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21 Pool Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

Unless your closest neighbor is a mile away, the chances are if you’ve got a pool, you need a fence. Whether that means you’re looking for a basic safety fence, an elegant privacy wall, or just something to keep the neighborhood kids out, you might find a list of pool fence ideas handy.

We’re here to serve with a list of 21 ideas that hopefully will pique your interest and help you discover the right choice for your backyard upgrade.

Clear Glass Fence

Image credits: <a href="https://www.pinterest.com/pin/336995984618790716/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">Soakersbible via Pinterest</a>
Image credits: Soakersbible via Pinterest

One of the most popular and attractive choices for any pool area is the glass pool fence. They have a naturally clean aesthetic, granting a great-looking spot will look even better, while also providing some safety measures.

White Picket Fence

white picket fence with large green hills in background

A less popular but equally attractive option is the white picket fence. This may be an easier or more affordable option for some folks looking for that clean aesthetic. Plus, they add a little privacy within your swimming area.

Simple Metal Rail Fence

metal rail fence by pool and deck with unique lounge

Of course, there’s always the simple metal rail fence. This fence style offers safety and some security without blocking out views of the pool. It’s a great one for standalone use or for combination use with other fence types, such as a privacy wall.

Mesh and Steel Combo Fence

Pool surrounded by mesh fence with steel panel fence at back
Image credits: Poolperf via Instagram

This is a nice option for both privacy and protection in one. With a tall privacy wall of steel on the outer rim of the pool and a mesh mid-height fence with a gate, you’ve got privacy and security with pleasant aesthetics.

Wrought Iron Fence

close up of wrought iron fence

Another classic option is the wrought iron fence. You can use simple iron bars to enclose the pool or find some decorative patterns for added good looks.

Brick Wall Fence

flamingo floaty in a pool with brick fence and trees behind

Another great option is a simple brick wall fence. Call in some masons to do the job or, if you’re handy, make it a springtime DIY project to get it ready for summer.

Custom Decorative Pool Fence

custom decorative fence around pool
Image credits: PremierConstructed via Instagram

If you’ve got the imagination and the budget, a gorgeous custom fence like one could be the ticket. With unique pieces making it decorative for your unique backyard setup while also keeping you and your family safe, this is a great option for larger backyards.

Simple Fine Mesh Pool Fence

fine mesh fence around pool, thatched huts behind
Image credits: babyguardfence via Instagram

A good safety fence is the fine mesh fence, like this one. It’s great especially for families with young children. There’s no way a kid can slip through this one!

Latticework Fence

lattice fence with flowers

An attractive but simple option is the latticework fence. These come in all sizes and shapes, heights, and widths. You might even want to toss in a lattice arch for your gateway.

You just need to decide exactly what you like and install. There are tons of DIY tutorials out there, too, for helping you frame and build lattice fences.

Elegant White Privacy Wall

tall white wall, pool, and house
Image credits: Provisionplumbing_vic_nt via Instagram

For a solid wall option, a beautiful, tall white wall with some ornamentation and practical add-ons could be great. Think solar lights and lamps, decorative artwork, hooks for towels and bags, and so much more.

Solar Lit Fence

lit up lattice fence with flower boxes
Image credits: Tim Fuller via Flickr

A simple lattice fence is a great option for our pool. Even better is a lighted fence line. The right solar lights are the perfect way to keep things bright and safe out there.

Modular Wall Fence

White modular wall fence by pool
Image credits: ModularWalls via Instagram

A modular wall fence is another great option for keeping things safe, clean, and private. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so whether you’re a fan of simple like this one or want something more elaborate, you’ve got plenty of choices.

Brick and Wood Bar Half Wall

half wall of brick and wooden bars around pool with lounge chairs

For larger yards, you can add some rustic elegance with a combination wall made of brick and wooden bars like this one. The multiple textures add some aesthetic beauty while still providing that safety and protection for your family and animals around the pool.

Classic Chain Link Fence

close up on chain link fence

If you’re on a tighter budget or just want something simple and practical, the classic chain link fence is a great choice. They’re fairly easy to install on your own and can be customized pretty easily in height and length to create the right shape for your pool area.

Simple Wooden Fence

close up of wooden fence panels

You don’t always need frills when it comes to enclosing your pool. A simple wooden fence could very well do the trick. Make it tall, short, or somewhere in between – whatever height works best for you.

Plant Wall

pool with deck chairs and umbrellas along a wall of banana trees

Looking for something more natural? Why not grow a thick “hedgerow” of plants along the edge of the pool? If you’re someplace tropical or semi-tropical, you can grow banana trees, palms, or bamboo. In cooler climates, consider some attractive flowering shrubs.

Light Up a Painted Fence

fence painted pink with neon lettering on it "soak up"

A fun twist on the standard wooden fence is a painted fence with some simple neon lighting. The lights make the atmosphere around the pool fun for parties and evening swims. Plus, with neon, you can send a happy message any time of day.

Bamboo Fence

close up of bamboo fence

A bamboo fence is a great option for small pools in the backyard. If you’re in the right area, you can grow a living fence. Otherwise, install a fence made of bamboo for a tropical feeling private zone.

Vinyl Pool Fence

vinyl pool fence surrounding pool and yard
thefenceguyspa via Instagram

Another attractive but simple option is the vinyl pool fence. The simple, straightforward panels are moderately easy to install, they look good, clean up easily (just a simple wipe most of the time) and look great!

Mosaic Fence

mosaic fence with unique designs
Image credits: tetyana309 via Instagram

For a truly unique pool fencing option, consider the mosaic fence. You can craft one like this photo with an eclectic assortment of materials or make a tile mosaic fence (in many cases, the tile is available and ready for moderately simple application).

Tall Stone Wall

tall stone fence in front of house and yard
Image credits: peninsula_stonemasons via Instagram

Our final suggestion is a beautiful, tall stone fence. This offers a vintage feel or a modern, sleek feel, depending on the stones used. Whatever kind you choose, there’s always a certain elegance to stone fences.

Your Best and Safest Fence

Whether you’ve got an above-ground pool or a large in-ground pool, the right fence can make all the difference in aesthetics, privacy, and safety. With that in mind, one of these suggestions is bound to suit your needs. I personally like a clear glass fence for right around the pool with the elegant white fence for privacy, but any of the options could do your situation service. Just be sure to check both international codes and your local codes on height rules and any minimums for pool safety.