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7 Plants To Plant With Cilantro

Do you love the flavor of cilantro and are looking for something to add a little more pizzazz to your garden? Planting companion herbs and vegetables with cilantro is an excellent way to spruce up how this versatile herb looks, smells, and tastes. Whether you’re a novice gardener or a seasoned veteran with green thumbs, pairing cilantro with other plant species can boost its performance in both form and aroma.

Learn about seven plants that make great companions for cilantro and how they can help keep your culinary game on point!


Gardener holding carrots
Image credits: Markus Spiske via Pexels

First on the list — carrots. Carrots and cilantro make an impressive pair because they both do well in cool climates. Both plants have similar soil conditions and watering needs, meaning they grow well in the same bed or container. 

Companion planting cilantro with carrots is also a great way to naturally combat garden pests like aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, and potato beetles. 

Planting these two together creates a balance in your garden: You get nutritious vegetables that taste amazing together while keeping your garden healthy and pest-free.


Image credits: mrmac04 via morguefile

Chard is another excellent companion plant for cilantro. Chard provides a natural source of shade for the herb. Plus, both plants have the same fertilizer, watering, and neutral pH level requirements. A happy plant is a helpful plant!


Image credits: Mirko Fabian via Pixabay

Radish is another fantastic vegetable to pair with cilantro. Radishes are cool-weather crops that prefer well-draining soil. When planted together, radishes will help loosen compacted soil and aerate the roots of nearby cilantro plants. Additionally, cilantro protects against pesky insects like whiteflies and aphids.


Pimpinella anisum
Image credits: guentermanaus via Shutterstock

Anise is a member of the carrot family and also makes a great companion plant for cilantro. Anise is a fragrant herb that helps repel certain pests like aphids. Similar to cilantro, it prefers cool climates, making them ideal companion plants.

Cilantro can enhance the formation of the anise seed, increasing its potential yield. In addition, companion planting cilantro with anise can also attract beneficial pollinators to your garden and increase the diversity of its wildlife. Anise’s sweet-smelling flowers are especially attractive to butterflies, bees, and beetles.

When planted side-by-side with cilantro in a sunny spot, these two plants create an oasis of beauty and sustenance for these buzzing friends with their pollen and nectar. In turn, these insects create an essential food source for local birds so, everyone benefits!


Spinach plants
Image credits: ha11ok via Pixabay

Planting cilantro alongside spinach is a great way to naturally add flavor and nutrition to your garden. Cilantro’s insect-repelling abilities will help keep pesky bugs away from your plants — no chemicals required.

Plus, cilantro attracts beneficial insects, like the hoverfly and tachinid fly. These little superstars help keep the population of parasitic insects at bay.


person holding potatoes
Image credits: Pexels via Pixabay

Finally, potatoes are also splendid companions for cilantro, as cilantro can help keep your potato crop safe from pesky intruders. The herb’s natural insect-repellent qualities keep spider mites, aphids, and potato beetles out.

Planting cilantro next to or near potatoes helps create a protective barrier for your crops and reduces the chance of infestation. Not only does companion planting protect against pests, but it also adds visual appeal and provides more nutrients to the soil.


Man harvesting of green fresh asparagus
Image credits: frank60 via shutterstock

Companion planting is a great way to use nature’s balancing act to benefit your garden. Planting asparagus and cilantro together can be an especially beneficial pairing.

Asparagus repels nematodes, which are tiny parasitic worms that feed on the roots of other plants, while cilantro helps to repel pests such as potato beetles, aphids, and spider mites. Planting these two vegetables in proximity can help keep pests away from both while providing you with delicious fresh vegetables all season long!

Plants to Avoid 

yellow flowers of the fennel plant
Image credits: Sabine via Pixabay

When it comes to companion planting with cilantro, one plant to avoid is fennel. Although this vegetable has a similar flavor profile to cilantro, it can compete for nutrients and can sometimes inhibit seed formation in cilantro. In fact, fennel is difficult to companion plant with many herbs and vegetables including carrots and tomatoes. 

Of course, experimentation will help you determine which plants work best together when gardening! 

The More The Merrier 

Overall, many great vegetables and herbs make incredible companions to cilantro plants. They add extra flavor and nutrition to your meals and are also beneficial for deterring certain pests and helping with nutrient competition. Give these seven plants a try next time you want to spruce up your garden!

To ensure a lush green garden and flavorful herbs, plant your companions wisely and enjoy the fruits of your labor! And if you have any success stories (or failures!), share them in the comments below. Happy planting!