instead!

6. Modern Wall Lights

Modern Wall Lights
Image Credit: Waldemar Brandt via Unsplash

When it comes to outdoor lighting ideas, you can’t go wrong with simple modern lights. Wall-mounted outdoor lights are fantastic at brightening up an area without bothering with difficult installation and tricky power connections. Many exterior lights have simple modern designs that effortlessly stand out from your façade without disrupting the flow of your home. When in doubt, these types of fixtures can’t fail you!

7. Artsy Lighting

Artsy Lighting
Image Credit: Anthony Cantin via Unsplash

When thinking about outdoor lighting ideas, have you ever considered getting an artistic light fixture? These pendant lights are made with an intricate pattern that gives off an air of sophistication while they glow. Depending on the pattern you fall in love with, these details can add romance and allure to your outdoor living area with their warm glow. Overall, it’s a sophisticated item that’s a must-have for chic homes looking for interior or exterior lighting.

8. Glowing Orbs

Glowing Orbs
Image Credit: Leeroy via Stocksnap

One stylish lighting approach that’s both timeless and modern is using large spherical bulbs as interior or exterior lighting fixtures. Whether these orbs are crystal clear or use frosted glass, these bring flattering orbs of light into the space without distracting from other features. These are also incredibly versatile and can mesh fluidly with most design styles.

9. Antique Flare

Antique Flare lights
Image Credit: James Lee via Unsplash

Outdoor lighting ideas can be traditional too, and so, if you’re looking for a more traditional appeal, antique-style sconces are a fantastic way to achieve that. Usually, these are made of cast iron or black, robust metal and wall-mounted on your exterior walls. To make a bigger impression, installing several sconces and evenly spacing them out helps sell the traditional landscape lighting look. You can even take it a step further and use fun candlelight bulbs!

10. Mason Jar Pendants

Mason Jar Pendants
Image Credit: Krissia Cruz via Unsplash

Want to light up your garden at night? This cluster of mason jar light pendants creates a beautiful and rustic outdoor chandelier that’s guaranteed to make your home memorable. It’s a fancier approach to the modern farmhouse style but is no less charming. If you want this but aren’t sure about having them as pendants, you can achieve the same impression by using extension cords and setting them up on tables and windowpanes for a more static light.

11. Woven Shades

Woven Shades
Image Credit: Nguyen Nguyen via Stocksnap

These woven wicker lights might be just what you need to complete your boho patio! Using these types of lampshades is one of the easiest ways to create the modern bohemian design style. Although it’s simple, this is a phenomenal choice for outdoor and indoor lighting since it’s uncommon, eye-catching, and very practical. Anyone with an earth tone palette for their home just needs a wicker or rattan outdoor light with a warm glow to add the texture and character they need.

12. Fairy Lantern

Fairy Lanterns
Image Credit: Mira Kemppainen via Stocksnap

Twinkle string lights are one of the most popular outdoor lighting ideas! They’re a tried and tested design feature that’s wonderful both indoors and outdoors. Since it’s so popular, many are looking for a more unique approach to using it. We recommend getting a lantern with clear glass windows and attaching a bundle of twinkle string lights to illuminate it. This fuss-free whimsical garden light makes it look like you’re living with a family of fairies!

13. Loud In The Neon Light

Loud In The Neon Light
Image Credit: Ronê Ferreira via Pexels

Loud personalities deserve loud lights. It’s an unusual sight to see in residential housing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Of course, there are regulations against hardwiring it into your house, but it’s definitely safe to power your neon sign of choice with an outdoor outlet. It creates a statement in every sense of the word and is great for fun and adventurous personalities that have a lot to say.

14. Words Of Wisdom

Words Of Wisdom lights
Image Credit: Kenneth Carpina via Pexels

What if you like the thought of decorating your walls with a literal statement but aren’t particularly fond of neon? In that case, simply make a mural with your favorite quote or artwork and shine spotlights on it using wall sconces with bright light. It helps your home speak for itself without all the bright colors. It’s a subtle approach that makes for a great conversation starter and speaks of an intriguing mind inside the house.

15. Covered In Starlight

Covered In Starlight
Image Credit: Filip Bunkens via Unsplash

Unsurprisingly, some gorgeous homes can take a backseat to the view of an imposing tree in their yard. If your trees are preventing you from making the message you want to send, you can use tall trees to your advantage with ornamental string lighting. Hanging simple string lights similar to these 3D star-shaped lanterns on your trees helps grab attention and accentuates the best part of your yard. This tutorial uses paper, but you can switch it out for more outdoor-friendly materials.

16. Caged Bulbs

Caged bulbs
Image Credit: Pixabay via Pexels

Outdoor pendant lights are subject to the weather and tend to move and swing around if the wind is strong enough. To protect your bulbs and keep them in style, try using light cages! Standard cages come in a teardrop shape and encase your bulb with thick metal wires that proudly display your lightbulb. You could also explore other fun cage designs shaped like diamonds, square cages, and similar geometric shapes to give your outdoor living space a magical makeover.

17. Origami Lanterns

Origami Lanterns
Image Credit: April Pethybridge via Unsplash

They say if you fold a thousand paper cranes, your wish will come true. Whether you believe in this or not, it’s undeniable that these paper crane lanterns are stunning. This entrancing outdoor lighting fixture with ambient light is easy to make with some high-quality paper and string lights. Stringing these around covered patio space will make the place feel like a wonderland. Who knows— your wish might even come true!

18. Lit From Within

Lit from within lights
Image Credit: George Bakos via Unsplash

Everyone focuses so much on decorative lighting fixtures that they miss the opportunity to use built-in lights. If you’re fixing up your exterior wall or are willing to do a fun project, try looking for ways to incorporate recessed lighting that helps it perfectly blend in with the wall. When these lights turn on, their soft glow acts as path lights that make your house look much more expensive and special.

19. Light Your Glass 

lighted up glass
Image Credit: Stefan Cosma via Unsplash

When you have old wine glasses around, try lighting them up! Turning wine glasses into outdoor lighting is a simple DIY project that’s great to whip out for guests. Just hang them from the ceiling and drop an electric tealight in it. While they don’t do much to improve brightness, these hanging lights are an amazingly creative method of setting the ultimate ambiance for the night.

20. Industrial Shades

Industrial outdoor lighting
Image Credit: Marta Serrano via Unsplash

Industrial-style designs have a distinct look that works flawlessly in outdoor spaces. One way to achieve this style is by installing vintage-style lamp shades. These lampshades are made of metal and have an unmistakably heavy look to them. Even when it’s on a blank wall, these lights are enough of a design feature to let everyone know exactly what style you’re trying to recreate.

21. Bright Birdhouse

Bright birdhouse lighting
Image Credit: vadym merzlikin via Unsplash

If your home houses a lovely birdhouse that looks beautiful in the daylight but is invisible at night, it might be time to shine a light on them. Don’t let their beauty go to waste in the evenings! A fabulous way to gently highlight your birdhouse is to wrap it with fairy lights. These fairy lights allow your birdhouse (and maybe even some birds!) to be admired even after the sun goes down.

22. Minimalist Light Posts

Minimalist Light Posts
Image Credit: woodumakeit via Instructables

Sometimes all you need are a couple of light posts to act as floor lights that brighten up the walk to your front door. It is a tried and tested method of enhancing your outdoor lighting and is a wonderful choice for homes without a front porch. It welcomes your guests and could also improve your curb appeal, increasing your home’s value. If you can’t find any that fits the look you’re going for, try following this DIY light post tutorial!

In Summary

It’s a shame that so many people overlook getting the right fixtures to making their homes look great all day and night. Thankfully, with these 22 amazing outdoor lighting ideas, you should be able to help your home shine! Our tip: feel free to experiment with various lighting designs and combinations but remember to keep it cohesive. If you don’t want to put your home in a bad light, cohesion is key!

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