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20 Fun and Interesting Ways to Display Your Houseplants

Houseplants are a smart addition to any home decor, but finding the right places for them can be a challenge. Space, lighting, and even pets can cause issues with their placement. Whether you’re asking yourself where the heck to put your one potted cactus or you need help fitting more plants into your indoor jungle, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you in these awesome plant display ideas we’ve rounded up.

Move Over: Find More Spaces to Display Your Plants

1. Bookcases and Shelves

Bookcases, both on the shelves and on top are ideal places for your plants to make a home. Look for low profile growth that spreads or cascades to make the most of the space provided. If lighting is a concern you can always look for unique grow light styles to fit into your area.

plants on booksleves collage display ideas 1
Credit: TWENTY20

2. Kitchen Cabinets

The tops of kitchen cabinets are often one of the most overlooked areas in the house. Often high out of reach, they serve to hold those objects almost never used, or small knickknacks and collectibles. They also are perfect for cascading plants as well as those that trail along the ceiling. Again, you can use low profile grow lights if it is a concern.

plant display ideas 2 kitchen ceiling climbing plant
Credit: TWENTY20

3. Window Sill Displays

Take advantage of recessed window sills! This is an ideal spot for blooming plants, as well as indoor herb gardens. You can also add extra shelves to a window to make a more tiered effect.

plant display ideas 3 windowsill plants with cat pet tax
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4. End Tables

End tables are an obvious choice for houseplants but are often overlooked for lamps and baskets to hold various technologies. Don’t neglect these spaces and help bring to life these out of the way corners with light colored foliage, succulent baskets, and cheery seasonal blooms.

5. Television Stands

Don’t ignore the space your television stand offers. Even if you have a wall mounted tv, chances are you have shelving or other storage options for gaming systems and other technologies. Choose from cascading plants if your surface is higher up, or tall growing choices either on the floor below, or any tabletop you may have.

plant display ideas 4 plants on end tables tv stands and sideboarxds
Credit: TWENTY20

6. Sideboard Plants

Sideboards offer an excellent serving station and storage area for quality servingware, but also provide a surface you can take advantage of for decoration. This area offers a placement similar to a centerpiece and allows you to decorate with clusters of plants, or arrangements for seasonal displays.

7. Fireplace Mantle Displays

Even though many fireplace mantles are often a bit darker, you can most certainly brighten up the space around it by hanging plants from below it, and placing the above it. Mix and match taller growing choices with those that trail and vine to make a living swag you can decorate with the seasons. Look for small grow light options if sunlight is a concern.

plants on fireplace mantles traditional and modern settings
Credit: TWENTY20

8. Table Centerpiece

A formal dining table often has plenty of space for a formal centerpiece, and what’s better than a living option? You can easily change your plants up from season to season, or add small, decorative touches to our plants depending on the company. Consider small clusters of pots or baskets, or longer planting boxes for the centerpiece.

airy dining room with plant on table and white walls
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Repurpose: Display Your Plants with Items You Might Have

9. Fish Tank Plant Displays

Empty fish tanks make wonderful planters. You can either layer them with drainage and soil for indoor planting, or use them as a creative base to set various pots and plants within as a type of container garden. Set them near windows, below wall mounted televisions, or along long, empty walls spaces.

plant display idea fish tank planter
Credit: PetFishPlants

10. Terrariums

Terrariums of all shapes and sizes can be made from decorative china with old fish bowls turned upon them, unused vases, or any other clear glass product to encompass various small plantings that make their own environment. These are awesome focal features when placed throughout a house.

terrarium plant display idea
Credit: TWENTY20

11. Bird Cages

Birdcages placed on flat surfaces or hung in various places are awesome for your houseplants. Vining plants in particular climb and hang from these delicate features, and make them a wholly unique choice for display.

plants in bird cages for display
Credit: TWENTY20

12. Indoor Plant Trellis

Either find or create a trellis you can place on your wall to hang your plants from. You can also create small shelving and use the trellis as a backdrop to prop up against for a truly different houseplant display.

plant display ideas 12 trellis indoor plant hanger
Credit: TWENTY20

13. Ladder Displays

Old ladders provide ample opportunity to create a unique display. Hand from a ceiling, mount on a wall, lean against a wall, or prop up and use the space provided to stack your potted plants, trail your vines upon, or hang cascading choices from.

plants on ladders in different styles for display ideas
Credit: TWENTY20

14. Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are cheap and spacious. They can be hung on the wall as a shelf or stacked in a bookcase. They also can be built into footstools, television stands, and all sorts of unique furniture. Take advantage of their space to place your favorite houseplants in and on.

plant display ideas 13 wooden crates
Credit: TWENTY20

15. Serving Stands

Single and multi tiered serving stands make awesome supports for potted plants. You can mix and match textures, colors, and style to create a garden that builds from your floor upwards with these choices. They also lend height to tables, bar tops, and counters.

plants arranged on serving stand in enclosed porch sunroom
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Buy or DIY: Display Your Plants in New Spaces

16. Window Plant Hangers

Smaller hanging pots work wonderfully well in windows frames. Simply invest in durable hanging hooks or take advantage of existing curtain rods to hang lightweight plants from.  Look for plants that love sunlight, either direct or indirect. Bathroom windows are often popular due to the increase in moisture to help them thrive.

plant display ideas window hanging plants
Credit: TWENTY20

17. Ceiling Hangings

High arching doorways, over the table hangings, and rooms with exposed beams all provide excellent places to hang larger, cascading plants. Allow them to hang and drape over tables like a chandelier,  provide an entryway into a living area, or add aesthetics over a bathtub.

hanging plant display indoors macrame plant holders hang from ceiling
Credit: TWENTY20

18. Floating Display Shelves

Purposely install floating shelves to create a unique wall display that will make your various potted plants look as if they are growing out of the wall. Place with objects that compliment the greenery and blooms with books on horticulture, gardening, small watering cans, and antique pieces like silver tea sets- which make good planters as well.

plants on floating shelves
Credit: TWENTY20

19. DIY Built-Ins and Stands

Create flower stands using old furniture, build your own tiered option, build from the ceiling down… the ideas are endless. All you need is some basic carpentry skills and some power tools to work with the vision you have of showcasing your various houseplant.

Plant display ideas build your own to fit
Credit: TWENTY20

20. Living Pictures

Create a living picture from hardy succulents. These can be hung easily and taken down to water from time to time both indoors and out. With care, they will continue to grow and become more and more dense, and thus stable for display.

plant display ideas picture frame succulents living wall art
Credit: TWENTY20


Don’t feel limited in your houseplant choices due to a lack of space. You can place your favorite indoor vegetation in many areas you may have not ever considered and bring a unique, decorative touch to your home in no time. In fact, once you start looking around, you may find that you have more options that you ever realized, and will need a future trip to a garden nursery!

We’d love to see and hear of your favorite houseplant placements, so let us see below, and as always, please share!

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