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10 of the Most Beautiful Flowering Shrubs to Plant Today

Looking to add some beauty to your garden? Don’t overlook shrubs! These flowering varieties are a great way to add color to any garden or yard, especially in the spring! These are the 10 most beautiful flowering shrubs you need to plant today.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush, pink flowers in a cone shape
Image credits: Sonja_Kalee via Pixabay

This shrub blooms in spring and summer and, living up to its name, attracts many different kinds of butterflies and insects. Butterfly Bush can grow in a variety of sizes and has small purple or pink flowers in a cone shape. You don’t need to worry about deer, as they tend to not eat this plant. Make sure to plant in the spring or fall, before the first frost, in a place with lots of sun.

Keep in mind that some places consider this an invasive plant, so make sure to check with your state or county before planting!


large pink blossoms, rhododendron
Image credits: Matthiasboeckel via Pixabay

Rhododendron plants have sprial leaves and pink and red flowers, and can even be molded into shapes while it grows! This shrub prefers damp and cool soil, and comes in a variety of types and sizes. But most versions are moderate in size, averaging approximatley a foot and half tall, though some can grow close to 70 times that!

Also, if you plant this shrub and then decide you need to move it, Rhododendron’s short roots are very transplant friendly! But, Rhododendrons can sometimes be susceptible to caterpillars and aphids, among other critters.


Large pink, purple and blue flowers, hydrangeas
Image credits: Hans via Pixabay

If you’re looking for another shrub that blooms in the spring and summer, Hydrangeas are a staple in any garden. Be mindful of space though, as these plants can grow over 10 feet tall! Hydrangeas are a hardy perennial, but dislike the heat of full sun.

Do some research before deciding what variety you’d like, as some types fair better in certain zones. And, as a fun bonus, you can change Hydrangeas colors by planting in different types of soil! Their flower bunches can range from blues and purples to pinks and reds.


large pink flowers, roses
Image credits: ChiemSeherin via Pixabay

Roses can come in climbing, mini, or other varieties of sizes and colors – even blue! The petals can also come in blended or striped combinations. Plant these in spring, or late fall, if your climate is warmer. This shrub likes sun, but doesn’t appreciate lots of heat.

And remember to wear gloves when planting! There is a reason that rose’s thorns are so popular in literature.

Bridal Wreath

small white flower blossoms, Bridal Wreath
Image credits: GooKingSword via Pixabay

Bridal Wreath is a great option to break away from the reds and pinks of many shrubs. This plant blooms white petals in early spring, and may bloom sooner than other plants in your garden. Different from flowers that grow in balls, Bridal Wreath has great arching branches.

This shrub prefers sun, and if shaded too much it will not flower as well. This plant is a great low-maintenance option, with minimal pruning paired with a durable and hardy tendency.

Flowering Quince

bright red flowers, flowering quince
Image credits: Nowaja via Pixabay

Another tolerant and easy to care for shrub is Flowering Quince. This shrub is a large plant with red flowers, and can grow in harsh conditions, even clay. This plant blooms very early in the spring, and there is a good chance it will be the first flowers you see after winter! Full sun will allow for more buds, and produces a hard and tart type of fruit. These can go into jams and baked goods, but you might have a hard time eating them raw.

And if you don’t want to eat the fruit, no worries! Animals may even take care of them for you.

Korean Spice Viburnum

small pink and white flowers, korean spice viburnum
Image credits: Ralphs_Fotos via Pixabay

This medium-sized shrub is a fragrant option that blooms in early spring. This plant has large balls of white flowers with pinkish red centers. This is a tolerant plant, and can produce fruit, but we don’t suggest eating these ones. Korean Spice Viburnum is a great option to attract butterflies as well as birds.

The leaves also turn a gorgeous dark red in the fall.

Mountain Laurel

pink and white hexagon buds, mountain laurel
Image credits: Nennieinszweidrei via Pixabay

Mountain Laurel has great green leaves and interesting white and pink hexagon-shaped flowers. This plant can vary in size and typically bloom in the spring. Native to Eastern North America, most varieties of this shrub do not like strong heat. They are also a little bit more partiuclar on the type of soil they like, prefering it to be well-drained and acidic.

Mountain Laurel is also an evergreen, so its deep green leaves are visible all year.

Daphne Shrubs

large white flowers with pink centers, daphne shrub
Image credits: Buntysmom via Pixabay

This is a smaller shrub, but don’t let its size fool you into dismissing its fragrance. Daphne Shrubs usually only grow to a few feet, and bloom in late spring. You may find they spring into color after others blossomed earlier in the season. They are also an evergreen,  with their leaves appearing even in the colder seasons.

Make sure you are careful when choosing the location of Daphne Shrubs. Unlike Rhododendrons, these plants don’t like to be moved, and also grow slower than other options. Yet, the great smells from the smaller clusters of pink or white flowers are well worth the wait. Daphne Shrubs also cannot handle harsh winters, so do your research before choosing these plants for your yard.


small purple flower stalks, lilac
Image credits: Mikes-Photography via Pixabay

Of course we couldn’t forget about Lilac when choosing beautiful flowering shrubs! Lilacs have fragrant purple flowers, and while they may have a shorter blooming season, they are well worth it. Lilacs are also an easier option to maintain, and attract hummingbirds and bees. They prefer full sun, but well-drained soil. This plant requires only minimal upkeep, but would do well with some pruning.

There are even festivals in different parts of the world that hold lilac festivals to celebrate their blooming. This is definitely one ot keep in mind for almost any garden. And because Lilacs grow tight together, it can make a good privacy screen. But, be careful not to overcrowd them.

Flowering Shrubs for Your Garden

This is only a small list of gorgeous shrubs to add to your garden. Shrubs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and temperments, so you can be sure you’ll find something that will work for your garden or yard.

Keep in mind that some shrubs, like the Butterfly Bush, can be listed as invasive where you live, or may not grow well in your temperature zone. We suggest doing some research to ensure your shrubs have the best chance to blossom!