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Planting By The Moon

There are so many things to factor in when you’re dealing with outdoor gardening and the growth of the vegetation around your property. But did you know that the cycles of the moon play a big role, too? Yep, that’s right. Watering and weeding isn’t enough, you should be following the lunar cycle to help your plants along.

Just like it affects the tides of the oceans, the gravitational pull of the moon also affects the flow of water in the soil. So when the gravitational pull is strongest, that’s when you should be planting yours seeds. And likewise, when it’s weak, you should be harvesting and mowing your grass.

Everything can be learned by planting according to the lunar positions. Everything from what types of plants to seed and how much to water. But for more on the topic of planting by the moon, check out this awesome infographic from Organic Lessons.

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