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25 Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

Privacy seems to be a rare resource these days. We’re constantly bombarded by all the world coming in around us and anxiety rates are pretty high for a lot of folks. And if we just feel like relaxing in our yards, people can see us. They’re not likely watching us, but we still feel vulnerable at times.

That’s where the privacy fence comes in. You don’t have to block out light or have a complete wall between you and your neighbors (though, maybe you want to!), and a good fence or screen can give you a sense of security without being unfriendly. At least, that’s the way I see it.

Here are some great privacy fence ideas to inspire you to create your own ideal wall of seclusion in your front, back, or side yards.

Wooden Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Garden or Yard

Pergola Style Fence

Pergola style privacy fence along treeline
Image credits: onpointcontracting_bc via Instagram

For a classic look, consider upgrading your existing fence with a pergola style topper (or building the whole thing from scratch, if needed). The unique design draws attention upward and away from the fence itself and adds some loveliness as well as some minor shade and functional posts you can hang potted plants or décor from for seasonal touches.

Lattice Style Fence

Lattice fence panels for privacy

If you’re not going for a solid wall look, the classic lattice-type fencing option might be a great choice for your yard. A few panels like this with a squared frame are nice, or you can add some lattice panels in other shapes or even varied sizes for some intrigue. Don’t forget to add some fence planters for some extra beauty.

Adjustable Blinds Privacy Screen

Patio with adjustable blind privacy fence
Image credits: limitless.leanne via Instagram

If you’re anything like me, a constant privacy wall wouldn’t be ideal. A great option, in that case, is this unique design of “blinds” that open and close as needed. Add some privacy, block blinding sunbeams, and add some texture to your patio or yard with some of these panels.

Creative Wood Panels

uniquely cut wooden fence posts

If you’re at all handy with a saw, you might have some interest in turning a “plain” wooden post fence into a unique work of art like this one. Cut animals, flowers, or just about anything at the top of the posts to add that little extra “something.”

Metal Fence Choices

Steel Panels Privacy

steel panel gates and fence
Image credits: durabond.steel.fence.supply via Instagram

An easy option can be installed using steel panels like these. There’s no possibility of anybody seeing what’s going on behind these doors!

Powder-Coated Aluminum Screen

decorative powder coated aluminum privacy panels on deck
Image credits: hideaway_screens via Instagram

If you’re looking for something a little more decorative than plain steel panels, there are lots of pretty options out there that come pre-fab. You can create a wall of the same panels or mix and match if you find a few designs you like.

Natural Materials for Privacy

Ocotillo, Wattle, or Wood Screen

Ocotillo privacy screen acround small patio
Image credits: sonoran_ocotillo via Instagram

The unique ocotillo plant makes for a great privacy screen around your patio space, especially smaller patios. The plant’s from the desert, though, so a good alternative to this vertical privacy screen is using wattle (thin branches) in a similar design.

The Evergreen

Evergreen wall with wooden gate

If you’re like me, an all-natural kind of look is a welcoming idea. The luscious green of evergreen bushes stays vibrant and protective all year round. Add a simple wooden gate and you’re all set.

Stones of Moss

boulders and stones covered in moss as a fence

Admittedly, this exact fence probably isn’t so practical – but the concept could easily translate into some unique Asian-architecture-inspired fences. Think big boulders stacked together, letting the moss cover them with time. This gorgeous concept is one of the more unique ones out there and definitely would make a statement on top of keeping your yard private.

Palm Frond Fence

large palm fronds covering a fence for privacy
Image credits: Priscilla Woolworth via Pinterest

For a natural, tropical feel, you can use your pre-existing chain link, wood, or other fences with gaps and “fill” it in with some palm fronds or thatching. Even if you don’t live in tropical climates where palms grow, you can order some thatching online for your project.

Inexpensive Fence Options for the Budget-Conscious

Bamboo and Chain-links

Bamboo reeds against a chain link fence

If you’ve already got a chain-link fence up, you can easily convert it into a bamboo fence with a few zip ties or wires and some slender bamboo reeds.

Cage of Stone

metal fencing filled with rocks

If you like the looks of stone but don’t have the masonry skills required to build a boulder wall, you could always create a “cage” and fill it in with stones and rocks. I’ve seen walls like these in many places and they’re absolutely gorgeous, intriguing, and definitely provide the blocked visuals you’re craving.

Double Layer Branch Screen

hanging branch screen on patio
Image credits: DIYnCrafts via Pinterest

A super inexpensive option is this double-layer screen made of branches. You’ll need some rope and some branches about the same diameter as each other, and in an afternoon or two, you’ll have a brand new, down-to-earth screen.

Vinyl Fencing Options

Vinyl Panels With Peek-a-Boo Top

solid white vinyl fence panels with decorative top against treeline
Image credits: janfence via Instagram

A simple, yet attractive option is the vinyl fence. This particular option has a sort of peek-a-boo section at the top that adds a decorative feel, making it even more attractive and a little unique.

Patio Privacy Ideas

Composite Decking Board Screen

Custom composite decking privacy screen set on concrete patio
Image credits: arcindustriesnb via Instagram

This welder crafted a composite decking board screen in three panels for the ultimate in patio privacy. You can grab some boards in your favorite color or style and build a frame from wood or other composite materials yourself. Just remember to pre-drill that decking board!

Fancy Designs for Privacy

die cut fence screen with unique pattern
Image credits: 12vgardenlights via Instagram

A fun option for your patio is finding a decorative “carved” or die-cut screen like this for your patio. It still lets light in (casting some fun shadows!) while shielding you from curious eyes.

Metal and Wood Privacy Wall

women drinking wine on a deck
Image credits: ourtinyfarmhouse via Instagram

If you can’t decide between metal and wood, you’ve always got this kind of design to consider. This design allows for the unslatted wooden wall to protect while a decorative metal topper gives texture and contrast for an attractive package.

Privacy Screen Ideas

Multi-Textured Privacy Screen

concrete block and wood privacy screen on patio
Image credits: RooftopiaChicago via Instagram

If you can’t decide what kind of fence to create, this multi-textured privacy screen is a fun option. With the concrete blocks painted white as the foundation, the horizontal boards next up from the ground, and then the unique decorative piece up top, you’ll have a lovely view without a view.

Mobile Privacy Screen With Planters

portable privacy screen for patio with planters
Image credits: Amazon.com via Pinterest

This privacy screen idea is for those looking for some flexibility. It’s actually put that screen on casters so it can be moved around as needed. There are also some nice planters at the base to add some aesthetic touches, as well, which is always a bonus.

Concrete, Brick, and Stone Fences

Solid Concrete Block Wall

Concrete block fence
Image credits: Unknown via Pinterest

Need a solid wall of security around the yard? This concrete block design is perfect for that. It’s simple but attractive and there’s no way anybody can see into the yard through this.

Shale Stacked Fence

Shale stone fence around earthy home

If you like some earthy vintage vibes, consider constructing a stacked shale stone fence like this one. Depending on how you form it, you can make it shorter like this one, or with proper masonry skills, make it tall enough folks can’t see inside. Either way, it’s a lovely option for a homey touch.

Gorgeous Brick Fence

Brick fence surrounding backyard
Image credits: Simply Southern Cottage via Pinterest

Another solid idea is building a brick fence around the place. You can go classic red like this one or choose from any other color brick to match your sense of style.

Other Ideas for Your Fences

Firewood Cage Screen

outdoor screen "cage" filled with firewood for privacy
Image credits: nurdachhaus2018 via Pinterest

Here’s a potentially dual-purpose privacy option for your yard. Building a tall “cage” large enough to hold your firewood logs and then filling it with those logs! Most of the year, the screen is filled with the logs and you’re covered on the privacy, then come winter, you’re loaded up for the season. Alternately, you can leave the wood in year-round.

Modular System Privacy

Modular fence in front of home
Image credits: joniec.eu via Pinterest

A modular system is always a great option, as well. They’re flexible and customizable to fit your every need. And you can find them in both simple designs like this as well as more complex designs, depending on your taste.

Vine Wall

vines covering a fence on a property line
Image credits: viridium via Instagram

This option is a kind of modern twist on an old classic – a vine-covered wall. Build a modern fence as you prefer and let the ivy run wild for this kind of look. Or, if you prefer the vintage style, build a wooden fence for your vines.

Privacy Fencing Your Way

When you think about fences, you probably don’t imagine a lot of different types. But among these two dozen-plus privacy fence ideas, you’re bound to have found at least a few that you love or want to tweak. Take some time, let the ideas ruminate, and then, whether you’re building a fence around your garden or your front yard, let your imagination have some room and let those dreams of the perfect yard and home soar. The perfect fit is waiting.