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12 Plants That Repel Slugs and Snails

As an avid gardener, you have to face plenty of challenges to make your garden healthy and look its best. You need to make sure that your plants have enough sunlight and water, and that the soil contains all of the proper nutrients and is of good quality. However, one of the biggest issues is slugs and snails that constantly try to feed in your garden. 

Slugs and snails, once they appear, are extremely difficult to get rid of. They mostly feed on leaves that are easy to chew on, thin, and soft, leaving your garden messed up and destroyed. To not let this situation happen, it is best to grow plants that repel them. 

Some plants have developed a natural protection against slugs and snails. They can produce bitter substances or poisons that make snails and slugs avoid them, which consequently prevents them from appearing in your garden. Help protect your home crops with these 12 effective plants that repel slugs and snails.


Lavender Flowers in the Field
Image credits: MsLibri from Pixabay via Canva

Lavender not only looks and smells great but also works perfectly as snails and slugs repellent. What is more, the oil made from lavender is commonly used as a DIY pest control against bugs. There is no need to grow it all around your garden. Due to its strong scent, you can grow just a few plants to deter uninvited guests to your garden. You can also move a potted lavender to the area that is most vulnerable to attacks.


Image credits: webentwicklerin from Pixabay via Canva

Growing rosemary in your garden will allow you to have kitchen spice at hand and effectively repel mollusks so they can’t damage other plants. You can also harvest rosemary and make a DIY spray repellent for snails and slugs. Rosemary is so effective against them because they hate its smell so much that they never approach the zone of its fragrance. 


Image credits: Imagesbybarbara via Canva

Slugs and snails hate plants with a strong scent, and since the Catmint has a really strong odor, they don’t dare to come close to it. Thanks to that, this plant is able to effectively protect your entire garden. This plant can grow really tall and quickly cover large areas, so try to find a variety that will be easy to maintain. 


wormwood plants
Image credits: Carmen Hauser via Canva

Wormwood is one of these plants that slugs and snails just cannot tolerate, and they run away from it every time. You can also consider growing it due to its fragrant leaves that have many uses in DIY projects. According to experts, Silver Mound Wormwood and Powis Castle are the two best kinds you can plant to fight against slugs and snails.

Fern Plants

Fern Plants
Image credits: skhoward via Canva

Effective fight against slugs in your garden can not do without having fern plants around. What is great about this plant is that they are easy to grow and requires almost zero maintenance. Mollusks hate fern plants because their leaves are thick and difficult to digest. Another great advantage of fern plants is that there are plenty of different types of them, so everybody can find something that will match the style of their outdoor space.


Image credits: Steven Willetts via Canva

If you want not only to get rid of slugs and snails but also to transform your garden into a magical place, consider growing Fuschia. This plant looks just spectacular thanks to its colorful leaves and steams and will be your best friend in the fight against a common enemy. Slugs and snails avoid it despite its attractive blooms.

Japanese Anemone

Japanese anemone
Image credits: AnnekeDeBlok via Canva

Japanese Anemone isn’t the easiest plant to grow on this list, but since it can serve you like a slug and snail repellent, therefore it is worth giving it a try. Another great advantage is that it has very colorful leaves that make your garden stand out from the neighbors. Since they are so pleasant to look at, they can be a perfect addition to your landscape.


Hydrangea Flowers Blooming
Image credits: Kapa65 from Pixabay via Canva

If your goal is to get rid of troublesome attackers, but you also pay attention to aesthetics, we have a perfect solution. There aren’t many plants that will not only dive off the invaders but also beautify your garden as much as Hydrangeas. These plants bloom with gorgeous colors and unique shapes that will catch the eye of everyone visiting your backyard. 


Image credits: olgatroy1 via Canva

Geraniums are one of these plants that are mostly used for DIY pest control. They are so effective in the fight against the slugs due to the defensive barrier on their leaves that cannot be digested by them. They are also super easy to grow and maintain and come in many types, so you can easily find something for yourself.

Holly Leaves

European Holly Leaves
Image credits: Jeanne Emmel via Canva

Holly Leaves are well-known thanks to their use during Christmas. However, not many people know that they are also a great plant for fighting pests. The reason why they are so successful is the natural poison their leaves contain. What is more, they have sharp edges that are too difficult for snails to crawl over. 

Lamb’s ears

Lamb’s Ear leaves
Image credits: Alex_Schmidt via Canva

Stachys Byzantina, better known as Lamb’s ears due to the unique shape of its leaves, is very effective when it comes to slugs and snails deterrence. It is able to make pests not come close thanks to its thorny edge around the leaves. They can easily cut snails’ underside, so they know it is better not to crawl over them. 


Image credits: jfollby via Canva

There are more than 1800 species of Begonias, so if you wanted your garden to be both protected from pests and colorful, you couldn’t have found a better plant. They scare away snails and slugs, and they are also resistant to their damage, as long as it is minimal. Once you plant Begonias, your garden will just look spectacular!

To Sump Up

Having a healthy and beautiful garden means it has to be protected from snails and slugs. Although you can always use chemicals to fight against them, we recommend you use more natural ways, and we believe that growing plants that repel slugs and snails is one of the best methods. Thanks to these plants, your garden will not only be guarded but also full of colors and scents that will make it stand out!

Let us know which plant you find the best, and as always, please share!