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Outdoor Living Trends Taking Over in 2022

Having your own backyard often means spending hours making it look its best. It includes working in the garden and around the house, carrying out many exhausting jobs. However, what is the point of having your own piece of land if you don’t use it to have fun and relax after a long day or week?

Every year brings something new when it comes to trends and designs. To help you be up to date with them, and take full advantage of your yard, today we want to share with you the best outdoor living trends taking over this year. 

Concrete Furniture

Concrete bench
Image credits: sara ganzi via Canva

Most people have no idea how helpful concrete is when it comes to building outdoor furniture. Concrete furniture can be seen in plenty of households these days, and it is not a coincidence. Concrete is an elegant and highly versatile material that can easily transform any shape into comfy furniture. Compared to other materials, it is also more budget-friendly. It can withstand almost all difficult weather conditions, and you don’t have to store it during the winter, meaning you will gain extra space in your garage or storage shed. Just remember to put some cushions or mattresses on if you want to use it as a bench or sunbed since it isn’t soft nor warm.

Basketball Court

Backyard with basketball court
Image credits: irina88w via Canva

It doesn’t matter how old you are because your own basketball court in the backyard is something that will allow you and your family to be entertained for hours. Playing basketball always brings people closer and will help you to stay in shape. So everyone can have fun, including kids, we recommend you get an adjustable basketball hoop. However, if you are not afraid of challenges and have some spare time, you can use it to make your DIY basketball hoop. Remember that your court doesn’t have to be huge. Use the space you have, and don’t worry if it isn’t big enough to play a scrimmage. After all, it’s all about fun!

Outdoor Hot Tub

Hot tub with backyard
Image credits: chandlerphoto via Canva

Hot tubs are the most common relaxation tools you can find in the backyard. If you have never tried immersing yourself in hot bubbles after a long and difficult way, it’s time to change it. Besides, being a great relaxation method, hot tubs can significantly increase the appearance of your landscape. Another great news is that if you cannot afford a huge and luxurious hot tub, do not worry. There are plenty of inflatable hot tubs that will be not only cheaper but also easier to install in your yard. Just go through some reviews and find something suitable for yourself!

Fire Pit 

outdoor seating with thick chair cushions surrounding a stone fire pit on a stone patio
Image Credit: TimAbramowitz on Canva

If you want to improve the quality of time you spend with your family and friends, do not hesitate any longer and get yourself a fire pit. Fire pits are the center of social life for a reason. Eating marshmallows, singing songs, telling scary stories, or listening to music, are only a few of the numerous activities you can do with your loved ones. Keep in mind that fire pits don’t have to look boring. There are plenty of fire pits ideas that will match the style of your landscape. You can create them on your own or buy a wood-burning fire pit. If you have some time and skills, you can also build the bench around it for better comfort. 


Backyard Playground
Image credits: RonTech2000 via Canva

These days, it can be difficult to make kids go out and have fun. So if you want them to go outside without your interference, you have to get them a backyard playground. You will see that with a few swings and slides they will be entertained for hours. It is especially important now after a long period of on and off quarantines when kids haven’t seen each other for months and were isolated at home. To make things more entertaining, organize some competitions so they can interact with their neighbors. Also, as with most things, you can buy the best backyard playground or create some outside-the-box backyard playsets. Whatever you choose, your kids will be grateful, and you will have some time for yourself

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen with a stainless gas grill
Image credits: Eirasophie via Canva

Do you love cooking outside and feel that a barbecue isn’t enough for you? If your answer is yes, then the perfect solution for you is to build an outdoor kitchen. Thanks to that you will be able to cook your favorite meals outside and feed your family, friends, and neighbors that will love you for that. There are various outdoor kitchen ideas, which can inspire you. Depending on your budget, free space, and a few other factors, you can choose the concept that will meet your needs. Just keep in mind that if you live in an area with a lot of rain you might want to build a roof above it. 

Backyard Office

Outdoor office
Image credits: Thomas Northcut via Canva

A lot of things have changed over the last few years. One of them is that more than more of us, including me, are working remotely. As long as it has a lot of pros, the biggest downside is the lack of time you spend outside. So in order to change it, do not wait and create yourself a perfect backyard work environment. If you prefer a more old-school approach, build yourself a deck where you will be able to place your computer. However, if you want something else, put a blanket on the floor, add some cushions, and whatever else that will make you feel comfy. Just make sure you have good internet and light outside, and find your way to combine business with pleasure!

Social Front Yard 

Gorgeous front porch with dark colored front door surrounded by windows
Image credits: PC Photography via Canva

We tend to welcome guests and relax in our backyards. However, more and more people are now using their front yards for these purposes. Thanks to a social front yard, you will feel closer to your neighbors than ever. What is more, a nicely-created front yard will increase the curb appeal of your property. You can build an open or closed deck, add a swing or rocking chair, and paint it blue or red. Basically, the sky is the limit! It is also more convenient to receive your friends and family there for a coffee since you do not have to go around your house. Find the design that will catch the eye and be practical at the same time for the best result. 

Vertical Garden

Vertical garden
Image credits: smuay via Canva

Vertical gardens are taking over most of the outdoor trends these days. Thanks to gardeners’ imagination, there are more and more ideas and inspirations you can find on the internet. You no longer have to limit yourself to grow food underneath. It’s especially important when you want to have abundant crops but work with limited space. Your vertical garden can be a simple or more complex project, depending on your skills and free time. You can also go online and get yourself a desired vertical garden to save time and effort. With such a huge range of products available, anyone can find something suitable.

To Sum Up 

Every year brings new trends in various fields. That’s why thanks to this article, you can stay up to date with trends related to relaxation and entertainment in your backyard. We made sure to include varied ideas so anyone might choose something suitable for themselves. We also recommend that you not limit yourself to just one concept. However, make sure that whatever you choose will match the style of your landscape to make it look even prettier. 

Let us know which idea you like the most, and as always, please share!