53 Outdoor Pine Cone Craft Ideas for Christmas
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53 Outdoor Pine Cone Craft Ideas for Christmas

Some of the earliest memories of Christmas crafting involve pinecones, paint, beads, glue, and a lot of laughter. There’s something about making up holiday décor with natural elements like pinecones that we can find everywhere this time of year.

And if you’re anything like me and eager to make some beautiful gifts but not so sure where to start, this list should get your creative juices flowing. I know researching it got mine going!

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Pinecone Wreath

rustic pinecone wreath
Image credits: cjmckendry via Canva

I love this idea. It’s so simple yet gives you so much room to go crazy with your own unique touches. Toss some glitter on this pinecone wreath with some craft glue, add ornaments, wrap some yarn in, add pom-poms – whatever you want to make your own Christmas style to the beautiful idea.

Painted, Beaded Pinecone Trees

DIY Craft Gifts and Christmas Decoration
Image credits: mariasymchychphotos via Canva

I remember making these in kindergarten! These beaded pinecone trees were my favorite craft and I proudly brought mine home. I remember for years regluing beads back on to the pinecones until they accidentally got crushed. They’re simple, easy, and beautiful. I think I might just do some of these again this year!

Pinecone Fire Starters

Christmas pinecone
Image credits: Phooey via Canva

These pinecone fire starters are not only cute and make for a great decoration piece all season long, but they make for great gifts and work for your own holiday fun. Keep a pail under cover when you’re not using them, then bring them out when you light up that firepit on Christmas Eve!

Pinecone Centerpiece Trees

Christmas Tree Made from Natural Cones
Image credits: mykolasosiukin via Canva

Personally, I’d follow this tutorial to build the basic structure, then I’d add some additional touches to the simple pinecone centerpiece tree design. I’m thinking green spray paint, or maybe gold, with some splashes of other colors to resemble ornaments. If using it outdoors, I’d also add a string of battery-powered or solar-powered Christmas lights. But, even if you just want to keep it simple, it’s gorgeous as is!

Tobacco Basket Wreath with Greenery and Pinecones

Christmas Basket
Image credits: tab1962 via Canva

This one doesn’t have a particular tutorial, but more of a concept. You’ll need to grab a plain tobacco basket, some greenery, a few pinecones (ideally, follow one of the tutorials below for frosting or “dusting” them with “snow”), a large gingham bow, and some glue. Lay them out in the design you like, then attach the items with glue. Ideally, I’d also recommend using some fishing line to tie the elements into the basket first, then glue everything in. You can look at the images on this Etsy account to get some ideas for your own version.

Greenery Swag with Dried Fruit and Snow Dusted Pinecones

Wreath Made of Fir Branches, Pine Cones and Dried Citrus
Image credits: aliaksandrbarysenka via Canva

Here’s another one you’ll have to get a little creative with. Grab some twine for tying everything together, plus some got glue, then “dust” the pinecones you want to use, some greenery, and then some dried fruit like orange slices. Connect everything together with the glue and pull it all together with some burlap ribbon. Voila – a beautiful swag that looks totally unique!

Check the image on Country Living for some ideas of how exactly you might want to do it.

Giant Pinecone Garland

Giant Christmas pinecones
Image credits: Melissa Kopka via Canva

If you’ve got space – indoors or out! – that just needs a heaping giant pile of pinecones, this giant pinecone garland is the answer! Follow along with the simple tutorial and you’ll have this stunning garland to use anywhere you like, be that hanging from the rafters on the porch, draped over the mantle in the living room, or anywhere else.

Felt Pine Cone Fox

Cute felt fox DIY step by step tutorial
Image credits: Julia Neroznak via Canva

Foxes are one of my absolutely favorite animals! When I spotted these adorable little felt pinecone foxes, I knew I had to share the tutorial. It’s a great craft to do with the kids or without – they’re so cute everyone will love them!

Pinecone Santa Wreath

cupid angel love red pinecone
Image credits: Vladyslav Danilin via Canva

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful than many of the other Christmas wreaths out there made with pinecones, check out this inexpensive, fun, bright red Santa-themed wreath, complete with Santa belt.

DIY Snow-Covered Pinecones

White wooden background with snow covered pinecones
Image credits: Maximkostenko via Canva

This tutorial is the perfect choice for making the “base” for a bunch of your Christmas pinecone crafts this year. You’ll have some gorgeous, snow-covered pinecones to use anywhere you like – or just as they are.

Pinecone Bow Ornament

Pine cone with bow
Image credits: jk_light via Canva

For a simple, easy, and beautiful pinecone craft the kids can help with – or you can dress up as you like for something more sophisticated – this little pinecone bow ornament is absolutely perfect. Follow along on the tutorial, if you need it!

DIY Metallic Pinecone Wreath

metallic Pinecones
Image credits: Kana Design Image via Canva

For a stunning, sparkling wreath for that front door, this beautiful metallic pinecone wreath is a great choice. I’m seriously contemplating this one as a gift for my sister who loves dazzling, sparkling things as much as I do! And it’s so easy. Maybe we’ll just have a girls’ night making them together instead. I think I’ll switch up the colors for a little more Christmas cheer, though.

Ombre Painted Pinecones

Pine Cones on PInk Background
Image credits: ponkaburonkaphotos via Canva

This is another great pinecone project that you can use for a ton of other pinecone crafts this season. The tutorial shows you how to create a three-plus shade ombre for your pinecones to use for whatever projects you’ve got in mind this Christmastime.

Simple Pinecone Chandelier Swag

DIY Chandelier
Image credits: Stealing Magnolia Photography via Canva

If you’ve got a chandelier, you’ll love this idea. You just need some greenery, pinecones, glue, twine, and any embellishment details you want to create this gorgeous seasonal swag for your chandelier.

Snowy Pinecone Mason Jar Candles

Still life of Elegant Autumn decor on a stone hearth with heirloom pumpkins
Image credits: Jennifer Blount via Canva

What holiday décor – indoor or outdoor! – is complete without some votives? These snowy pinecone mason jar candles are the perfect choice for the mantle, the front porch, the back patio table, or anywhere else, really. Just follow along with the tutorial and grab some snow texture paint, lace, twine, pinecones, and Epsom salts.

Pinecone Topiary

Top View of Pine Cone on Blue Background
Image credits: 51countriesandcounting via Canva

At first, I wasn’t going to add this one – I thought it looked a bit too much like “non-Christmas” décor to me. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized the simple beauty of the piece is perfect for the season – but anyone like me who loves the sparkle and splash can dress this up on their own. It won’t take long to make it and it will wind up being one of your central outdoor decoration pieces, I’m pretty sure, for years to come!

Sparkly Pinecone Cork Trees

Two Pine Cones and a Cork
Image credits: Изображения пользователя Mikhail Dmitriev via Canva

Grab some sparkly metallic paint, crafting pinecones, and some corks for this one. It’s a simple, easy, and gorgeous project that will really dress up whatever spot you place these sparkly pinecone cork trees in. They’d make a great snow day project with older kids, too.

Glass Cloche Pinecones

pine cone in glass and glowing light star
Image credits: alga38 via Canva

For this decorative piece, you’ll need some pinecones, artificial snow, glass cloches, and a little creativity. Just spray some pinecones with the fake snow, place them under the cloches with greenery or other seasonal items (or just use the pinecones), and cover with the glass. If you like, add a little fake snow to the glass as well for an extra magical touch of winter wonderland charm.

Mini Pinecone Tree Pots

Pine cone in concrete flower pot
Image credits: Bojanikus via Canva

These mini pinecone tree pots are a super-simple pinecone craft to do with the kids. You just need some pinecones, small terra cotta planters, glitter paint or markers, and other kid-friendly craft supplies and 15 minutes of your time! They’re easy, fun, and look great when you’re all done!

Paint-Dipped Pinecone Place Card

Arranging the table for the winter holidays concept
Image credits: Alikaj2582 via Canva

For super simple place cards for your Christmas gathering – indoors or outdoors, depending on your climate – these paint-dipped pinecone pieces are perfect. You don’t need a tutorial. Just a little container with a large enough mouth that you can dip the pinecones in. Then grab some acrylic paint in colors you love (white, gold, silver, green, and red are all great options). Dip the cones in as far as you like, pull out, and let dry.

When they’re dry, you can either tie the cards onto the pinecones with twine or yarn, or you can insert the cards into the pinecones.

5-Minute Pinecone Arrangement

Woman placing bowl with pine cones and candle on table
Image credits: Oleh_Slobodeniuk via Canva

Scroll down about halfway on the page and you’ll see the simple pinecone arrangement. You just need a wooden bowl, pinecones, a glass chimney and candle, and any seasonal embellishments you’d like to add in. I’d recommend some greenery, berries, or some dried fruit.

Pom-Pom Pinecone Ornaments

Pile of crafting pom poms
Image credits: Eliza Diamond via Unsplash

Okay, these are just the cutest little pinecone ornaments ever! They’re so simple, too, and perfect for making with the kids. You need some miniature rainbow pompoms, yarn, pinecones, tacky glue and that’s it! Follow the tutorial, if need be.

Upcycled Easter Egg to Pinecone and Acorn Display

Fall leaves with pinecone and acorn
Image credits: Pavel44 via Canva

I love upcycling anything, but especially things like plastic Easter eggs. This craft does just that! You can turn your old eggs into pinecones and acorns for the cutest centerpiece. You’ll need some paint, string, acorns, and a few other supplies to put these all together. It’s a simple way to get your home décor ready for the holidays. Just use some other paint colors for a more Christmas-y tone.

Multicolored Pinecone Garland

Pine cones and garland background
Image credits: Karaidel via Canva

If you walked around my house, you would spot garlands of all sorts and colors everywhere. But I don’t have any pinecone garlands. Yet. This one’s inspiring me to get on that! The pinecone garland is pretty easy to construct and shows you how to get some colors on those cones. Definitely a winner!

Painted Pinecone Christmas Trees

Trendy Paper Christmas Trees
Image credits: annastories via Canva

Scroll down a little ways to find these painted pinecone Christmas trees in pots. They’re pretty easy to make and the tutorial super easy to follow. The end result is absolutely adorable – and anyone in the family can help.

Yarn-Wrapped Pinecones

Yarn Wrapped Pinecone Ornaments
Image credits: gojak via Canva

For another kid-friendly craft, grab some yarn and pinecones. These yarn-wrapped pinecones are a great way for kids to develop fine motor skills while producing some fun, colorful Christmas decoration pieces to use around the porch or house. You don’t need glue or anything else except the yarn and pinecones. Ideally, choose bright colored yarns for the best results.

Frosted Greenery and Pinecone Wreath

Modern Christmas Wreath with Berries, Pine Cones
Image credits: Зображення користувача Bogdan Son via Canva

For an elegant wreath to hang on the front door, check out this tutorial from ToolBox Divas. The tutorial provides all the info you need for frosting the wreath, attaching the pinecones and embellishments – and all without a lot of time or work. You’ll just need to leave time for drying between steps.