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6 Plants to Plant Now for Your Fall Garden

As the cool weather approaches, your garden may start losing color as summer blooms and plants begin to wither away for the season. Fortunately, while most plants grow best in warm weather, there are several options that you can plant right now and enjoy well into the fall season.

Below, you’ll find the best short-season veggies and fast-growing, fall-blooming plants that will be perfect for your fall garden.

Flowers to Plant Now for Your Fall Garden


Chrysanthemums for fall garden
Image credits: genniebee512 via Pixabay

Chrysanthemums (also known as mums) are a classic fall favorite, so it’s no surprise they’ve made it onto this list. They come in various shades and cultivar types, though orange and red varieties are the most popular options for a fall garden.

Mums prefer ample sunlight to bloom, though they can survive in partial shade. They thrive in well-drained soil with plenty of organic material, and it’s best to keep them moist throughout the season. Also, frequently fertilize mums while they’re growing, discontinuing the process once buds have formed. Remember to deadhead regularly to encourage new growth.

Late summer or early autumn is the best time to plant, so get your mums in the ground now. You can also plant these low-maintenance perennials in the spring and enjoy them throughout the summer and fall, making them the best option for abundant growth.


Close up of aster flowers
Image credits: Ralphs_Fotos via Pixabay

Aster, from the Latin word for “star,” describes the shape of these luscious purple, blue, or pink flowers exactly. The plants have lived throughout history, exist in many legends, and have even been considered sacred.

Asters make an excellent addition to your fall garden. Depending on the variety, the plant can range from 6 inches to 8 feet tall, making it a great choice to add dimension to your space. They also attract pollinators, which will help your plants blossom throughout the fall.

To avoid powdery mildew, don’t crowd these plants. Also, remember that they need well-drained soil and plenty of sun to thrive best. And don’t forget to deadhead any spent blooms! With these conditions, you’ll have Asters blooming throughout autumn.


Field of pink and orange snapdragons
Image credits: CaiYJ via Pixabay

Snapdragons are a crowd favorite, but if you don’t already have these earth-shattering blooms in your garden, it’s time to plant them. While there are many benefits to growing them, they are especially perfect for fall as they are cold-hardy and come in plenty of different colors.

These bountiful blossoms prefer full to partial sun and well-drained soil. Keep them in low light during weather above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and bright sun on cooler days to encourage growth. With that in mind, they’re excellent container plants, whether you want them to be a show-stopping centerpiece or fill a pot on their own.

Like many flowering plants, snapdragons require regular deadheading to thrive and produce new blooms and will bloom from fall until the late spring before the high temperatures arrive!

Vegetables to Plant Now for Your Fall Garden


various varieties of lettuce growing in a garden
Image credits: Th G via Pixabay

Whether you prefer kale, spinach, or any other variety of lettuce, you can plant it now and enjoy it throughout the fall. Lettuce is incredibly easy to grow in your garden or containers and thrives in cooler temperatures. It can be ready in as little as 30 days after the seeds have germinated.

Since the plants are shallow-rooted, they don’t need as much water as other veggies, but they may need to be watered more often. Watering twice a week should be enough depending on the temperature and weather conditions. You can also fertilize to encourage strong, healthy, and flavorful leaves.

Once the lettuce leaves are around 6 inches long, you can harvest the leaves or a full head, depending on the variety. With loose-leaf lettuce, you can continue harvesting throughout the fall season! Remember to plant lettuce by the end of August for a late fall harvest.


Carrots growing in ground
Image credits: Eva Bronzini via Pexels

Carrots are a delicious vegetable and make an excellent side to all your summer meals. They grow well in the cooler weather of the fall, too! They grow best in deep, fertilized, and well-drained soil. Opt for airy and loose soil, free of any debris or stones that may impact the forming of the root.

The plants need a bit more water to develop, so regularly check the soil moisture and water. Finally, the plants prefer eight hours of direct sunlight, so choose a bright and sunny spot in your garden when planting. You can plant carrots in spring for a mid-summer harvest, or do it now and enjoy the delicious orange veggies by the end of fall!

You can also grow carrots from carrots, which is a convenient and fun option for any gardener!


close up of radish in ground
Image credits: Wenzlerdesign via Pixabay

Radishes are another cold weather option and thrive when planted in loose, deep soil. They grow quickly given regular watering, though underwatering will result in root stress and thus a poor flavor and texture. Radishes also prefer at least six hours of sun per day, so plant in a well-lit location.

Like carrots, you can plant radishes in spring or the early days of fall, depending on when you’d like to harvest. After planting, radishes will be ready for harvest in three to five weeks.

Fallin’ for Your Fall Garden!

Whether you prefer flowers, veggies, or both, you can plant anything from this list now and enjoy your fruits of labor throughout the fall season! In general, they all prefer cool weather and plenty of sun to thrive. This way, summer doesn’t have to be the end of your gardening season.

Will you plant any of these flowers or veggies for the fall season? Share in the comments below!