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8 Indoor Plants That Thrive in Your Humid Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the most humid rooms in the house, which can make it difficult to keep your plants thriving there. However, if you stick to one of these seven indoor bathroom plants that flourish in humid environments, your plant life will remain healthy and happy for a long time.


White Gardenia Flower with dewy green leaves
Image credit: LuizMorais via Pixabay

The gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides) grow anywhere from three to eight feet high and produces fragrant, white flowers. It’s a good option for homes with long winters, because you can bring it inside! Because of its love of warmth and humidity, that also makes it one of the best bathroom plants.

Be sure to provide your gardenia with bright sunlight or artificial light as needed during colder months of winter. You can either bring it outside on warmer days or place a grow light next to it inside your home. However, do not overwater your gardenia! Overwatering is one of the most common ways you can kill your plant; thus, it’s important to follow specific watering guidelines based on where you live and how much sunlight your plant receives each day.


Modern white bathroom tiles tiled wall with shower curtain open window and sunny bright natural sunlight light and potted colorful orchid flower decoration in domestic home interior design
Image credit: Andriy Blokhin via Shutterstock

Adding a splash of color to your bathroom is as easy as placing an orchid on your counter. Orchids can thrive in bathrooms with high humidity, so you don’t have to worry about its water requirements. The more frequently you clean your bathroom, though, the better it will be for your orchid, since they do need fresh air. If you plan on keeping it near the shower, make sure that there is some kind of barrier between it and all that water – moisture is especially not good due to root rot . Additionally, misting or fertilizing isn’t necessary, just keep your orchid out of direct sunlight and under 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


Green leaf ferns decorated on top of washbasin counter in a modern bathroom.
Image credit: WichitS via Shutterstock

This plant is a great choice for bathrooms because it can thrive without much sunlight. This stunning and overflowing plant grows best when it gets water every couple of days. Although ferns are not tropical plants, they do like to stay warm, so an office with a humidifier or bathroom would be ideal spots to keep them.

Put a container of pebbles or rocks at its base to add some humidity; you’ll notice your fern will thrive if it sits on top of them. If you don’t have those materials handy, just spray the fern with a mister. In addition to the moisture that this provides, the misting also helps keep mold away. 

Nerve Plant

Nerve plant in white pots
Image credit: G.Ra via Shutterstock

This hardy bathroom plant is known for its variegated leaves that can add an exotic touch to your decor. Although it requires moist soil and prefers a humid environment, the nerve plant can tolerate dry air. This plant is ideal for bathrooms since it doesn’t require lots of light and enjoys humidity. The most common variety, “Strawberry Fields,” has lovely pink-and-white bicolor leaves and grows to about 10 inches tall. You’ll need a shallow pot as nerve plants root along their stems, so deep pots will stunt them.


Small bright bathroom with subway tiles and a variety of green potted plants such as a pancake plant and swiss cheese plant creating an urban jungle
Imagae credit: Luoxi via Shutterstock

This tropical plant thrives on neglect, making it an ideal bathroom plant. It only needs watering once every week or two, but it should be potted in a wide, shallow planter and kept near a shower (in bathrooms with windows or exhaust fans). Because monsteras prefer humidity and darkness, they do well under cabinets and in bathrooms where steam tends to build up. You’ll want to water less frequently if you place your monsteras there.

Since they get so much moisture from shower steam, they don’t need as much direct water. Some varieties of monsteras grow fairly quickly and may need repotting within two years. However, even an older potted monstera will eventually produce leaves long enough to reach up to the ceiling, so you’ll need to keep that in mind.

Spider Plant

Spider plant
Image credits: Susan Wilkinson via Unsplash

Spider plants are another great option to consider for bathroom plants because they’re hardy and easy to grow, even when you’re not around the home. They don’t mind a little mist from your shower, and they’ll give you small white flowers that look like spiders if you keep them happy. Just be sure not to let the soil dry out completely.

The spider plant is one of the most convenient bathroom plants to grow. All you need is indirect light from a window or from artificial light. If you’re looking for something that won’t require too much work, then this might be perfect for your space. Just put it near the window and water it occasionally and it’ll take care of itself!

English Ivy

English Ivy
Image credits: jatrax via Canva

Though it can’t take too much direct sunlight, English ivy is another resilient plant for humid bathroom conditions. It’s great at purifying the air with its green leaves, so it’s perfect for any space where there might be allergies or asthma flare-ups. The only downside is that it has a tendency to grow like wild and spread outside of its pot. If you use this in your bathroom it could become a jungle in no time!

Snake Plant

snake plant shrub
Image by Tanuj Handa  via Pixabay

The snake plant has very narrow and thin leaves, and this is exactly how it received its name. It’s relatively carefree and grows best in medium light conditions. The snake plant is easy to take care of and can help purify your bathroom’s air quality. It also emits oxygen at night, which is helpful when you want a good night’s sleep! You can put it on a bookshelf or hang it from a hook — snake plants don’t need much attention at all. They’re also great for people who have asthma because they’re known to filter out some of the toxins that make breathing difficult.

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Finding just the right bathroom plant can be a great way to add some additional color and life to the space, and because these types of plants enjoy a humid environment, they’ll thrive at the same time. Let us know in the comments below which plant you chose!