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6 Plant Care Apps To Help You Nurture Your Garden

Gardening has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and just like that, many people have turned to gardening as a new hobby. Now, there are many applications that can help you nurture your garden. Each app has different features and benefits that can support you in creating your outdoor oasis.

Using these apps can help you create a beautiful backyard garden and they can even identify the different plants you see and might like to grow yourself.

With these six plant care apps available on iOS and/or Android, you will be able to care for your plants with ease!


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If you are a forgetful gardener, Gardenia is the perfect gardening application for you. It is a very straightforward app and will provide you with all the information you need with quick, concise answers.

The app can set reminders for watering and other gardening needs. Add a plant from the app’s database to your list, and you’ll see six icons that indicate the plant’s ideal water level, fertilization, sun exposure, ideal soil type, blooming seasons, and the minimum temperature it needs for survival. What more could you need!

Free on both iOS and Android.


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Blossom is known for being jam-packed with knowledge. If you have a gardening question, it most definitely has information on it. The app is split into four tabs:

  • The “Search” tab functions as a library for detailed plant descriptions and care tips.
  • The “Explore” tab for discovering new plants.
  • The “Reminders” tab for setting up push notifications for watering, fertilizing, and repotting,
  • The “My garden” tab allows quick access to information about the plants you have.

Blossom is free on iOS devices and has in-app purchases as well as premium packages (upgrade to the premium version for $6.99/month or $19.99/year.)

Download from: Blossom


PictureThis Plant App

PictureThis is a great app to use if you have sick plants. Because it has a camera-enabled feature built into it, you can snap a picture of your plant and find out what’s going on in seconds.

The app will provide detailed information on what is wrong with your plant, how to treat it if possible, how to remove the plant if needed, and how to avoid it from happening again. It can also tell you if your plant is toxic, so you can keep a safe household.

There are two different upgrade packages: the gold membership and the premium membership.

With a gold membership, which costs $1.99/week or $4.99/month, you’ll get unlimited plant identifications, one customized advice from IRL plant experts, and weed identifications.

The premium package is $29.99 a year, and you’ll get everything from the free and gold packages and three extra pieces of customized advice.

Download from: PictureThis


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Planta is considered to be one of the best overall when it comes to gardening applications. The free version of this application features:

  • Logging the different species of plants you have at home.
  • Manually keeping track of the light in the room where your plants are.
  • Set up push notifications about when you should water them.
  • Detailed instructions about different watering methods — water over the soil, bottom watering, or water bath.

The application includes tips and guides on how to prune your plants, how to re-pot your pant and when that needs to be done, how to mist your plant, and everything you need to know about different kinds of fertilizer. The list goes on!

Planta is free on iOS but does have in-app purchases and to take advantage of everything planta has to offer. It’s rumored the upgraded version is the best.

Download from: Planta


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Florish is very similar to Planta, it may not have everything it has, but the app is completely free and offers a lot of great information.

Manually enter your plant species into Florish and it will give you a brief description of what your plants should look like when they’re healthy, care instructions telling you how much or little light they need, and how and when to water them. Plus, a list of common issues that can cause them to die off faster than expected.

But the app doesn’t just tell you what your plants need; it also teaches you tips and tricks on how to apply these lessons to your plant. You can also set reminders and find plant care tips.

Download from: Florish


ThePlantMe gardening application

This great app is for those who like to track the progress of their plants. This app is really simple to use. Just search for your plants in the app’s database and add them to your list.

Switch over to “your plants” and you’ll see a list of plants you’ve added. You will always have access to a description of the necessary needs and set up schedules, including reminders for watering and fertilizing.

Upload photos of your plant to the card once in a while, and you’ll have a visual record of your plants’ progress over time.

Download from: ThePlantMe

Grab Your Phone Now!

Gardening can be easy and relaxing if you know what you are doing! This list of the six best gardening apps can help you get all the information you need. Whatever you are looking for, there is a gardening app that can help you out. If you need help with your sick plants or just information on the plants you have in your garden, check out all these apps.