Poulan PRO 20" Chainsaw Review
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Poulan PRO PR5020 20” Chainsaw Review

Poulan PRO 20” Chainsaw

Poulan PRO 20” Chainsaw

The Poulan PRO 20” Chainsaw is an excellent homeowner saw that can handle just about any job you can think of, residential or otherwise. This may be the value you are looking for! They offer a reliable name that specializes in the tools needed for property use and upkeep.

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A durable, dependable chainsaw is a must no matter what type of job you have in mind. This is especially true when you are faced with heavy-duty jobs requiring long run times. If you are on the hunt for a saw that you can count on while staying within budget, it may be worth your while to look for a brand name that specializes in power tools. Companies that specialize in the products they offer may have top quality choices but often provide a more narrowed, expensive selection.

What is Poulan Pro?

The Poulan Saw Company was founded in 1946 by retired lumberjack Claude Poulan in Shreveport, LA. Their first products were saws to help in the logging industry. They continued to offer affordable chainsaws and chainsaw parts that appealed to both professional and homeowners through the 1970s.



Through the years, they have developed multiple lines of tools to make yard work and property management easier and more affordable. Lawnmowers, trimmers, and even snow blowers are part of their many series of helpful products- but they still stand behind their selection of chainsaws as the tool that started it all.

Why Do I Want a Poulan PRO Chainsaw?

With over 70 years of experience, Poulan saws are offered in both electric-powered options, and gas-powered options. No matter what you need, you are backed by the company’s extended warranty options to ensure you have the product you need for the years you need it for.



Rather than carrying multiple models within each series of chainsaws, the company specializes in specific models of various sizes and strengths so you can more quickly narrow down your needs and find what size saw you need for your job. They offer everything from a 14-inch electric saw, to their largest 50cc engine displacement, the 20-inch bar being reviewed today.

Breakdown of the Poulan Pro PR5020 50cc 20” Chainsaw

Poulan PRO 20” Chainsaw Review

With a powerful 50cc engine displacement, the PR5020 is the largest offered by the company, it is plenty powerful for heavy duty job loads that any homeowner, or commercial property maintenance businesses, may need. The size supports a 20- inch bar and chain to handle heavier timber and logging work when needed, and can easily make short work of property cleanup, large firewood cutting, and even lumber milling.


  • Very powerful and durable
  • Starts easily and cuts smoothly
  • Idles nicely


  • The bar is a bit flexible but can be changed
  • Ignition modules may have issues (covered under warranty)
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Features and Benefits of the Poulan Pro


Like any product favored by consumer ratings, the list of features and benefits are most often commented on when both reviewing and searching for information on a specific product. We’ve gathered information below from both the company and users alike to provide a good overview of what this saw has to offer to better help you decide if it is a decent choice for you.

50cc 2-Cycle Displacement

13 ampere

Gas chainsaws are powered by a 2-stage engine that requires a gas and oil mixture. The larger the engine size the greater the displacement and power lent to driving your chain. A 50cc displacement is a powerful choice that is a popular starting point for a more professional grade experience. The 50cc engine can power a longer bar and chain and provides a powerful, smooth cut when in use.

OxyPower Engine

The patented OxyPower Engine design is built as a competitive gas-powered product against the more environmentally friendly electric powered saw designs. This technology lends incredible power using a more efficient fuel consumption with reduced emissions. Emissions have been recorded at 70% less than comparable gas saws and use 20% less fuel for the same runtime.

Watch the OxyPower explanation here:

Effortless Pull Starting System

The effortless pull starting system reduces the pull force by 30% compared to earlier models and helps you get your saw started with the first few pulls every time. This is an excellent design for a gas-powered saw as it keeps you working without additional stress or strain. Plus, it works with a fuel primer to provide gas to the carburetor for easier startups. Pulling an engine start can often be a difficult movement for certain people, and this helps with reducing the effort.

Wide Cutting Width

20” Bar Length

The 20-inch bar and chain length are more than adequately powered by the 50cc engine and can handle cuts up to 18 inches with little problem in one cut, or larger ones with two. The bar is slightly flexible, and although the chain is more than useful, many people prefer to use a more popular brand name bar and chain, which fit easily into the Poulan PRO with no difficulties. This is actually a very positive report as replacing the bar and chain when needed is a hassle-free experience.

180 Degree Adjustable Chute

An integrated combination tool, called a scrench, helps adjust tension, the carburetor, and remove the cover for cleaning and maintenance. With this design, you actually have the tool located right on the handle so you have it with you at all times for easy on the go problem solving and adjustments.

Automatic Oiler

An automatic oiler provides a consistent flow of bar and chain oil to keep your chain spinning smoothly to avoid binding or overheating. This is not only convenient, but a safety features most saws include to provide you with uninterrupted work.

Tool Free Service Access and Side Mounted Chain Tensioner

Air filter cleaning and spark plug access is part of the regular maintenance of your saw to keep it running clean and starting smoothly. Not having to unscrew a cover for this access is a convenient way to keep you working without pause when in the field, and providing you with a quality, well thought out design.

The convenient location of the chain tensioner allows you fast access to any adjustments you may need to make to your saw. Your chain should be snug, yet be able to pull up slightly off the bar, but can loosen after working long hours, or after cutting heavier materials. Over time the chain will begin to relax and will need proper tension adjustments to run effectively and safely.

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Reduced Vibration Handle

Double Safety Switch

The larger your engine, the more vibration you will begin to experience- causing fatigue over time. Poulan PRO has a technologically advanced anti-vibration system to allow you to work for long periods of time making smooth cuts and creating less stress to your body. The ergonomic design of the handle creates easy access to the controls for any size hand and also helps lessen fatigue.

3 Year Extended Warranty

A 2-year warranty covering parts and construction come with every product registration which can be extended to 3 years through the purchase of branded pre-mixed fuel and oil at the same time as the chainsaw purchase. Then a few simple steps need to be completed during product registration. This warranty only covers defects to the product and does not cover regular wear and tear associated with normal use. Service providers are located throughout the US to either fix or replace faulty parts and problems with your product, and customer service can also be contacted for returns and further help.

1 year Warranty

Consumer Feedback

This saw has overall high ratings by consumers. It is a lightweight saw and when combined with the anti-vibration technology is a comfortable saw to use. It is also understandably powerful and cuts smoothly and with very little effort. The dependability of it has been noted as well, and the fact that it starts very easily.

The main complaint is that the bar and chain it comes standard with is flimsy and not up to par with the power the engine provides. But the saw is very compatible with more popular brand bars, making it easy for you to pick and choose your own choice. The idle speed has also been commented on multiple times, both in favor of and in need of adjustment. This may be due to adjustments needed to the carburetor that can occasionally be offset due to elevation, or shipping.

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If you have been looking for a powerful chainsaw for property maintenance, you definitely should look more closely at the Poulan PRO PR5020, 50cc 20” Chainsaw. It is an affordable, popular pick amongst homeowners who need a dependable choice for heavy workloads around their property. The details the saw offers to the consumer for easy use and accessibility for maintenance is a perk to help keep you working efficiently. It also provides easy portability for whatever jobs you have in mind.

If you have any further questions about this product or have used one before, we would love to hear about it below. And, as always, please share.

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