These 7 Plants Can Add Value To Your Home
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These 7 Plants Can Add Value To Your Home

As you work on the landscaping around the home, you may want to consider some plants that specifically add some value to your home – especially if you anticipate selling any time in the next few years. From trees to shrubs or bushes, blooming and leafy beauty – these plants all add some value for potential buyers but also some value for your own pleasure in the meantime.

Choose the plants you can care for, though, to help nurture them into the plants that you’re looking for.


Image credits: subak214 via Pixabay

Roses are always a favorite with homeowners. The beautiful shrubs growing with vibrantly colored blooms have been known to be that wow factor that convinces someone to take that plunge.

And with the wide range of rose species, you can choose exactly the variety that fits your space, from climbing roses for that trellised arch or shrubs for the side garden space. Choose roses that blend well with the overall mood of the space or craft the landscaping around the roses to match them – whichever you prefer.


pink-red honeysuckle
Image credits: bernswaelz via Pixabay

There’s something incredibly alluring about the sweet scent of honeysuckle. Not just for hummingbirds and honeybees, but for those looking for some beauty in their lives. Honeysuckle is a sure-fire way to attract the many-legged and two-legged species to our homes.

They’re low maintenance, beautiful, and highly fragrant, plus you can plant honeysuckle as a shrub or a climbing plant – whichever best suits your landscaping needs.

Maple Trees

maple tree
Image credits: pieonane via Pixabay

Maple trees are one of the most attractive plants you can add to your landscaping scheme. They grow up to 22 feet tall, but start off as attractive young saplings as well. They provide shade, places for the kids to play (eventually!), beautiful colorful leaves in the autumn, and fairly easy care.

They do need pruning every year, but otherwise, maples are a stunning, easy-to-care-for tree option that will add instant value to your property. Who doesn’t love maple?


magnolia tree in bloom
Image credits: Jill Wellington via Pixabay

Coming in both white and pinkish-mauve blooms, the magnolia tree is a stunning floral choice for your home. The beautiful trees provide stunning blossoms all spring, shade in spring and summer, and in the south, leafy branches all year.

Depending on the variety of the magnolia, you’ll find they bloom much of the year (primarily the large, white magnolias in the South or the pinkish varieties that bloom multiple times of the year) and add stunning beauty nearly all year long.


Image credit: 153photostudio via Canva

Nandina, or heavenly bamboo, is an all-season shrub that adds lovely greenery and red berries to wherever they’re planted. (It should be noted: the berries are inedible!) The plants are low maintenance, stunning, and very versatile. They do well in full shade, partial shade, or full sun. In spring they pop out in white blooms, in fall they hang out their bright red berries, and leafy greens year-round.


azalea plant by Japanese outdoor decor piece
Image credits: Ilona Ilyés via Pixabay

A popular floral shrub that adds instant value to any home is the azalea. This colorful, vibrant, multi-seasonally blooming shrub option comes in an array of shades from white with pink hearts to deep wine red, bright white, brilliant crimson, purples, pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows in a range of shades.

The plant is best known for blooming in spring, but certain varieties will bloom a few times a year, depending on your region (i.e., warmer climates). The hardy plant does well in areas with filtered sunlight or partial shade.

Azaleas are low cost, low maintenance, and definitely add that instant “wow” factor upon planting.


Image credits: Thomas Martin via Pixabay

If you live in a drier climate, succulents are an amazing choice for your landscaping. The stunning plants come in a range of varieties and species that come in all shades of green, with accent colors and unique embellishments.

Succulents are hardy and have a range of growing habits and needs and make for the perfect choices in xeriscaping, container gardens, or direct landscaping projects. And because they’re vibrant in color year-round, they truly make an excellent choice for attracting prospective buyers.

Choose Your Favorite for the Best Value

Ultimately, any of these plants will add value to your home for the beauty they provide, shade offered, or pollinators attracted. The key, though, as you choose, is selecting plants you thoroughly enjoy looking at and caring for, even if for a short time before selling. It’s also important to select the plants that will do well in your climate. Succulents, for example, would be a poor choice for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, while honeysuckle would be an excellent choice there.