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11 Privacy Ideas for Your Balcony

Are you making the most of your balcony? Many underutilize these valuable spaces, with privacy concerns at the top of the list of reasons. However, there are clever small-space designs that open the (balcony) door to enjoy your space with privacy.

Seclusion and design can go hand in hand without sacrificing either. From fun DIY ideas to other more intricate yet equally beautiful options, you can personalize and privatize your space simultaneously. If you are curious about how to have it all, explore 11 privacy ideas for your balcony!

1. Minimalist Wooden Privacy Screen

Privacy screens come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Such flexibility allows for endless creative options. This slatted wooden panel has a minimalist look with a linear and dark wooden color. You do not have to sacrifice too much light, as the slats allow the sunshine to come through.

2. Outdoor Bamboo Shades

Keep the earthy natural feeling alive with outdoor bamboo shades. The ability to draw them down or pull them up gives you the flexibility to decide when you need the seclusion or when you would like some sun. The dappled light that comes through the bamboo shades is a beautiful bonus!

3. Hanging Vines

Whether real or faux, consider using vines as a visual barrier to provide a much-needed retreat! Vines work well as a barrier since you can train them (or hang them) to go precisely where you need them. Plus, you get the bonus of added greenery to your space.

If you plant real vines, consider how they grow to determine the necessary supports. Some thrive on walls, while others can attach to chickenwire or string supports. It is also necessary to consider how much light the vine receives; Virginia creeper and Boston ivy, for example, can grow well in partial shade, making them great options if your balcony does not receive full sun. Trumpet honeysuckle is another excellent option, as it is one of the best climbing vines and attracts pollinators!

4. Live Bamboo

Tall plants make for beautiful balcony privacy screens; bamboo, in particular, can fill out a space nicely! This stunning potted bamboo plant look can bring those tropical vibes to your balcony. Say hello to your new staycation getaway spot!

Other tall plants for privacy are goat’s beard, cardinal flower, or feather reed grasses like the ‘Karl Foerster.’

5. Trellis

A trellis alone may not provide enough privacy to make you feel at home; however, consider it a blank canvas! Decorate with anything from vines to hanging planters for a quick fix.

Climbing roses make another excellent choice to fill up the trellis. ‘Zephirine Drouhin’ has delicious-smelling flowers and flexible stems making it optimal for training along the trellis —other cultivars like ‘Climbing Pinkie’ and ‘New Dawn’ work wonderfully, too.

6. Rebar Vertical garden

Where function meets beauty, you’ll find this creative privacy barrier for your balcony! Industrial rebar metal frames hold up a plethora of potted vegetables and herbs like cherry tomatoes, parsley, and basil — such a stunning contrast of green and colorful vegetables against the metal frame. Not only beautiful, but this barrier also allows for fresh produce in a small space.

7. Hanging Plant Troughs

Layer wooden troughs as planters for trailing flowers as they fill up space quickly, providing privacy without sacrificing light. The abundance of plants in this look creates a secret garden feel, taking your balcony space to the next level. This look is a show-stopper!

Choose from flowering plants like calibrachoa to trailing verbena or ivies to fill the troughs with abundant greenery. These plants are sure to do the trick!

8. Pallet Wall

Feeling crafty? Why not take on this fun pallet wall project and put your personal touch into it? Use pallets stained to your preference as a backdrop and decorate as you please. From potted plants to sheer curtains and string lights, this simple project keeps neighboring eyes out and all the cozy vibes in!

9. Herringbone Privacy Panels

This is the ultimate solution if you want to create the feel of an out-of-the-way nook. A solid wood panel with a unique flair keeps the sights and sounds out, while the herringbone pattern brings this look up a notch.

10. Wooden Shutters

White wooden shutters bring a comforting cottage vibe to your balcony space. Open the shutters to enjoy the sunlight or a nice breeze, then close them up to enjoy a cozy and secluded area!

11. Outdoor Curtains

Last but curtain-ly not least, adding fabric to outdoor spaces brings that living room feel outdoors. Choose from sheer curtains to keep the light coming through, or opt for opaque fabric panels to elevate the privacy of your balcony.

Privacy, Please!

Adding privacy barriers to balconies is a great way to make them feel cozy and comfortable! Some privacy barriers are quick and simple DIY ideas like curtains, pallet walls, or bamboo roller shades. Other concepts like wooden herringbone panels or the rebar industrial planter wall may require more effort but can bring amazing results! There is a privacy option likely to work for you.

Do privacy screens sound like an excellent solution for your balcony space? Share your favorite idea in the comment section below!