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15 Patio Garden Ideas For Backyard Tranquility and Privacy

When it comes to patio garden ideas, it doesn’t matter if your neighbors are lifelong friends or simply acquaintances that you see regularly. Having your privacy is mandatory in this day and age. As homeowners, from time to time, we will do everything from having guests over for intimate lunches and dinners, take naps, and even enjoy a solar-drenched Saturday by sunbathing in our birthday suits!

No matter the occasion, it is important that our homes and gardens maintain a certain level of privacy. After all, we spend so much time in public places that having some privacy and peace in our homes and gardens isn’t too much asking! Your home is your paradise and should remain as comfortable and useful as you would like it to be, with no external influences affecting your mood. Here are some unique privacy fence ideas for your homes and gardens.

15 Patio Garden Ideas For Backyard Tranquility and Privacy

1. Outdoor Living Art

While picking the best outdoor screen will help you solve privacy issues, there’s nothing more enticing than a living wall art that solves two purposes; a patio garden and privacy! With this idea, you can grow your own privacy in exactly the same way you intend to grow it and in as many colors as you wish to grow it in. This is, by far, the simplest and arguably most effective option to separate your patio garden and property from the outside world. While the level of privacy you wish to get is totally up to you, there are many porous options for you to choose from.

2. Trellis Try Me!

Standing tall in the face of adversity is not just an inspirational saying. When’s the last time you tried incorporating a trellis into your patio? People often prefer arbors and pergolas, but when you’re tight on space, a trellis works wonders by letting you grow nature and basking in the glory of embracing vines. This kind of setup works best with climbing vines such as climbing hydrangea, but if you’re looking for hardy plants, you can never go wrong with the evergreen bougainvillea.

Check out some amazing DIY garden trellis ideas!

3. Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are masterful pieces that can give your patio garden a true 360-degree feel. For all of us plant lovers that can’t seem to get enough of our chlorophyll friends, adding a bit more colorful petals can block out any unwanted eyes from seeing inside your patio garden and/or yard.

4. Floating Planter Wall

While there are many DIY options when it comes to floating planter walls, it is best to save yourself the hassle and purchase one if you are known to be short on handy skills. Not only do floating planter walls give you the patio garden privacy you yearn for, but can also double as an outdoor rack for any spices or fresh herbs you may be cultivating as well.

5. Hanging Planters

If you think about it, there’s a lot of unused patio space that longs for some much-needed TLC. Instead of stuffing those vacant spaces with things that attract negative energy, how about renting it out to plants instead? Hanging planters are a great way to keep your garden alive and your privacy intact. Planting different plants and hanging them from the ceiling or the railing will indirectly add more positive energy to your home while keeping your mental health in check. It’s a win-win!

6. Standing Tall

When you’re low on space, but have a twitching green thumb, you know it’s time to give tall planters a shot. You don’t necessarily have to grow pampas or lemongrass, but just so you know, these tall plants will help you achieve the level of privacy you’re looking for in your patio. We wouldn’t advise that you plant hanging plants in tall planters, as they’d look limp and lifeless.

7. Planter Boxes

If you’re short on space and don’t want to dig up your yard, the best way to invite nature to your patio is with planter boxes! Not only can you grow your favorite plants in the boxes, but you can also hang pots on the trellis it comes with for extra privacy!

8. Hedge Wall

permanent hedge walls
Image credits: Nick Night via Unsplash

While several other privacy ideas will be interchangeable, hedge walls operate as a more permanent fix for your privacy woes. While it is one of the quintessential patio garden ideas when looking to block out wandering eyes, the high level of solitude that comes from installing hedge walls is the champion of patio privacy.

9. Compact Trellis

Low and behold, the crème de la crème of privacy will forever be the blessed trellis setup. What you see above is eight stakes in a single frame made of wood, divided by two. You can DIY this and add or remove the number of wires your climbing plants will call home. You can grow fruits, vegetables, and ornamental flowers, whatever suits your preference. This is a great setup for a patio because it doesn’t require much space. You can even use a planter box to base your stakes for your creeping plants to grow in if you don’t want to dig up the yard.

10. Floating Vines

If you don’t have the time to DIY a trellis or don’t how to create your arbor, here’s another idea that’ll not break the bank. Let your climbing plant vines creep on your patio ceiling and around it with the help of heavy-duty ropes. You can fasten ropes in any shape you like and let your vines do the work of decorating your patio while you reap the benefits of nature. Like this picture, you can even add string lights to amplify its beauty!

11. Go Bold With Bamboo

On a more natural note, bamboo can also provide your patio garden with organic-level privacy while also doubling as a beautiful piece of plant majesty. Bundling numbers of tall bamboo stalks can provide your patio garden with a supreme level of privacy while also giving another set of plants a home to thrive in.

12. Living Moss Wall

If you’ve always wanted a living moss wall but didn’t know where to place it, the patio is a good place to start! Moss doesn’t require frequent water, and as long as you meet its water and humidity levels, you can turn heads with a combination of different moss in one frame. Moss walls can be permanently installed or you can have portable ones to meet your nature and privacy needs. You need to learn how to maintain a moss wall for moss to thrive.

13. Recycled Bottle Wall

This new generation is becoming as eco-friendly as one can be, and with good reason. Recycling our waste is a great way to save the planet while being innovative as well. Show the world your creative side by putting recycled bottles and plants to work, and by the time you are finished, you will be both excited about your new living wall and optimizing a clear conscience as well. While this option is one of those trendy patio garden ideas, it may be fun to get everyone together to partake in its creation as well.

14. Nature Screens

And for all of us who are simply looking for the easiest way possible to obtain more patio privacy, bringing in a few hanging vines can be a very reliable move. You can grow all sorts of hanging plants to create nature’s curtain, like the one in the picture. The planters are usually above the patio and vines are left to flow down, like evergreen streams of fragrant living things. This is a great way to invite nature to your patio and take care of your privacy at the same time!


We all yearn to have a little more privacy in our lives, especially when it comes to our outdoor activities at home. Neighbors can be a toss-up between amazing and terrible, but our neighbors are also looking for privacy from us.

Adding a few curtains, walls, or more shrubbery can be perfect for your patio’s privacy and can bring another level of self-expression to your home as well.

So when choosing one of the patio garden ideas, make sure you balance both art and purpose to get the full range of perfection your patio needs.