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PetSafe vs. Extreme Dog Fence: Which One Should You Buy?

Keeping our pets safe is a huge priority. It’s important to create a safe environment that they cannot easily escape. Not everyone can build a fence around their property, so wireless safety fences are a great alternative. They can keep our pets safely close to home without harming them. Finding the right fence is challenging, especially that there are many different brands available on the market.

To help you choose the best brand, we’re going to compare PetSafe and Extreme Dog Fence, which are the most trusted in the business, to see which one will work best for you.

The Differences Between PetSafe and Extreme Dog Fence

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Image Credit: Kurgo on Amazon

The differences between the two brands are their approach to placement/installation and the perimeter size.

PetSafe is portable and requires no burying of the fence. However, the eXtreme Dog Fence must be buried, so even though it’s easy to install, the whole process can take some time.

eXtreme Dog Fence offers a much larger perimeter than PetSafe, depending on the model selected. PetSafe can only cover a circular area of up to ¾ of an acre, while some models of eXtreme Dog Fence will provide a perimeter for up to 25 acres.

Both brands are excellent and at the top of the invisible dog fence market. Your specific needs are what will determine which one is going to be better for you.

About PetSafe

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PetSafe has been around since 1991. The brand is now the largest manufacturer of electronic pet training products in the United States. The company says, “We’re devoted to the most innovative research and advanced designs.”

Each product they offer is intended for training or pampering your pets and keeping them safe. They use intentionally established ISO 9001 and 22000 standards for their product development, testing, manufacturing, and inspection. All of their products are certified lead-free.

PetSafe also conducts rigorous in-home testing for their products, ensuring real-world conditions won’t destroy or harm when a lab can’t simulate real-life situations.

Product Line

PetSafe offers many products, though their focus is on wireless or invisible fences. They carry four of these products, including:

  • Stay & Play Compact
  • Stay & Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs
  • Stay & Play Wireless Fence with Replaceable Battery Collar
  • Wireless Pet Containment System

The systems are all technically portable and work for small yards. It means they not only work at home, but you can take them with you anywhere you go.

The systems create a circular boundary of up to ¾ acres, and installation only takes a few hours.

Training for their system usually takes less than two weeks with a few simple training exercises.

Pros and Cons of PetSafe



About eXtreme Dog Fence

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Image Credits: Photo by Mathew Smith on Unsplash

Extreme Dog Fence has over 20 years of experience in invisible dog fences. They aim to provide high-quality products that effectively keep your dog safe and happily protected and share plenty of expert knowledge to consumers who reach out with questions on the topics related. 

“We can offer you advice on laying your dog fence wire, programming your transmitter, or training your dog. No matter what containment question you have, you can expect advice from knowledgeable professionals when you shop with Extreme Dog Fence®.”

Product Line

eXtreme Dog Fence offers a range of products, including various wireless fences. They produce and sell such products as: 

  • Contain & Train System – 20 gauge
  • Contain & Train System – 16 gauge
  • Standard Active Electric Dog Fence Kit
  • Hyper Standard Electric Dog Fence Kit (for Stubborn Dogs)
  • Pro-Grade Professional Dog Fence Kit
  • Perimeter Technologies Ultra Pro-Grade
  • Hyper Pro-Grade Professional Dog Fence Kit
  • Max Grade Ultimate Performance System

The systems are designed to safely protect your dog from “escaping” the yard. The different systems offer various gauges, perimeter lengths, and training options, as well as standard and professional-grade differences to fit your needs best.

Pros and Cons of Extreme Dog Fence



How to Choose the Best Dog Fence for You

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Image credits: Berkay Gumustekin via Unsplash

The pros and cons can help you determine which fence is the right fit. Keep these things in mind as you choose, and remember that not all of the features are necessary. Try to focus on the most important ones for you.

Range It Covers

If you have a smaller space you can use either system to keep your pooch safely at home. However, if you’re looking to cover a larger area, the eXtreme buried fence is the right option.

The Size of Your Dog

The size of your dog will determine which product within the brand line you should choose. Remember to check its weight and measurements before buying a fence.

Number of Collars

If you need more than one collar, make sure the system can support the desired number. Double-check how many collars come with the system and how many additional ones can be added.

Correction Level

Both systems have a varied correction level that is useful for dogs who are a bit less sensitive to the standard settings and can rebel against the fence otherwise.

If you have a dog that behaves well, don’t get the stubborn system, since this can be too much for it to handle.

Training Manual

Finally, make sure that the system you’re buying has a training manual that is recommended by others. Some of them have manuals that are of poor quality, while others are excellent. That’s why always get familiar with the reviews to choose the right product.  

PetSafe Vs. eXtreme Dog Fence – Which One is Right For You

Now that you’ve seen the quality care, features, and options available, you can assess the products these two brands offer more effectively.

However, knowing their specifics is not sufficient to understand what is the best solution for you. To find yourself the most suitable product, you always have to determine your needs first. After you know what features are the most suitable, go through this article again to match them with your unique requirements.

If you find this article helpful, please let us know in the comments below, and as always, please share!