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9 Outdoor Plants That Spread Positive Energy

From ancient times, outdoor plants have been known to have healing properties and help with the spiritual connection to the earth. This is why it is only natural that they tend to bring out positive emotions in us. There are many doctrines that incorporate this in their teachings, but perhaps the most popular one is Feng Shui. It talks about the strategic placement of plants and items in order to reduce stress, be it psychological or physical.

Although researchers haven’t done a lot of looking into the energetic benefits plants provide us, there has been plenty of research showing their importance when it comes to cleaning the air. And clean air always means that people will feel healthy, happy, and more alert at all times. This is why down below we have put together a list of the 8 most popular outdoor plants that will help with spreading positive energy.

9 Outdoor Plants That Spread Positive Energy

1. Lavender

Image credits: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Lavender is perhaps one of the most popular choices! Not only is it a gorgeous-looking plant, but it also has a whole lot of benefits. It is best known for helping with sleep, easing pain and tension, decreasing anxiety, clearing negative energy, and increasing serenity. There is a good reason that people say that you have to see the lavender fields of Provence at least once in your life.

The scent itself will alleviate any and all stress you may be feeling and will have you smiling in no time. The best way to use it when you are having sleeping issues is to put a few lavender stalks under your pillow. However, you must be careful if you have pets because lavender contains certain compounds that can be toxic to cats, dogs, and even horses.

2. Rosemary

Image credits: Zé Ferrari Careto via Unsplash

It may come as a surprise that we’ve included rosemary in this list. After all, isn’t it just a herb we use for cooking? Well, the answer is no! Not only does it smell and taste fantastic, but it is also rich in antioxidants and can be extremely healthy for you. It’s proven that it can increase circulation, improve brain function, ease stress, and decrease negativity. Moreover, it is believed that it can help you heal your energy. It is also ideal for your yard because it has no toxic compounds that could harm your pets. This means that you can safely grow it in your garden or even put it in a pot and keep it on the inside. Here’s everything you need to know about growing rosemary.

3. Jasmine

Image credits: Wulan Sari via Unsplash

The jasmine plant will be an absolutely gorgeous addition to your garden. Moreover, it will help you in many many ways. It will decrease depression and anxiety effects, while at the same time it will help you balance your emotions by increasing positivity and good energy. Furthermore, it will promote lucid dreams and at the same time increase your consciousness. Jasmine is also known for its positive influence on the heart and high amount of antioxidants. It is most often used in teas. However, when purchasing Jasmine, you need to ensure that the one you buy is the real jasmine plant, also known as Jasminum since a few other plants that are toxic for animals have similar names.

4. Aloe Vera

aloe vera
Image Credit: Lakeisha Ethans for Backyard Boss

Aloe vera has been popular for its beneficial effects for decades. It is used in many ways, but perhaps the most popular one is for healing burns. It has been proven to decrease negativity and lower stress, while at the same time it can promote healthy digestion and cleanse the body. These are some of the best houseplants that purify the air. Unfortunately, it is dangerous to cats and dogs, which makes it rather unsuitable if you have backyard pets. That said, if you can keep this beauty away from pets, you can learn more about its uses, benefits, and proper plant care.

5. Basil

Image credits: Rasa Kasparaviciene via Unsplash

Basil is one of the most popular herbs that you can have in your kitchen. However, did you know, that it has a great number of benefits too? It has amazing antioxidant properties. Moreover, it helps clear all the negative energy and will allow you to calm down almost instantly. Furthermore, many cultures consider it to be a charm for prosperity. Here’s how to grow basil in just 5 easy steps!

6. Sage

Image credits: Rasa Kasparaviciene via Unsplash

Sage can be an amazing way to enhance the flavor of a dish. Moreover, it can also be used as a way to clear all negative energy and promote healing. It is considered one of the best ways to connect to the energy of the earth and to ground yourself. Burning dry sage releases a smoke that will help kill 94% of airborne bacteria and decrease the negative energy within your home or any space, really. Furthermore, it is non-toxic and not dangerous for your pets.

7. Bamboo

Image credits: Toni Cuenca via Unsplash

The bamboo plant is considered the plant of positivity, purity, and life. Research shows it promotes happiness and serenity. Not only is it very low-maintenance, but it also grows incredibly fast. Some studies have shown that even only looking at a bamboo plant will help a person feel more comfortable and relaxed. There is a good reason it is an all-time favorite for women, too – it can help with balancing the menstruation and it will ease the cramps. The bamboo plant has a very strong aura and has many healing proportions. It is safe for most pets, however, some types of bamboo can be dangerous for parrots. If you’d like to raise these plants, here’s a detailed guide on how to care for lucky bamboo plants.

8. Peppermint

Image credits: ChrisCCP via Canva

While peppermint can be used for foods, gum, drinks, and even scents, it can also be used to keep the negative energy at bay. It has a plethora of benefits that include but are not limited to healing properties, raising consciousness, promoting digestive health, and decreasing headaches. Peppermint is usually used in essential oils connected to relieving pain and tinctures that help unstuff the sinuses and ease off headaches. Unfortunately, peppermint leaves have compounds that can lead to liver damage or even death for cats, dogs, and horses.

9. Peace Lily

peace lily
Image credits: Lan Gao via Unsplash

As the name suggests, the peace lily will help bring tranquillity into your space. It is known to remove toxins from the air, increase positive energy and decrease stress, depression, and anxiety. The peace lily can help with increasing spiritual consciousness and your ability to connect to a higher power. Unfortunately, however beautiful it is, it is equally dangerous to cats and dogs. That said, if you can keep this plant away from pets, you can learn everything you need to grow and care for peace lilies.

In Summary

Plants are always a crucial part of any home and any garden. And while a lot of people use them as a way to bring one more piece of beauty, these plants have many more benefits that we tend to overlook. They contain positive energy, which in turn can benefit your mind, soul, and body. Furthermore, plants help keep your air clean, this way boosting your health and mood.

Above we compiled a list of our nine favorite outdoor plants that can spread positive energy. Not only are some of them beneficial in our day-to-day routines (e.g. herbs for cooking) but some of them can truly affect positively our body and mind (e.g. lavender and jasmine enhance sleep quality). Hopefully, this article has given you ideas of what to incorporate in your home or your backyard in order to spread positive energy!

Happy Gardening!