Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower Review

Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower Review

Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower

PowerSmart DB5023 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Each year as the temperatures begin to drop I start to wonder how much extra work the seasonal changes will bring surrounding my yard work. Prepping your garden for the colder temperatures is a simple task compared to long winter filled with snow removal. If you are dreading the piles of snow that will soon begin to fill your driveway, you may want to consider investing in a snowblower to help quickly, and efficiently remove the worst of the winter months. The Power Smart Snow Blower is an affordable, and effective choice worth considering.

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Breakdown of the Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower

Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower

With a powerful 13 amp motor, this electric snow blower can cut into snow 18 inches wide and up to 8 inches in height to toss it up to 30 feet away. This chute is also adjustable, making sure you get snow where you need it, and not up against a house or window. You also are able to use it with an extension cord of your length choice to make sure you reach the areas that need clearing.

This is an excellent choice for consumers who need a quick, efficient way to clear light, average sized snow falls from their driveway, walkways, and patios. Weighing in at 37 pounds, it is not a very heavy choice and starts up easy with an easy electric start electric motor.

It may not be the best snowblower for areas that see heavy, wet snowfalls that require hours of work to clear. It also is somewhat limited by cord length as well, so if you have long driveways or large spaces to clear this may not be as efficient as you want it to be.

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  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Easy startup
  • Handles snow very well
  • Powerful


  • Handle is a bit low for tall people
  • Cord may get in the way
  • Plastic parts may wear down and break with heavy usage
  • Wet snow will not move very easily

Features & Benefits

As with any product designed to make your life easier, there is a pretty decent list of features and benefits you’ll want to consider before making a final purchase choice. Finding a blower that works best for your climate, lifestyle, and personal preferences are details you will want to think about in advance to get the best product for your needs.

13 Amp Electric Motor

amp-2717819_640A 13 amp motor is equivalent to about 2 ¼ horsepower, meaning you are getting the power of approximately 2- 1,000+ pound animals capable of moving a good amount of snow in just one pass. In fact, the power behind this is able to throw the snow through the chute at a distance of 30 feet, which is no small feat by any means.

With the use of a 120 volt plug, this motor is able to power through its maximum capability fairly easily, and has been praised for how quickly a job can be completed, no matter what the size. It also can run for as long as you need it, making it a great choice for even larger areas that are accessible in accordance to your cord length.

Rubber Tipped Steel Auger



A steel auger is exactly what you need in order to withstand the powerful little motor this blower has, as well as what you might set it up against. Steel is strong and durable, and is the number one choice for many yard and garden maintenance tools to ensure an effective life span. This spinning tool helps lift up the snow and push it through the chute at a fast enough rate to get it well out of your snow blowing path.

The rubber tips keep it from digging into any topographical unevenness, as well as providing protection against nicks and chips to the auger itself due to raised cement edges or rocks and other hard objects that may be buried in the snow.

Wide Cutting Width

width final

For an electric blower, the 18 inch width compliments that 8 inch cutting height nicely to provide you with a large amount of snow that can be removed in only one pass. Most electric blowers are not powerful enough to support such a large amount of snow at any one time, and generally your widths will only fall into a 12 inch range.

Powerful enough to support the larger width, this snow blower helps cut down the time you spend on clearing snow. This is especially important if time is of the essence in order to get you on your way each morning to work. It is also light enough to make short work on any larger decks or porches that you can move it onto.



180 Degree Adjustable Chute

180 Degree Adjustable ChuteThis is a fantastic feature that allows you to have even more versatility in getting into a pattern of snow clearing. Gone are the days that you can only clear snow in one direction to keep it blowing into the areas you’ve designated for snow piles.

Now you can make even better time by being able to blow the snow in any direction with the 180 degree adjustable chute to ensure the snow gets to where you need it. This is also a great safety feature to help keep the snow from blowing in any direction that has the possibility of causing damage. Occasionally rocks, ice, or hard chunks of snow can be thrown by a blower, and this way you can keep it from hitting the side of a building or vehicle while you work to avoid problems.


Easy Start Electric Motor

You also no longer have to pull start an electric motor. Simply plug in, turn on, and you are ready to go with a simple switch! This is a great choice for anyone who has had problems with getting a gas powered motor to start in the past due to the tension of pulling a cord.

Often past injuries to the arm or shoulder, as well as poor upper body strength can make starting other types of motors difficult, or even impossible. The elderly also may struggle with bending and pulling, which makes this blower a definite consideration for many who struggle with certain physical restrictions.

To see this product at work, watch below:


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Double Safety Switch

Double Safety Switch


Double safety switches keep your electrical products from starting up from just a push of the button. In order for this snowblower to get started you must first grip the lever and push the button. This keeps you from accidentally bumping against the startup button in bulky winter clothing, and also keeps small, curious hands from doing something they shouldn’t if you have children.

This is a great safety feature that also kills the engine when you have released the lever for safety purposes. This feature ensures that the auger stops to avoid damage to it, or other things that may get in the way.

Foam Coated Handle Grip

Metal handles can often dig into the palm of your hands, especially when you have to push with any degree of force. The foam coated handles allows for a cushioning to reduce this pressure and help distribute the force along the length of the handle to keep you more comfortable while you work.

Especially helpful for anyone of shorter stature, the extra cushioning also provides an extra degree of grip to keep your hands from slipping in colder, wet climates.


1 year Warranty

A one year, limited warranty comes with the Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower to ensure that no manufacturer’s defects make themselves known within your first season of use. If so, customer service will repair or replace any parts that need attending to at no cost to you.

Customer Reviews

Costumers Review

The amount of praise this snow blower has gained places it amongst one of the top rated electric snow blowers on the current market. “Surprisingly powerful”, “lightweight and easy to maneuver”, and “takes on more snow than expected” were all comments made multiple times through the years it has been available.

Even in harsh winter climates, this snow blower seems to be making quite an impact, and very few complaints surround its use. Those few that do exist are focused on parts that broke, or came broken or missing, which were promptly taken care of by the company.
A few complaints surround it not being able to handle seriously wet, heavy winter snow very well. This is often a problem with less powerful engines than gas powered models, making this a snowblower that may be more specific to certain types of weather conditions than others.


If looking for a snowblower has you wondering which model is your best fit, taking a look at the Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower as a possible match is definitely worth your time. The ease of a powerful electric motor, large snow blowing width, and maneuverability makes this a great product for almost any winter condition.

If you have further questions, comments, or even personal experiences with this machine we would love to hear about it below. And, as always, please share!

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