Power Brush VS Snowblower: The Best for Your Climate?
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Power Brush VS Snowblower: The Best for Your Climate?

A changing climate leads to changes in seasons and the weather experienced throughout them. Maybe you are suddenly seeing snow in areas you never had it at all. Or perhaps the amounts of snow accumulated have increased when compared to previous years. Whichever situation you find yourself experiencing, tools for snow removal are a must.

With numerous products on the market today from shovels to scoops to plows to snowblowers; it can be exhausting and overwhelming. So which is the best one for you?

Some people tend to listen to friends or family what product to buy. Some would rather consult their local hardware store. But with a bit of research, you can have the product that not only best equips your needs but also fits your personal preferences.

People find that in climates that experience heavy and rapid snowfall, a snowblower is the strongest tool in their arsenal for the fight against the snow. In a climate where the snow is sparse, light or powdery, a power brush can be a usual tool. It offers more safety benefits than a snowblower and is used for smaller areas or around business venues.

Power Brush – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Multi-seasonal
  • Efficient
  • Higher safety than its counterparts.


  • Lower quality snow removal in heavy snow
  • More effective in smaller areas

Snowblower – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Useful in all types of snowfall and accumulation
  • Fast and efficient snow removal
  • Reliable engine


  •  Large body design makes it difficult to store in off-months.
  • Expensive price tag with continued purchases for gas and oil required for operation.
  • Routine maintenance needed for reliability.

Power Brush Breakdown

Power Brush

A power brush is a seasonal machine that is powered by an engine that runs on gasoline and oil. The ergonomic design, with either key or electric starters, allows for easy maneuvering while providing efficient cleaning. With the help of strong wire and plastic material bristles, the power brush easily cleans away snow in a sweeping motion. The power brush can also be useful in seasons where there is no snow on the ground. The bristles will also remove dirt, grime, leaves, and sand from most surfaces.

There are several attachments that can be used with your power brush and already added safety features. The automatic traction control offers smooth snow removal while the use of added tire chains increases your performance in deeper snow. There are bristle maintenance kits and debris deflector shields that can be installed on the power brush for a more overall removal.


Car snow

A power brush is the one machine whose usefulness is not limited to the winter months. People use power brushes to move debris from their driveways or walkways that could pose safety concerns. By increasing the amount of time a power brush can be used, the price tag can be justified knowing the significant amount of money spent was not for a machine that will sit idle for x number of months per year.



Power brushes are efficient and forceful enough to remove all sorts of debris, including snow. The use of the engine as the driving force behind the bristles offers a deeper clean and removal than sweeping by hand. The lack of physical labor is also attractive to those with health issues that affect muscle strength or physical ailments like back and joint pain.

Higher Safety than its Counterparts


A snowblower can sometimes pick up other debris from the ground that isn’t snowed such as loose pavement or gravel. If in use around large crowds or potential passersby, a loose object could strike at enough force to cause serious injury. A power brush removes snow and other debris low to the ground, directing it from side to side in a softer, repetitive motion.

Lower Quality Snow Removal in Heavy Snow


A power brush is best used when the snow on the ground has no substantial texture. If the snow is heavy with moisture or quickly accumulated, a power brush will become bogged down and refuse to work properly. The bristles become clogged which will result in the machine moving over the snow without actually removing any.

More Effective in Smaller Areas

If you have a large driveway or wide area to remove snow from, a power brush might not be the best tool for you to use. Over time the bristles could become clogged and you will start sweeping the snow over snow yet to be removed, increasing the amount of time spent on snow removal.


Snowblower Breakdown

Simplicity P1524E Signature Pro Snowblower

A snowblower is a machine that is powered by either gas or electricity and uses various connecting parts to move snow to a further and/or higher distance away. Through the use of an auger and chute, the snow is removed from the ground, travels up the chute and spits it to a location of your choosing. Controls are used to direct the snow in the direction you choose, offering more options for piling snow out of the way of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Available in multiple sizes in regards to both their engines and cut widths, the best snow blower can be used in the heaviest snow or the wettest, powering through large drifts with ease. Snowblowers can be powered by a combination gas and oil engine or even through electricity, sending fewer carbon emissions into the air.

Useful in all Types of Snowfall and Accumulation

A man in the process of clearing snow with a snowblower

A snowblower is powerful enough to force through the highest accumulations of snow without having to resort to strenuous physical activity. Regardless if the snow is wet or fluffy, inches or centimeters; the snowblower will still cut through drifts and remove the snow down to the ground.

Fast and Efficient Snow Removal

Where the snowblower is powered by an engine, it is fast and efficient when it comes to removing snow. The most physical part of using a snowblower is having to walk behind the blower to steer the machine to the snow you want to remove.

A man is cleaning the country road with snow blower in winter

Reliable Engine

Starting up the snow blower

Snowblowers tend to come from manufacturers with well-known engines, such as the Honda. The engines are designed to withstand the strain and constant use when properly maintained.

Large Body Design makes it Difficult to Store in Off-Months

If you are going to own a snowblower, you must have adequate storage space. Snowblowers generally are bulky and boxy in design with heights of approximately 30 inches or more. Owning a shed or garage is essential when storing a snowblower, as it is difficult to maneuver around or even store things on top of it.

Snow blower with 2 oil canisters during snowmageddon in Vairginia, January 2016

Expensive Price Tag with Continued Purchases for Gas and Oil Required for Operation


Snowblowers are a piece of machinery, and as with all machinery, to get a reliable and trusted machine the price is higher. Even a generic snowblower with a small cut and lower horsepower engine from an unknown brand can run upwards of $300. If you purchase a gas-powered snowblower, the continued purchase of gas and even oil can be an added expense to your wallet in the winter months.

Routine Maintenance Needed for Reliability


If you think that you can just remove your snowblower from storage and resume use after months of inactivity, you are unfortunately incorrect. Snowblowers need regular maintenance checks for efficient snow removal. A higher amount of moving, connected parts mean there is a higher chance of something going wrong or giving out.

Most snow blowers come with a warranty that will cover the cost of the maintenance checks. But as the owner, you will be responsible to bring the blower to a local dealer or pay out of pocket for shipping costs.

Your Best Choice Explained

Ultimately, there is not a better than or more efficient than when it comes to choosing whether a power brush or snowblower is the best purchase you can make. It comes down to personal preference and average winter conditions in your area. If you find yourself residing in a location where snowfall is heavy and expected throughout the winter months, a snowblower will probably be the more useful tool for snow removal tasks. A power brush can be a cheaper but just as powerful snow removal option in a location where snow is sporadic and light, easily swept away.

Research your purchase before making an impulse buy because these machines are not without cost. Consult family and friends on which machine they prefer Also, check with experts at local dealers and shop warranty packages. Examine continued benefits throughout the life of your machine, and cover all avenues in personal preference (health reasons, living situation etc.). With a little bit of work in the off months, you too can own the machine that will allow you to slay the white dragon: winter!