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7 Pepper Varieties To Grow in Your Home Garden

Are you looking to spice up your home garden? Why not try growing different varieties of peppers?

You can grow these delicious fruits in a home garden, each variety providing unique flavor and color to enhance any dish. With the proper care and maintenance, you’ll soon have enough homegrown peppers to last you the entire season — no green thumbs required

Here are seven of the best pepper varieties to grow in your home garden. So, whether you’re looking for extra spice in your life or want to add fresh produce straight from the garden before dinner, these recommended pepper varieties will liven up your meals!

Hot Peppers

Hot peppers can take any dish from ordinary to extraordinary with a burst of flavor and just the right amount of heat. And there’s no shortage of pepper varieties that pack a serious punch!


Jalapeño Peppers
Image credits: Brett Hondow via Pixabay

The jalapeño is one of the most popular hot peppers to grow in a home garden. Its bright, vibrant colors and spicy flavor make it perfect for adding a bit of heat to dishes like salsa, guacamole, tacos, and more.

Growing your own jalapeños is rewarding. With just a few tips and tricks, you’ll have freshly picked jalapeños in no time. Plant in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil and expose your jalapeños to plenty of sunlight.

When harvesting time comes around, wait until the peppers are mature (bright red) before picking them. That’s when they’ll be at their spiciest. But if you prefer a milder taste, harvest some peppers while they’re still green.


Marbles are edible ornamental peppers that grow 12 to 18 inches tall, offering an impressive display of marble-sized peppers that grow in a range of colors. First yellow, then purple, orange, and eventually red.

These eye-catching peppers are ready for harvest just 55 to 65 days after planting. Marbles are an exciting, unique variety of hot pepper sure to spice up your home garden!


Habanero Peppers
Image credits: Hans Braxmeier via Pixabay

Habenero peppers are excellent for growing in a home garden or indoors! They come in multiple colors and sizes, ranging from bright orange to deep red and purple. Some rarer varieties are available in brown, white, pink, and mustard.

Habenero peppers thrive in warm climates with full sun exposure and only moderate soil moisture. When planted correctly, they can reach up to 5 feet tall! 

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are the milder, sweeter cousins to their fiery counterparts. They’re perfect for adding flavor without the heat in recipes.

Big Bertha      

Ripe bell peppers
Image credits: Vishang Soni via Unsplash

‘Big Bertha’ peppers are a delicious and versatile variety of pepper to grow in your home garden. They offer an abundance of flavor, ranging from sweet to mildly hot, making them the perfect addition to your cooking! With their thick flesh, these peppers are great for grilling, roasting, stuffing, or baking.

This pepper grows up to 6 to 7 inches long, with a bright green color that gradually ripens to a beautiful red. Plant your ‘Big Berthas’ in full sun, and they will be ready to pick in 72 days when they are still green or let them hang on the vine for another 20 days until they turn a ripe red and reach their optimum flavor. At 24 to 36 inches tall, these large peppers plants will a touch of sweetness to your garden.


If you want to brighten your home garden, ‘Karma’ peppers are a perfect choice. Boasting a unique appearance, ‘Karma’ peppers are 5 to 6 inches long with colors that transition from green to red when ripe.

Plant in an area with full sun exposure and watch them grow up to 34 inches tall. You can expect to first harvest ‘Karma’ peppers in about 70 days when still green or wait another 10 to 15 days for them to reach their optimal maturity as a deep red hue.


This 5-inch-long pepper turns from green to red as it ripens, adding a splash of color to your edible landscape. Despite their relatively small size, they offer loads of flavor.

Plant them in full sun and watch them grow up to 30 inches tall. Ready for harvest in just 75 days, you’ll soon be enjoying the juicy fruits of your labor!

Hot-Sweet Peppers

Hot-sweet peppers are the best of both worlds, offering sweet flavor without too much heat. While there are endless varieties of hot-sweet pepper plants available, the sweet banana pepper is one common favorite.

Sweet Banana Pepper

Sweet Banana Pepper
Image credits: Trong Nguyen via Shutterstock

Make your home garden the envy of your neighborhood with sweet banana peppers! These bright, vibrant, and delicious fruits are fun to grow.

Sweet banana peppers typically reach 6 to 7 inches when they mature. They ripen from light green to yellow to red-orange throughout their growth. You can expect to harvest within 60 days of planting, with fully ripe red-orange peppers ready for picking after about 75 days. The plants themselves grow to be 18 to 24 inches tall and have white flowers.

Pick Your Peppers

Whether you’re looking for fiery heat or sweet flavor, the perfect pepper variety is waiting for you in the garden! Growing your own peppers at home will ensure you have abundant, delicious flavors to add to any recipe. So, get gardening and enjoy all the unique tastes peppers offer!

Have you grown peppers before? What’s your favorite variety? Share in the comments below!