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Garden Tricks That Make It Look Like You Hired a Landscaper

When the term “landscaped,” comes to mind, you may envision the garden in the film, Edward Scissor Hands. While pruning hedges into animal shapes is impressive, there are simpler concepts you can apply to create a landscaped look.

Set yourself up for success by having a plant plan before you head to a nursery. Having the general idea of the types and colors of plants you’re looking for is a big help once you’re surrounded by so much variety. A little brainstorming beforehand will save you the hassle of trying to assemble randomly selected flowers once you’re home!

Along with proper preparation, there are several gardening tricks you can use that make it look like you’ve hired a landscaper. From simple planting tips to DIY projects, the results will have your friends and family in awe of your landscaping skills!

1. Plant for Longevity

We always want our backyard spaces looking their best. A great way to create year-round appeal is by utilizing plants that bloom in different seasons. Read your plant tags and do a little research on when your flowering plants typically bloom. Then make a plan for your yard to keep it looking appealing throughout the different blooming months.

Perennial plants are great options for landscaping ease. Providing consistent appeal year after year, perennial plants are a go-to for those who don’t get a lot of gardening time. If you’re looking to fill up some space, try planting some perennial flowering shrubs. These guys continue to provide decadent greenery to your backyard space even after blooming season.

Choose plants with long blooming periods to keep your garden looking its best all summer long. Planning for garden longevity is helpful for sustaining your landscaping work!

2. Add Rocks

Make a deliberate landscaping move by placing rocks in your garden space. Rocks in your garden help to break up and organize large groupings of plants. This makes it easier for onlookers to appreciate the different types of flowers in your garden.

Turn your garden into a work of art using smaller stones to create simple designs in your garden beds. There are endless patterns that even the least artistic gardener can produce! Otherwise, insert a large boulder in your garden to create a focal point that catches the eye. Adding stones big or small is a great way to add texture to your garden and make your colorful flowers pop!

If you already have a rock garden in your backyard, ensure you are using plants that thrive in those conditions. Hardy plants that require little water retention in their soil make great additions!

3. Utilize the Shade

Show off your landscaping skills by paying attention to typically forgotten or neglected areas in your backyard. One of these commonly neglected areas is the shade. If part of your yard doesn’t get a lot of sun, it’s easy to overlook it and plant elsewhere. However, adding plants that thrive in low-light conditions can really brighten up these shady spots!

There are many types of perennial, shade-dwelling plants to choose from for long-term enjoyment. Liven up your shaded ground with the colorful foliage found on plants like hostas and coral bells. These guys grow wonderfully in the shade while attracting hummingbirds and other pollinators to your garden.

Alternatively, pack in a punch of color by combining several varieties of shade-dwelling flowering plants.  There are many species in a multitude of colors that really make an impact in the darker areas of your garden.

Regardless of the shade-loving plants you choose, sprucing up typically forgotten zones of your backyard is crucial for pulling the whole space together!

4. Plant Under Trees

Among the commonly forgotten areas of your garden, the bare bottoms of trees tend to stick out. While it can be a bit of a task planting a garden at the base of your trees, this step shows true finesse and adds a romantic quality to your backyard landscape.

Choosing the correct plants to use around a tree base depends on whether the tree is coniferous or deciduous. Whatever you choose, embellishing the bare ground around the base of your trees shows true attention to landscaping detail!

5. Build Garden Mounds

It is sometimes hard to gain inspiration when you’re looking out over a big, flat lawn. Where do you start?

Start by creating some height variation in your backyard space. Adding mounds or berms to flat space changes the entire look of your yard. Use a mounded garden to draw the eye and showcase some of your most prized plants! Decorate your mounds with stones or plant some colorful ground cover. This creates the illusion of rolling hills and adds a whimsical element to your landscaping.

Bring your garden to new heights by creating mounds that add interest to flat spaces!

6. Create a Container Garden

Along with creating mounds, adding potted plants to your garden is a great way to add dimension to your backyard space. Pots and planters are made from a variety of different materials and come in every color under the sun. In the same way you add boulders to catch the eye, container gardens make beautiful focal points in your backyard space.

Mix some greenery together in a super colorful planter or pot for a luscious jungle vibe. Alternatively, fill a solid-colored container with an assortment of colorful flowers that compliment your surrounding garden.

Place containers in your garden beds, in poor-soil areas, or on your backyard deck. They go great anywhere and really elevate your backyard style. Container gardening is a creative way to make it look like you’ve hired a landscaper!

7. Use Bouquet Inspiration

If you have no idea where to start for color inspiration, the first step is to look at a color wheel. Complimenting colors across from one another always look eye-catching when used side-by-side.

If you want to up your color game, use flower bouquets for your color inspiration! Head to your local flower shop, or simply search the web for some bouquet inspiration. Florists expertly match hues and tones to create works of art with colorful flowers. Show off a professional color sense using bouquet color palettes when you pick out your garden plants!

8. Edge Around Your Gardens

Define your backyard space by creating borders or edges around your garden beds. This is a polished way to add aesthetic to your yard while keeping weeds and grass out of your garden beds. There is a multitude of different materials to use; from stones and wood to seashells and recycled glass bottles.

The best part of edging is how creative you can be. There are endless options to showcase your personality, as well as your landscaping ability. Add interest to flat areas by sectioning off pieces of your garden with a charming border. This is a great tool to help organize the look of your backyard space.

Edge your gardens in your own creative way to give your yard a professionally landscaped look!

9. Create a Garden Path

Perhaps one of the most enchanting additions to any backyard space is the garden path. Guide your guests through a backyard experience by connecting your gardens with a DIY path. There are multiple options for materials you can use; including gravel, stone, brick, wood and grass.

A garden path is a delight to people of all ages. Create a path reminiscent of fairytales by adding twists and turns to your design. Alternatively, use straight lines and angles to create a clean-cut pathway that organizes your space.

Regardless of the material or design you choose, creating a garden path helps to unify different areas of your backyard. It also gives the illusion that you’ve hired some serious professional help!

To Bring it to a Close

Making your garden look like it’s been worked over by a landscaper is easier than you think! You don’t need to spend the big bucks to create an intentional look in your backyard space. With a little preparation and some DIY effort, transform your backyard into an impressive and inviting outdoor space!