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11 Beautiful Pond Waterfall Ideas

Looking for some lovely backyard pond waterfall ideas? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve brought together eleven amazing ideas from brick walls to water sheets – all perfect for one style or another. You can find some upcycling ideas, as well as more elaborate big project ideas, for whatever size pond you’re ready to develop and build.

Jar Fountain Koi Pond Falls

terracotta pot waterfall fountain into koi pond

For a small koi pond, the perfect waterfall might just be a fountain-style fall like this terracotta pot. A simple pump, correct placement, and voila – the perfect small space waterfall!

Molded Concrete Waterfall

Molded concrete waterfall with plants around
Image credits: universal.rocks via Instagram

For a reasonably natural – yet more precise (and safer for life around highly active kids and animals) – waterfall than say natural boulders, this concrete “molded” design is a great option. It takes a bit of work, but it winds up being one of the most solid, beautiful options out there. You can make them as tall, flat, wide, round, or other shape as desired to fit your space precisely.

Hidden Source Waterfall

small pond surrounded by plants with waterfall at far end

Looking for a modern yet natural look? Consider this style of hidden source waterfall. The falls themselves are buried within the greenery and flowers, springing forth with cool, sparkling water – making the falls themselves the focus rather than the source of the falls.

Multifalls Water Feature

large water feature with multiple waterfalls and plants

If you’ve got a larger space and some imagination to spare, you can create a beautiful multi-falls design like this for your backyard pond. This style works for large koi ponds, wading ponds, and general water features of all sorts.

Stone Pavers Waterfall

waterfall in background, made of paving stones with greenery in front
Image credits: mylovelysmallgarden via Instagram

Not sure what materials to use? How about a half-way-from-scratch option made from stone pavers or flagstones, and concrete to cement them together? You can layer and sort and design to your heart’s content, crafting the waterfall with care in great detail.

Sheer Wall Waterfall

Waterfall pouring into narrow pool at a deck
Image credits: luxury.adventures_ via Instagram

A modern, sharp looking design is this sheer wall style. The water pours straight off, no cascading, for a clean sheet of sparkling water. Perfect for large ponds, long and narrow ponds, modern-style koi ponds, wading ponds, or swimming pools.

Built-in Gazebo Falls

waterfall coming from gazebo wall, falling into pool below
Image credits: jaimesilvaesteves via Instagram

So this one is technically falling into a swimming pool, but if you’ve got a gazebo or a mind to install one alongside your pond, you could create this very unique and modern waterfall. It adds a lovely wall of privacy in the gazebo from views outside, while adding that needed water flow for the pond.

Small Boulder Falls

small waterfall cascading over small boulders and rockss
Image credits: fontanawaterfeatures via Instagram

For the traditional look in a smaller to mid-sized pond is the classic small boulders falls. A collection of stones, rocks, small boulders – whatever you like. You’ll find the collection of stones will add that natural beauty, but adding in some plants – or letting some moss grow – will add even more.

Stone Brick Water Sheet Falls

sheet waterfall pouring into pool beneath
Image credits: puredesign_life via Instagram

If you like a rustic but modern look, a stone brick water sheet could be the way to go. This tall (or short, as needed) wall of stone blocks provides the perfect backdrop while the water pours out in a straight sheet into the pool below. Beautiful, modern, and inviting.

Cascade Stone Waterfall

small cascade waterfall pouring into koi pond with floating plants
Image credits: nualgi_ponds via Instagram

A beautiful, cascading waterfall may be the trick for your space. This design is perfect for koi ponds, small wading ponds, and pools stocked with frogs and water lilies. It’s really the perfect choice for just about any kind of pond, no matter the size.

Brick Waterfall

waterfall from brick cascade into pool below
Image credits: swimmingpoolcom via Instagram

Here’s a great one for upcycling materials. You can find bricks available on all kinds of second-hand sites like Freecycle and Craigslist – cutting the costs for this one, if you’re on a tighter budget, while also helping the planet. The brick design looks amazing and works great for so many different designs – from koi ponds to swimming ponds.

Finding the Right Pond Waterfall

As you plan your backyard garden pond, a waterfall truly could be the perfect finishing piece to complete your stunning backyard space. Stock some lovely koi or guppies, plant water iris or lilies, and set up a beautiful writing space or daydreaming bench beside the water.