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6 Perennial Border Plants Perfect for Your Yard or Garden 

Landscaping is a beautiful form of natural art and border flowers make for an exciting addition. Border perennials offer year-round interest that creates an aesthetically pleasing balance to your yard or garden.

Select plants that complement your existing design and are low maintenance. Test your soil before setting out on your preferred location and make sure it provides good drainage and is free from existing grass and stones. 

 Are you ready to get your garden started? Here are six perennial border plants that truly make your living edge stand out.


a large clump of white sedum
Image credits: compxp via Shutterstock

Sedums are exceptionally hardy plants that can thrive in almost any environment. This makes them a perfect choice for novice or time-pressed gardeners.

They flaunt large succulent leaves that are covered in admirable clumps of tiny pink, red, and white flowers. Typically, sedums bloom in the mid summer and fall periods. 

While usually bought from a local garden store or nursery and transplanted into the garden, you can plant from seed or propagation. Sedum does best in full sun and well-drained soil. 

Witch Hazel 

Which Hazel
Image credits: billysfam via Shutterstock

Would you like a fragrant plant in your yard? The witch hazel is the perfect pick. Native to North America, witch hazel is widely found in woodlands across Florida to Canada. It enjoys full sun to light shade and well-drained soil.

The little deciduous tree also wonderfully blooms with sweet yellow flowers during fall. Bestowed with an oval shape, the greens have a serrated edge. In the fall, the darker green leaves turn yellowish brown.  Its small yellow flowers bloom in groups. What is most amusing is that the perennial continues to appear even after the leaves drop. Thus, you can rest assured that your garden will look alive even during winter.  

Japanese Anemone 

Japanese Anemone
Image credits: Manfred Richter via Pixabay

If you need a natural border in your shaded yard, then Japanese anemones are a beautiful addition. The perennial plant blooms with delicate white and pink-hued flowers that stand out on tall stems. This interesting plant likes partially sunny areas with moist, well-drained soil and continues to flaunt graceful foliage even after the flowers die off post-fall.

Japanese anemones typically grow up to 3 feet tall and will elegantly adorn your garden’s edges.  


Chrysanthemums for fall garden
Image credits: genniebee512 via Pixabay

Chrysanthemums are popular fall flowers that come in a myriad of varieties with multiple colors to pick from. They are easy to maintain and add a cheerful color palette to any garden or yard. 

Once you have bordered your yard with mums, give them plenty of water before covering the earth with a layer of organic mulch. This will safeguard their roots and keep them warm during the winter. Importantly, ensure that the plants are exposed to a healthy dose of sunlight to ensure that they thrive well.

When maintained properly, chrysanthemums perform well through many seasons. 

Eastern Pasque Flower

Eastern Pasque Flower
Image credits: Haidamac via Shutterstock

Who does not love the tranquil sight of pretty blooms? In the spring garden, the Eastern pasque flower or Pulsatilla patens is a beauty to behold. Its unique bell-shaped petals, which come in blue, white, and purple hues, are a favored early food source for bees and butterflies. Adding this bordering perennial to your garden could invite some much-awaited visitors.

The Eastern Pasque Flower averages 3 to 10 inches in height and can reach a maximum of 12 inches. The plant also sends out a delicate sweet perfume as the flowers stand tall on bright yellow central stems. Most passionate gardeners will agree that the Eastern Pasque Flower is undoubtedly one of nature’s immaculate miracles.


Image credits: rachel_kavanagh via Pixabay

The barrenwort or Epimendium grandiflorum is commonly called fairy wings and most certainly creates a magical effect as a bordering plant. 

The flowers appear like miniature brightly colored spiders that are hanging off a web. The petals appear to have little legs or wings owning to their unique placement on the stem. The wiry stems add to the charm.

This plant grows 8 to 12 inches tall and thrives under shade so it’s the perfect addition to your shady perennial garden.  

To Conclude 

Perennials offer great appeal and texture to fit any location. Whether you wish to add contrasting bright green leaves or vibrant floral blooms, there is a perfect edging plant for your yard. These six perennial plants make a beautiful statement and complete your green space. The right choice of border plants works collectively to bring out the best of your outdoor landscape.

Do you know of other perennials that can uplift a gardening design? Do comment below and share the above list with your fellow-gardening enthusiast.