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12 Plants That Act As Natural Spider Repellents

Having spiders in your garden isn’t always problematic. They catch in their webs insects, such as aphids, mosquitos, flies, or wasps, and later they feed on them. These pests can potentially harm your plants, not to mention they can also sting you. So you can consider spiders as the security guards that control the healthy balance in your backyard.

However, since they aren’t picky, they consume anything that will fall into their trap. Unfortunately, it also includes pollinators. The last thing you want to happen is the lack of pollinators in your garden since they work hard to keep your plants blooming. Another downside of hosting spiders in your yard is that their webs complicate walking freely without falling into them.

So if you don’t want to be too hospitable for spiders in your garden and don’t want to use any pest control products, we recommend you plant at least one of the twelve plants below that work as a natural spider repellent.

1. Basil

Handing holding basil
Image credits: Melody Zimmerman via Unplsash

Basil is famous for being the main ingredient in pesto as well as making your whole herb garden smell delightful in late summer. But did you know it repels spiders too? Those fragrant basil plants in your herb garden could help keep your yard spider-free.

2. Lavender

Row of lavender plants
Image credits: Hans via Pixabay

Is there anything lavender can’t do? A few sprigs of fresh lavender in the bath will help you relax after a long day. Knowing that the smell of lavender keeps spiders away will probably help you relax, too! A beautiful purple border of lavender around your yard will keep spiders at a distance.

3. Mint

Mint plants
Image credits: Josefin via Unsplash

Mint is so versatile, it’s basically a must-have in any herb garden. Pot up some herb plants to live on the counter if you want the strong fragrance to repel spiders inside your home. When planting mint outside, it’s a good idea to plant them in a pot because it can become very invasive if left unchecked.

4. Rosemary

Rosemary plants
Image credits: Na visky via Unsplash

Another calming herb of the Mediterranean variety, the strong smell of rosemary will keep spiders at bay. In fact, a mixed border of rosemary and lavender around your yard will be beautiful, fragrant, and spider free. What’s more, you can easily add a sprig or two to your meal if you have some growing indoors.

5. Chrysanthemum

Yellow chrysanthemum flowers
Image credits: Jason Sung via Unsplash

The beautiful flowers of the chrysanthemum plant will brighten up any space. They can be a beautiful addition to any yard that will also keep spiders away thanks to a compound called pyrethrins. Beautiful and useful.

6. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus leaves
Image credits: April Pethybridge via Unsplash

You’ll need a large yard and plenty of time to grow a eucalyptus tree of your own, but a few leaves in a flower display will help repel spiders. Eucalyptus is also one of the plants that repel flies. The strong scent of eucalyptus is known to repel insects and other bugs, spiders included!

7. Marigold

Yellow marigolds
Image credits: Terriell Scrimager via Unsplash

Another beautiful flower makes it onto the list! Marigolds have a unique scent that spiders, mosquitoes, and even lice aren’t fond of. Plant a few in your vegetable garden, in containers around your garden, or even in a pot on a sunny windowsill to keep spiders at bay.

8. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm leaves
Image credits: zrenate via Pixabay

A type of mint, lemon balm can be a very effective pest deterrent in your yard. Another strong smelling herb that pests aren’t fond of. It would be most effective growing in a pot in your kitchen, as lemon balm, like all mints, can become very invasive if left unchecked in the garden.

9. Citronella

Citronella plant
Image credits: sarangib via Pixabay

Citronella is well known for being one of the 35 plants that repel mosquitoes, But did you know that spiders also dislike the smell of citronella? Plant citronella around your home wherever you don’t want spiders lurking.

10. Onions

Freshly harvested onions
Image credits: Townsend Walton via Unsplash

Delicious, nutritious, and fragrant. Pests don’t like strong-smelling things, spiders included. Planting some onions throughout your vegetable will help keep spiders away. Onions will also deter rodents from helping themselves to your vegetable garden.

11. Dill

Dill flowers
Image credits: Sandra Alekseeva via Unsplash

Dill is an unassuming herb in the celery family. It’s usually not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fragrant herbs, but the smell of dill is known to deter spiders and other bugs.

12. Citrus

Citrus fruit on the tree
Image credits: Brienne Hong via Unsplash

Spiders aren’t too fond of the smell of citrus oil. You can grow citrus trees in your yard if you live in a favorable climate. If you don’t, save any citrus peels to use as a spider deterrent. You could rub the fresh peels on counters and windowsills or even make your own counter cleanser with white vinegar and citrus peels. Your house will smell like lemons and be spider free.

The Last Word

If you consider the plants above, your yard will be bursting with beautiful flowers and fragrant plants. It will be a fiesta for the human senses, but spiders won’t be able to stand it! You won’t have to worry about a creepy bug with too many legs and eyes hiding in the corner when your yard is filled with all this delicious-smelling beauty.

As mentioned above, spiders can be useful in your yard when it comes to keeping pests in check. That being said, too many spiders could result in all the pollinators being stuck in a sticky web, so it’s all about balance. And the plants above will help keep spiders away from you.