16 Beautiful Pool Patio Designs & Ideas
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16 Beautiful Pool Patio Designs & Ideas

Summer is here! Time to bust out the swimsuits, slather on the sunscreen and float around in a refreshing pool with your favorite tunes blasting in the background. Whether you have an in-ground pool or an above ground pool, making the most of your summer is key!
Since standard in-the-ground models can take up a lot of space (and money), many people have chosen to go the above ground route. It’s an easy setup, is really just as good as an in-the-ground pool and the best part is, once you’re tired of it, you can simply disassemble it and put it away. Pretty good deal, especially for a family that has a smaller yard design, but still wants to give their kids the complete summer experience with a pool.
We have compiled a list of great ways to spruce up your above ground or inground model areas so the whole family can make the most of the summer. Pick out your favorite pool patio design and try it out for yourself!



Since above ground pools don’t have a concrete base like standard pools, it’s important to make sure your above ground pool won’t sink or have strange bumps at the bottom from your yard. This is one of many above ground pool patio ideas to create an interesting space while enforcing the base of the pool. Your pool floor with be free of bumps from grass and the danger of tearing from rocks or roots. It’s a safe and decorative way to get the best pool experience possible.



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This is one of the most unique swimming area-deck ideas out there and a great way to add some interesting flair to your above ground design just in time for summer. By surrounding the pool walls with logs, not only are the walls reinforced (not that they’d need reinforcing, but just in case) but the logs give a rustic feel to the space. It’s a clean, fun way to add a lot of character to even a minimal space. With the conjoining deck, guest swimmers can go in and out without worry of scaling a rickety ladder.


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This one is completely elegant and unique by creating some fun special effects. The waterfall feel surrounding the lifted pool almost beckons you to just jump right in. The darkened stone wall around the pool adds to the exotic feel of the design– as if you stumbled upon it while trekking through some intense rainforest. With the surrounding lush plant life, the deep greens and tropical flowers make this the perfect setting for a pool party or barbecue.




This is one of the most unique inground pool patio ideas you could try. Create beautiful texture and design by utilizing tiles to create a mosaic-like design. The varying shades of these tiles create a beautiful outdoor space that all your guests would enjoy. Not only is this tile design beautiful, but because the stones are porous, it reduces the risk of slipping in standing water. This means the risk of any guest or child falling and slipping around the swimming area comes to a minimum. No accidents allowed during a pool party – only fun!



This smooth and clean look is an interesting take on outdoor pool and patio designs. The smooth wooden slats create a symmetrical deck that makes it impossible not to marvel at. The crisp blue waters aren’t subdued by some intricate deck that could be distracting. The design is simple yet truly glamorous and modern. Given the décor of the house, this deck style could easily be painted or decorated differently depending on what your color scheme is.



When browsing through backyards and patio designs, keep in mind how many people you’d plan to entertain at any given time. This wonderfully inviting patio design creates a space meant for a lot of people celebrating. Whether it’s a birthday party or a retirement party, this backyard idea comes complete with a barbecue pit area and a swimming area. All your bases are covered when it comes to this fantastic layout. Your house would no doubt be the go-to party destination no matter the occasion.



The large, textured tiles in this type of area design create an effortlessly luxurious space. Not only is the pool layout interesting, but the surrounding patio area and plant life create a space that would make it impossible not to enjoy yourself in. With that gorgeous golden sun setting in the back, the water beckons you to go in for a near evening swim. What better way to end your swim than by relaxing in that conjoined hot tub?



Keep this awesome example in mind when searching for pool patio landscaping ideas. The intricately tiled patio deck coupled with adorable garden areas makes this pool patio idea a fresh, new concept that will be enjoyed by all. The lush green of the garden areas almost cuts right into the patio with gorgeous color. Maintaining a beautifully groomed surrounding landscape is not only enjoyable to guests, but it will make you feel like a backyard king or queen.

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When looking for swimming type patio ideas, it’s important to keep in mind if this is a house that has small children. Since children are so unpredictable, it’s important to make sure the pool area is safe, and in this case, gorgeous, too. These wonderful glass panels create a barrier between the pool and backyard area. It’s an elegant, simple way to make sure no tiny guests will wander where they’re not supposed to while also creating a whimsical space that you and your guests will certainly enjoy.




There are so many swimming patio shade ideas out there, but this simple yet elegant design really catches the eye while creating a comfy space. Almost utilizing a half-covered area, this design uses a thin covering instead of a whole covered area. This type of cover creates shaded areas only along the perimeter of the area, creating just enough shade for guests to enjoy without completely blocking out all the sun. This is a perfect idea for a household full of sun lovers and tanners. Arrange some comfy sun loungers and side tables and you have a scene straight from a resort.



This is one of the most fun covered patio designs we’ve seen that resembles an outdoor café. You’d half expect a server to come right out and greet you after sitting in this beautifully quaint space. Although you probably may not be able to order a mimosa right away, you’d definitely feel as if you had been whisked away on vacation. Imagine a romantic dinner in this setting, with the warm lights and flowing clear waters all around you? It’s like a scene from a dream.




This is great in terms of pool patio lighting ideas. The tiny little lamps around the pool and under the floating deck create a beautifully luminescent space that makes the whole area seem like it’s glowing. This makes the setting seem magical and creates a much better ambience than by just using floodlights or custom patio lights. The blue and soft white lights glow as you enjoy a swim or relax on the gorgeous wooden deck surrounding the area.



We stumbled upon this gem while browsing through concrete pool patio ideas. The star of this show is no doubt the red lights and mini water spouts. While the water has turned a mystical red, the fountains shoot out white water, all colored by tiny lights. The texture of the concrete slabs around the areais even more evident by using the lights to play with the whole area. The ambience seems exotic, and both young and old guests will love the play on lights.




Getting super creative with our poolside patio ideas, this layout features a tropical jungle, right in your backyard! Though you may not find a leopard padding through your lush garden (hopefully), the space brings a bright, fun feeling to the entire pool area. Since the plants are hanging right to the side of the pool, guests can swim up and admire the plant life right up close and personal. This layout will truly make your outdoor space feel like a tropical getaway.



Although this isn’t one of the easiest diy pool patio ideas, it’s definitely customizable in what color scheme and textured tile you decide to go with. Shape, color and material are what make this extra beautiful space even more creative. Create your own fun space by adding interesting trees, fun plant life and a range of colored textured tiles to create your own special getaway. When using small trees, you can even cut them into fun shapes for the kids. Keep this idea as elegant or fun as you’d like.



This rustic scene holds a bunch of pool patio paint ideas you could do with the entire family. The gorgeous wooden-slat curved deck next to the pool could be painted in any color or colors you desire. Whether you’re adhering to a specific color scheme, or just want to make it all colorful for the kids, this is an easy project that can add so much character to the space. The wooden slats keep the scene rustic while adding a fun concept to an old fashioned layout.



Since it’s so early on in the summer season, you have plenty of time to either start or finish a project you’ve been working or thinking about. Ultimately, your backyard pool space will be the hot spot of the summer, so you should be sure that you are just as comfortable in it as your friends and family.

These are only a few creative ideas you can try, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your own space! You could even pick and choose pieces from your favorite layouts and create your own awesome space. Either way, we hope you enjoy your summer and create so many memories along the way! If you loved this cool list, please comment and share below!