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10 Pretty Pink Christmas Tree Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the holidays right around the corner, boxes of decorations are getting pulled out and put up, and festivities are beginning. While reds, greens, whites, and silvers are commonplace around the holidays, you may find yourself looking to do something a little different with your Christmas tree this year.

Don’t have a “blue Christmas,” its time for pink to take over the holidays! Check out these delightfully pink Christmas tree ideas for your holiday season!

Posh Pastel pink

Pretty in pink? This tree is! Pastel pink glam puts a beautiful twist on home holiday decor. Whether the tree itself is pink, or the decorations filling the branches are, this beautiful color scheme is sure to wow friends and family alike.

Soft pink oversized ornaments and ribbons will bring this tree to life and become the life of the party without overpowering the room. Surround the tree with other pink pastel decor and watch your tree pop!

Bright Pink

Merry and bright pink! This color choice is a great way to make a statement. Whether you love a good bold look or prefer a more subtle approach, a bright pink tree does both.

Allow the pink tree to pop against stark white walls while adorning it with silver decorations to balance out the bright hue. Or, fill it with other bright-colored garlands and ornaments like blues and purples to bring that bold look to life!

Hint of Pink

Do you love the idea of a pink-colored tree but don’t want to ditch the classic evergreen Christmas tree? Try decorating your tree with different shades of pink ornaments mixed with other neutrals like white and silver.

This will create an overall look of a pink color scheme without overdoing it. Subtlety goes a long way with this look.

Mint and Pink Tree

A pink and mint color scheme is beautiful and perhaps a combination most would not expect. Mint is a great alternative to classic holiday greens!

Style your light pink Christmas tree with oversized pink and mint-colored decorations and fill it to the brim! The more the merrier with this look.

Pink Tulle Tree

Nothing is quite as whimsy as this pink tulle Christmas tree! Decorate with gold stars and you have yourself the most dreamy holiday decor. This tree would also be a great addition to a kid’s room or as a tabletop version for small spaces. Such a unique take on the classic Christmas tree!

Deep Pink

Do you find it hard to pull yourself away from the warm colors of the season? Try this deep pink-hued tree. The color keeps the warmth of the season in your living space but gives fresh new vibes to classic holiday decor! Decorate with lighter pinks and whites to make a simply beautiful statement.

Candyland Pink

There is no way around it, this concept is all about the fun! With a light pink tree as the base, use fun pastel pinks, purples, and blues to adorn the branches. With oversized and food-themed ornaments, the Candyland concept is sure to light up the faces of your family and friends this holiday season!

Pink Pampas Tabletop Tree

If you have a small space or love a good tablescape, try out these stunning pink pampas grass Christmas trees in your space. With a wonderful wispy bohemian vibe, this tree is great full of decorations or all on its own!

Ombre Pink Tree

Another great way to change up the classic holiday decor this year is by doing an ombre pink Christmas tree. With white at the top slowly transitioning to pink at the bottom, this look is subtle and sweet! Consider decorating with silvers and white ornaments to add just the right amount of color to the already beautiful tree.

North Pole Pink

While pinks and reds are often colors for Valentine’s, they also make a great color scheme for that Santa lover at Christmas time! A bright pink tree full of red tinsel, green decorations, and Santas in all shapes and sizes brings that Whoville feeling right into your home! This north pole-inspired pink tree does not need to be green to bring the Christmas spirit!

Pretty in Pink

Rosy pink cheeks aren’t the only pink things to look forward to this winter. Bring a whole new feeling to your holiday decor with a pink Christmas tree! Pastel pink, ombre pink, and pink pampas grass trees are subtle and keep a light feeling, while bold looks like the bright pink and north pole pink trees bring pizazz! Chances are you can find a pink Christmas tree to suit your tastes.

Do you love pink at Christmas? Share your thoughts below!