43 Pink Bonsai Trees
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Pink Bonsai Trees: 43 Colorful Choices for Landscape Variety

Bonsai refers to the careful cultivation of certain types of plants, mostly trees, to keep them growing in a more compact, dwarfed form. These are popular to add interest to landscape design, provide a larger variety of choices in small yards that may not usually be available, and work well for indoor plantings. Colorful, textured trees, as well as fruit species, are often commonly chosen due to the unexpected addition they lend to existing landscapes.

The following pink bonsai tree examples refer to both the vibrant blooms, as well as foliage, offered in the species. It is important to mention that these trees do require proper trimming and care to create the effect you desire. You can shape them to work with your yard with careful cultivation.

Double Bloomed Cherry

Pink flowering bonsai tree planted in a modern rectangular clay pot

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When you start your own tree from a seed you are able to have complete control over its shape and growth. You can keep it as small as you like, or allow to grow larger with each year. The trick is to keep your branches that bear buds intact to create beautiful coverage each spring.

Spring Blooms

Large pink bonsai tree in a park with two people sitting on the bench in the background

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Bonsai trees are not naturally dwarfed. They require careful cultivation. You can most definitely allow them to reach their full potential if you so wish, or allow them to fill a space and then keep them from overgrowing it.

Chinese Fringe

Indoor bonsai tree with cute elongated pink flowers planted in a small pot

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This unique bonsai produces pink clusters of fragrant flowers during springtime. It can thrive during cold seasons and can be placed where there is direct or indirect sunlight.

Tabletop Interest

Indoor grown bonsai tree with red leaves planted in a rectangular pot

Bonsai trees are excellent choices for indoor vegetation. Whether you have an indoor garden already in progress or want a simple point of interest that is more natural – these are worth the small amount of care required.

Azalea Blooms

Azalea bonsai blooming with pink flowers planted in a modern type of rectangular pot elevated by a table like structure with another plant on a pot by its side in the plain ground

Although not a tree, the woody growth habit of colorful azaleas make them easy to work with. They also come is a large choice of colors and bloom sizes to fit into any landscape design or decor.

Trunk Growth

Bonsai style of Adenium tree or desert rose in flower pot

The trunks of a bonsai trees will continue to grow even as you keep the branches cut back. This calls for interesting shapes and root structure- which also requires proper watering to ensure you continue keeping your tree healthy enough to put forth blooms each year.

Main Feature

a pink bougainvillea bonsai in garden, Penang Island, Malaysia

Small spaces can benefit from the elegance a bonsai can bring to your landscape. There is no reason you cannot have a small garden space- simply plant and cultivate small plants!

Rainbow of Hues

Bonsai tree blooming with pink flowers situated in a part with several people on its background

The many hues of pink are reflected in flowering trees. You can match your color scheme, or mix it up to add pops of color and texture to your existing gardens. They also serve as a wonderful stand alone as well.

Japanese Maples

Bonsai - Japanese maple (Acer palmatum). Age - about 50 years. Exhibition of Bonsai in Aptekarsky Ogorod (a branch of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University), Moscow, Russia, November 2017.

Maples may not bloom, but their foliage is bright and vibrant and comes in a wide variety of different colors. Reds and pinks are some of the most popular, but various greens and yellows are also available- and change with the season.

Bunches of Blooms

Bonsai planted in a vintage type of rounded pot blooming in pinkish flowers

Woody vegetation, especially evergreen species, are popular for all sorts of places. Once the flowers are done blooming, the foliage provides a glossy, textural interest for year-round enjoyment.

Potted Power

Bonsai planted in a large rounded red pot situated outside surrounded with several bonsai trees

It seems an impossibility that you can grow such a healthy plant within smaller pots, but the correct watering schedule, combined with consistent trimming, helps keep it in a dwarfed state and in healthy bloom.

Simple Shapes

Curved trunk of pink flowering indoor bonsa tree planted in a cute little white rectangular pot

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Bonsai growth can be trimmed and trained into many shapes, and part of the fun of growing one from seed is that you can have complete control over what it looks like. The challenge is to see how creative you can get with it.

Better Branches

Pink flowering Indoor bonsai tree with white fence on the background and a miniature eiffel tower

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Branch your bonsai out to show off multiple arms of colorful blooms. Just pick a few main healthy branches to concentrate upon, and trim off the other starts to concentrate growth and food to the ones you have picked.

Dual Colored

Outdoor planted bonsai tree with flowers colored with red on the edge of every petal and white from the center

Dual colored blooms are highly sought after as they are an excellent addition to a garden lover’s collection of vegetation. New and unique plants are truly a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for your favorite gardener.

Natural Growth

Grown bonsai tree with several branches blossoming with pink flowers situated outside

New shoots can be allowed to reach upwards to provide the area for a full bloom of flowers that covers the tree. As it matures you can play with the shape and where you want the blooms to show up.

Simple Starter

Several flowering bonsai with slant trunks situated in a wooden platform with two flowering bonsai on the background

If you are interested in shaping bonsai, you can start with some perennials that provide good structure. The woody stems of perennials are excellent to practice with as they hold their shape and very forgiving if too much is trimmed off.

Training the Trunk

Twisted trunk of purple flowering bonsai tree planted in a rounded white pot

The branches are not the only part of the plant you can train. You can allow for a shaping of the trunk as it grows. Simple training occurs over time, and takes some patience, but is well worth the results it yields.

Rock Base

Small bonsai tree planted in a old rectangular pot situated in a high elevation

Bonsai roots are often a part of the overall experience and can be trained as well as the rest of the plant. They reach for water and nutrients, and if started correctly, can be trained over rocks or other items for further interest.

Balancing Act

Slanting bonsai trunk blossoming in purple colored flowers planted in a pot situated outside

Graceful arches and reaching branches often define the shaping of these trees. Unique pots help showcase the shapes you create, and are part of the entire experience- plus allows you to place them wherever you want.

Compact Show

Round shaped leaves of indoor bonsai tree planted in a tall rounded white pot

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The compact nature of these plants makes them a perfect addition to your home or office, and allow for interest and color where none may have been before. A sunny window (or some time under a grow light) is all you need to make sure it stays healthy.

Tiny Trees

Tiny bonsai tree blooming with purple like flowers placed in a small white pot situated indoor

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Bonsai truly can be left incredibly small. This seems to work best with evergreen species varieties as they are already naturally slower growing and full of blooms when they do bud out.

Vine Training

Pink flowering bonsai tree planted in a brick made round pot

Many vines, especially bougainvillea, can be trained to grow as a tree shape with the proper support. Because vines tend to keep trying to put out vines, you can train them back on themselves to create areas that thicken into branches.

Landscape Possibility

Bonsai pink flowering reaching for each one situated in a landscape with rocks

Let your vegetation keep company with one another. Make a craggy landscape to match your vision, or create a smooth, mossy area to grow your plants within. Miniature plants provide a lot of possibilities to play with.

Symmetrical Choices

Maroon colored leaves of a bonsai tree planted in a large elliptical modern pot

Although many people like their pruning to create a meandering look, you can most definitely create a more symmetrical look to your tree- or even make it match your larger landscape choices found on the property.


Maple bonsai tree planted in an old pot placed in a cemented platform

Bring a bit of the outdoors in with a mini-maple that you can enjoy year round. Showcase it in the perfect bowl or pot, and place it where it makes a noticeable statement.

Seasonal Watch

Purple bougainvillea bonsai tree planted in a small elliptical pot

Some vines are more of an annual plant depending on which climate it is placed within. If you turn them into a bonsai, then you can easily take them in and out to survive even the coldest of winters.

Fall Foliage

Salmon pink colored leaves of little bonsai tree planted in a rectangular pot

The colorful fall foliage of a maple is an excellent addition to any garden. New growth, and well as maturing growth, also provides great seasonal color for variety through the entire growing season.

Stunting Growth

Large bonsai blossoming in maroon colored flowers situated outdoor with bush on the background

Making your tree your own perfect size is exactly why dwarfing your tree is so much fun. You can create shapes and sizes that fit your own idyllic landscape vision and bring a unique experience to your horizon.

Perfect Plantings

Purple flowering bonsai tree planted in a rounded pot and a rock on the pavement beside it

Create a vision with the careful care of your tree. Moss makes a perfect soil covering and helps hold moisture from evaporating quickly in such small pots. Moss requires almost no care either, making it an easy solution.

Wispy Wisteria

Bent trunk of bonsai tree and several branches with purple like leaves planted in a rectangular pot situated in a solid platform

Wisteria is another vine that can grow quite large when left to its own growth pattern. But when dwarfed provides a strong, durable base to shape from and create trees of various sizes.

Bright Lights

Bright pink leaves of an indoor bonsai tree

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Bright pink flowers define this tree, as many colors and pink hues are available from which you can choose. If you are willing to do a bit of research into the species of plant you pick from for bonsai purposes you are sure to find exactly what you want.

Salmon Pink

Salmon pink flowering bonsai tree planted in a modern rectangular pot outside

The touch of orange that defines this hue of pink, known as salmon, is not as commonly found as a flower choice. But it is a show stopper and a beautiful addition to your other plants.

Elegant Lean

Slanting trunk of a pink flowering bonsai tree planted in a rectangular old pot

Allow your tree to learn and grow as if in a breezy passage. This growth habit hints at movement and flows as with the wind to provide a balance with nature, and a truly unique shape.

Autumnal Blooms

Large bonsai tree with many pink flowers situated outside

Mums bloom in the autumn as the weather begins to chill at night. They are a favored late summer, early fall choice for gardens, and are lovely as part of seasonal decoration. Plus, they add a ton of late-season blooms before the first freeze.

Many Branches

Maroon colored leaves of a bonsai tree with white trunk planted in a round flat surface

Trees often ‘sucker’ out from the bottom of the main trunk, and you can take advantage of these to create a mini forest with some careful cultivation. Pick an odd number to care for, and grow your own, private forest.

Twist & Turn

Pink flowering bonsai tree with a twisted trunk planted in a large pot in a park surrounded with other bonsai trees and several people on the background

Train not only your branches, but your roots and trunks to make one of a kind designs, patterns, and textures. Part of a bonsai is not only in the flowers but also the overall shape of the tree itself.

Simple Touch

Slant direction of bonsai branch with several peach flowers blooming planted in a rounded modern pot

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When cherry trees bloom, they do so prior to putting out their new growth and leaves. This means your tree showcases their blooms as the main attraction each spring, and your branch placement should be carefully planned.

Living Bouquet

Small bonsai tree blooming with pink flowers planted in a shiny rectangular shaped pot

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Like a living bouquet, these bonsai choices bring a touch of elegance to your desktop, windowsill, or office space- and are a perfect gift that keeps on giving to whoever is on the receiving end.

Wide Crowns


Bonsai planted in a vintage type of rounded pot blooming in pinkish flowers

Allow your bonsai to reach out and around to provide a spreading crown and a plethora of blooms when in season. If you choose an evergreen choice you have everlasting color and texture as well.

Well Manicured

Bonsai tree planted in a modern rounded pot situated in a solid platform blooming in orange flowers

Even though many of the trees are designed to provide a well-planned example of careful cultivation- it often allows a bit of wild growth for natural-looking placement. This well-manicured tree is perfect in all aspect, right down to the substrate it is planted on.

Up and Out

Tall bonsai tree with pink leaves and a white trunk and branches

You can most definitely make a tall, yet narrow tree out of your vegetation choices to fit into a small courtyard or pathway where something larger may not fit well. There is no reason you cannot enjoy the color and shape a tree brings to your space due to space constriction.

Rooted Focus

Bonsai roots going up serves as foundation and blooms in cute little pink flowers

The focus of this tree is more on the shaping of the roots rather than the looms themselves. Flowers come and go rather quickly in the growing season, but the shape of your tree is everlasting and provides something to gaze upon all year.

Tiny Tree

Little bonsai tree with twisted trunk and branches pointing to the left blooming with pink flowers

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This teeny, tiny tree is a perfect way to give a gift that keeps giving and is easy to place and put just about anywhere. The compact size is easy to transport and keep well trimmed.


If bonsai trees have been something you have been considering as an addition to your yard, garden, office, or home – then hopefully this list has provided you some ideas of the many hues, shapes, sizes, and textures you can take advantage of. Some easy cultivation and pruning skills are needed but are not difficult to acquire if you want to care for your own vegetation correctly. We’d love to see examples of your own trees below, and, as always, please share.