19 Portable Chicken Coop Plans: Easy to Move Coop Ideas
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Portable Chicken Coop Plans: Easy to Move Ideas

Chicken coops come in all shapes and sizes to help provide the spaces your poultry needs to live a healthy, productive life. What is important to consider when considering building your own coop is the room you are providing your chickens and the style of coop that fits your particular needs.

Smaller flocks often allow you to be a bit more flexible in your coop designs, and a popular option is the use of a chicken tractor- or mobile coop. If you have the property space, you can easily build a small coop for the flock you have to wheel around from day to day to provide fresh ground for them to scratch upon. The following portable chicken coop plans provide free inspiration, ideas, tips, and step by step instructions to make your very own.

Basic Components of a Portable Chicken Coop

If you have ever wondered how to put wheels on a chicken coop, this is the article for you. Although technically, a portable chicken coop doesn’t need to have wheels, it does make it easier to move from one spot to another. The basic component of a chicken tractor, the common name for a mobile coop, includes a coop for roosting and laying, a run of some sort for exercise, and a rigid enough structure to move them with relative ease.

Setting the ‘tractor’ on wheels or skids of some sort is a popular way to move the coop and run combo from one area to another every 24 to 48 hours. Generally, these structures are more compact in nature and are for 6 chickens or less on average, but if you are looking to provide space for 12 chickens or more – you definitely can alter plans to make something work.

Who a Portable Coop is For

Chicken tractors are best for large yards and smaller flocks. This way you can provide a new area for your hens to forage in each day without putting too much stress on the landscape. Even if you do not have a large area, they can be a great compact alternative to a larger coop. Just be sure to provide an extra run so the chickens have a little more space for exercise.

Easy Assess

Portable Chicken Coop Plans with Kennel Run DIY Hen House Farm Build Your Own

If you only have a few chickens, live in an urban area, or don’t have a lot of overall space, a simple, easy access design such as this is perfect. With room to roam underneath and a roosting and nesting area above, this coop can be moved with ease from place to place. It also allows for a larger run to be connected without too much hassle.

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Wooden A-frame tractor coop
Image Source: www.backyardchickens.com

An A-frame design is a popular choice for those looking to make their chicken portable. The bulk of weight lays near the bottom portion of the structure, making it easier to move, plus the space is perfectly utilized for the run by placing it under the coop itself.

Basic Frame

A Frame Chicken Coop Tractor
Full tutorial here

Another simple A-frame, this option allows you easy access to the roosting and nesting and for simple cleaning and egg collection. It is a design that can be made to fit a wide variety of flock sizes and can also be easily connected to an additional run if needed.

Rolling Coop

Back Yard Chicken Tractor
Image Source: www.instructables.com

Many portable coops do not sit flush to the ground in order to accommodate easier mobility. These plans allow for 4 wheels so you can simply push it from one area to the next without having to lift or strain.

Classic Coop

A Classy A Frame Tractor
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This classic A-frame idea has ALL the amenities, including a handle for lifting and pushing, durable wheels, and a large living area. This type of A-frame also works well in inclimate weather as it is easy to cover the bottom areas for further protection and place food and water in the coop itself.

Geodesic Dome

A Chook Dome of the classic Woodrow design
Image Source: www.milkwood.net

Although you may have to get creative in how you move this style coop, it is a great option for when you are looking to move a coop and run seasonally to take advantage of dormant garden areas or fresh grass. A bonus of this practice, free fertilizer for next year’s garden!

Vacation Home

white Chicken Menagerie
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This little coop looks like it would be right at home on a beachfront. With a porch style run and cute raised living area, both handles and wheels make it easy to move from location to location. The great thing about DIY projects is you can make exactly what you want.

Making the Rounds

DIY Chicken Tractor Plan - Backyard Poultry
Image Source: backyardpoultry.iamcountryside.com

This coop on wheels forgoes the traditional attached run (although it is easy to add one on) and can be moved to wherever you need it! Built as the perfect, compact mobile hen house, it can be closed up each night for safety, brought into a shed or garage, and then wheeled back out each day.

Compact Hen House

Reclaimed Chicken Tractor Coop
More info at this website

Compact, upright, and perfect for a few hens, this design is made to minimize space while still allowing enough room for your chicken’s creature comforts. The great thing about chickens is that they roost in perches above the ground, so you can take advantage of vertical space.

Traditional Design

Cut and Paste Chicken Tractor - Compact Design
Learn more at www.simplesavings.com.au

PVC pipe is incredibly lightweight and easy to move. This traditional style coop may not be the best design for day to day movement, but it certainly is easy enough to move from time to time, season to season, or whenever you decide to give you chickens a new view on life.

Cottage Classic

small tractor coop for bantams
More info at this website

This mini cottage on wheels is exactly why you may want to embrace diy chicken tractor plans. The amount of license you have to create exactly what you want is endless. Want your chickens to live the high life? You’ve got it! Looking to make a miniaturized version of your own home? Totally doable!

Perfectly Portable

Basic, adorable, and easy to build, take a look at how simple this perfectly portable A-frame style coop is to build. This is a great design that is spacious and allows you room to grow over time if you want, or add a larger run when needed.

On the Go

A mobile chicken house that one person can move (a lot) of chickens
Learn more here

Take your chickens just about anywhere with these durable, large ties and strong, supportive frames. This coop is made to mimic a hutch and is completely enclosed with both an indoor and outdoor area. You can open an external door to allow them to forage and free-range before returning to the safety of the coop to rest and lay.

Chicken Wagon

Blueridges Chicken Coop Tractor
Find out more about the project here

An old trailer frame is the perfect option for a coop foundation. Why let it rust away or be trashed at a dump when you can repurpose it into your very own mobile chicken wagon? Versatile, this idea has a ton of potential for placement and run additions.

A House in the Woods

Chicken Coop From a Playhouse
Full instructions here

Build your chickens a little cabin in the woods that you have always dreamed of. Although these plans work with a more permanent location, it can easily be built on skids or a low trailer to move from one area to another. The height lens itself as well as a run addition also.

Budget Planning

DIY Chicken Tractor setup beside the tree
More info at thefrugalchicken.com

On a bit of a budget and looking for some frugal chicken coop solutions? This article has all you need to start envisioning what you want with what you have. It also helps you plan out your budget to ensure you can get what you need.

Barn Inspired

Chicken Tractor (BrookvalleyFarmPA)
Check additional info at www.instructables.com

Want your chickens to have a barn of their own, but don’t want the size and heft of the design? Take a look at these plans to get the look you desire without all the weight and work. This style is also an excellent option for simple customization, such as outside access to nesting boxes, windows, and decor.

PVC Run Framework

portable PVC pipe chicken run
Image Source: diycoopbuilder.com

PVC is an excellent material for a lightweight, portable framework. It is durable, can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions, and is simple to piece together and take apart. You can make an easy run with its use to attach to any sort of chicken coop you may have.

Chicken Barrow

Chicken Barrow
More info from this website

Want a unique and totally different look for your chickens to reside within? These instructions for a chicken barrow are easy to follow and only need some basic supplies and tools. It is a budget-friendly idea and can fit well into any backyard flock.


If you love the idea of having chicken, want to keep them safe, and would like to provide them room to roam, a portable chicken coop is exactly what you need. Also called a chicken tractor, these mobile coops help utilize the space you have in a yard for a happier, healthier flock.

The styles provided above should help you get started in planning your very own movable space. We’d love to see your ideas, and hear about which models you love! And, as always, please share!

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