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17 Amazing Propagation Station Ideas

If you’re a crazy plant parent, chances are you’re looking for amazing propagation station ideas to give your plant cuttings the home they deserve! Propagation stations are a great way to grow new plants and add some nature-inspired style to your home. I don’t know about you, but I spend so much time trimming and caring for my plants that over the years, I’ve secretly become a show-off of some sorts!

My plants are always looking great, no matter the season, and bringing in some amazing propagation station ideas just makes the process of being a plant parent fun and exciting. From test tubes to wall hangings and glass vases, there are many incredible ideas online, and to make your selection easy, here’s my list of amazing propagation station ideas to help you get started!

1. Standing Terrarium With Simple Wooden Stand

Simple wooden stand, supporting water-filled glass vessels, which hold propagating Pothos cuttings
Image Credit: Pinterest

In an age where scores of people are working from home, this is an innovative way of bringing the outdoors to your workstation. Crafted out of glass and wood, the planter adds a clean modern, refreshing touch to your work area that will act as a stress buster. This simple wooden stand holds three heat-resistant bud vases that are perfect for propagation. To add a pop of color, add a few colorful pebbles in the vase, and voilà!

2. Hanging Glass Planters

Hanging Glass Planters propagating plant cuttings
Image Credit: Etsy

If you don’t have enough space for shelves and racks, this eye-catching minimalistic option is easy to install, but cannot be customized to stand on its own without a wooden frame. If you go with this propagation station design, all you need is a nail in the wall that can hold the weight of a wooden plank with four fixed glass vases. To add your touch of creativity, paint the plank or the strings holding the plank to complement the color of your wall!

3. Modern Propagation Frames

A DIY plant propagation station is a cute way to display plants while propagating them in water.
Image Credit: by Brittany Goldwyn

After having a baby, I became paranoid about my hanging propagation station. I was constantly worried about my baby yanking it or the station falling on her head and that’s when I decided to invest in a customizable propagation station. While you can mount the above propagation station to the wall, you can also place it on a table. Since the glass tubes have flat bottoms, moving plants and changing water is easier and mess-free. This idea is great for those who have wider window sills!

4. Hanging Light Bulb Plant Pots

hanging lightbulb vases for small plants and flowers
Image Credit: feeistmeinname

Now I’m really digging this! I mean, look at this beauty! These bulbs are not ornamental bulbs you’ll find at the crafts shop, these are real bulbs you use at home. Instead of throwing away a bulb, use it as a hanging propagation station. Whether you want to brighten up a corner, drop everyone’s jaws or simply freeze time, this innovative propagation station idea will steal the thunder. If you don’t want to hang it, you can prop these bulbs in a wooden frame with hollow bottoms that fit the base of the bulb and display them on a table. Cool design, either way.

5. IKEA’s Glass Collection

Handmade glass vase by skilled craftspeople, making each one unique.

Next time you visit IKEA, be sure to check out some of their beautifully crafted glass vases that you can use as a portable propagation station. Personally, I love the colors green and white to go with my plants and while everyone thinks I’m hoarding glass jars, I know exactly what I need them for. It’s not always about turning heads or dropping jaws, sometimes it’s all about IKEA and your love for plants. Am I right or am I right?

6. Hanging Macramé Planter Propagation Station

Natural Cotton Macramé Plant Hanger used for propagating Pothos cuttings

Oh fancy! Usually, when people talk of macrame, the few things that come to mind are curtains and furniture. Apparently, plants have caught up on this latest craze, and for good reason. Whether you live the Boho lifestyle or not, let your plants add some Boho-ness to your life by hanging them on a macramé planter propagation station! Macramé comes in different colors, too, so play the mix and match game and let your plants do the “growing.”

7. Rustic Rope Jars Hanging Propagation Station

4 jars hanging by a rope
Image Credit: Pinterest

This looks delicate, but it’s just as sturdy as any hanging propagation station. This idea would look great in any home as long as it’s in the corners and away from most traffic. If you have multiple cuttings and don’t want to line up a bunch of propagation stations, this idea works wonders as it saves space and is ideal for planting trial and error.

8. Hanging Glass Propagation Station

Micro-Landscape Glass Container for propagation
Image Credit: Etsy

This amazing propagation station idea blew my mind. Note that although the glass vases are mounted up to the wall, their different shapes and sizes add a mystical touch to your area! So, if your plants need trimming, there is no time like the present to obtain cuttings and grow new ones in this amazing propagation station.

9. Solid Wood Propagation Station

A Wall-hanging that doubles up as a Plant Display
Image Credit: Etsy

Here’s another amazing propagation station idea you can think about! It’s nothing fancy, just a handmade solid wood propagation station for your plants. All you need is a dedicated wall and a screwdriver to fix this beauty and start propagating your new cuttings! Can’t mount it on the wall? No problem! Because it’s made of solid wood, it is capable of holding the weight of the glass vases on its own. Just display it on a flat surface and voilà!

10. Modern Test Tube Propagation Station

DIY test tube propagation station
Image Credit: vintagerevivals

Are you a DIY-obsessed plant parent? Chances are you want to do something unique for your plants that saves time and money. I’ve always been a DIY freak, and I’m not afraid to confess, I almost always DIY when it comes to my plants. If that’s your story too, here’s an idea that’ll satisfy the DIY urge inside you!

To create your very own customizable test tube propagation stations, all you need is wooden discs, test tubes, magnets, and plant cuttings! Mount round wooden discs on different walls with holes in the middle to house magnets. Next, attach magnets to your test tubes! You can simply “stick” the test tube to any wooden disc you want! So maybe today your room is all about portulacas, but tomorrow you might decide to switch to bougainvillea? Neat, isn’t it?

11. Wall Shelf Propagation Unit

A large wall mount unit to display plants and work as a propagation station
Image Credit: Pinterest

If you’re a crazy plant parent, chances are you talk to your plants more than you talk to humans, and that’s okay. Recent research suggests that plants do understand human emotions, even though they’re thought to have no feelings. Plants are considered sentient life forms, and if you believe that as much as I do, you know that these beauties deserve their own space. If you have space, add a wall mount shelf to act as a display and a propagation station for your plants! Add color, life, and clean air to any room while you watch baby plant cuttings emerge as a beautiful version of themselves.

12. Random Glass Jars Propagation Station

random glass jars that can be used a propagation stations
Image Credit: mytastefulspace

When I was in the US, things that were available there were quickly shipped home, but when I visited my family outside the US, suddenly I could no longer order my favorite glass vases and jars. We’re all avid gardeners and whether we’re in the US or not, we’re all trimming plants somewhere! So what happens when you no longer have access to IKEA and Walmart? You make do with what you have! Old jars and discarded toothbrush holders make great propagation stations. This is also a great way to show off your prettiest containers and jars!

13. Single Wooden Test Tube Holder

modern wooden test tube stand as propagation station
Image Credit: Etsy

A few years ago, Marie Kondo was the talk of the town. Everyone was talking about minimalism and how it can help declutter your mind. It’s true though that clutter does prevent fresh thoughts, and this is why some minimalists are digging this amazing minimalistic propagation station! You can buy one or 10, these beauties won’t take up much space and if you still want to save space, stick these wooden propagation stands to the wall. It’s very possible to be a crazy minimalist plant parent with this innovative propagation design!

14. Nordic Test Tube Terrarium Container

Propagation Station with 6 Glass Test Tubes
Image Credit: Pinterest

Remember your chemistry lab back in college? Even if I didn’t like chemistry, I enjoyed the thought of fiddling with test tubes, because it was pretty cool to pretend you’re creating chemicals and potions! Of course, I never had the opportunity to handle test tubes back in college, and that’s why seeing this awesome propagation station makes me want to get one! You can propagate your plant cuttings by displaying them in clear glass test tubes propped up by a wooden stand. I might not be creating potions, but I’m definitely cloning plants, which is way magical, I think!

15. Wall Hanging With Plant Filled Glass Tubes

Wall Hanging With Plant Filled Glass Tubes Propagation Station Idea
Image Credit: Reddit

If you have a big garden, chances are you’ll need more test tubes and jars to propagate your cuttings. If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with this simple wall-hanging propagation station to help your plants take flight! This idea has two advantages: it saves surface space and dolls up a blank wall! The transparent holders will enable you to monitor the growth of the cuttings and the wooden frame will add a little bit of art deco to your room.

16. Wall-Mounted Teardrop Propagation Vases

Wall-Mounted Teardrop Propagation Vases
Image Credit: Gardenista

If you’re like me, chances are your mind starts generating positive ideas when you’re surrounded by nature. Many studies suggest that green spaces have a positive impact on your mind and mood, so why not turn a blank wall of nothing into a living wall with an amazing propagation station? Unlike round vases, these teardrop vases have a flat back which prevents them from bobbing about and creating a mess. So if you don’t want anything to do with wooden frames, ropes, or macramé, this propagation station idea is solid! Here’s a tip: This idea works best in an office setting!

17. Ball-Shaped Hanging Propagation Station

Ball-Shaped Hanging Propagation Station
Image Credit: Instagram

If you’re done looking at test tubes, jars, and vases, here’s an amazing alternative! These beautiful ball-shaped vases are an eye-catcher you can display in any room around the house. Moreover, they resemble mini fish tanks and you can dress them up with a collection of shells and pebbles!

Final Note on Amazing Propagation Station Ideas

If you have a green thumb and a fair amount of patience, the process of growing a new plant can be immensely satisfying! While you can propagate in just about any container that can hold water, proper propagation stations will add to the aesthetics of your home and give your cuttings the beautiful home they deserve.

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